Season 5 Episode 12

The Big One

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 12, 2010 on Showtime

Episode Recap

Dexter is searching furiously for Lumen. In the process, he blows off his family who have decided to have Harrison's birthday party in Miami, his stepkids, who want to spend the summer with him. He ignores Harry who is trying to give him some advice and drives to Miami Metro to try and find Jordan. In the meantime, he calls Jordan and offers him a trade. If he hands over Lumen, Dexter will give himself up. Jordan isn't having it and tells Dexter that he already has everything he wants.

Dexter discovers that Jordan, under his original name, Eugene Greer, owns the camp where he and his group first raped Emily Birch. But before racing over to rescue Lumen, he must process the crime scene where Stan Liddy was found. Laguerta pulls Quinn aside to ask why the last 5 calls that Liddy made were to him. She sees the blood on Qunn's shoe and he decides to ask for a lawyer while Dexter escapes to resume the search.

Jordan has put Lumen in his trunk and is taking her to Camp River Jordan, the original site of the crime. He knocks her out and she wakes up in the room where she was tortured and raped. Jordan asks if she remembers the place and she tries to attack him and escape but discovers she is locked in.

Dexter is speeding on his way to the campground and ends up crashing the car when he gets there. He wakes up in the wreckage and sees Jordan standing over him, who takes him into the torture chamber with Lumen.

Dexter quickly pulls a knife from his shoe as Jordan is talking to them and stabs him in the foot. He frees himself and Lumen and they throw Jordan onto the table. Before they can kill him, Jordan tries to tell Lumen that she should be thankful to him for helping her find this side of herself. But before he can finish, Lumen stabs him to death and Dexter looks at her with a look of true love.

Meanwhile, Deb has received a tip from the fruit guy that had spotted Jordan on the side of the road on the way to the camp site. She decides to head over there and gets there just as Lumen and Dexter are cleaning up the killing. She sees their profiles and sees Jordan's dead body but doesn't bust in, deciding to let them finish cleaning up and let them go. She does decide to call it in, and tells them that they have one hour before the place is covered in cops. She heads back to Miami Metro and assures Quinn that she will always be there for him.

Dexter and Lumen dump Jordan's body over the side of Slice of Life and Lumen celebrates her sudden freedom, smiling and laughing as they head back to shore. After Dexter calls Deb thanking her for letting him go by deciding to fake the lab results on the blood from Quinn's shoe, he decides to make Lumen breakfast.

Lumen stops him and tells him that she is leaving because now that Jordan is dead, she doesn't feel the "need" anymore. He begs her not to go but she says she must. She tells him that even though she doesn't need to kill anymore, he still does. Dexter falls to floor and tells her that she is right. She apologizes to him. "Don't be sorry your darkness is gone," he says. "I'll carry it for you, always. I'll keep it with mine."

The episode closes at Harrison's birthday party, where Dexter watches all the couples around him: Deb and Quinn, Laguerta and Batista, Masuka and the girl he brought to the party. Dexter begins to think about how easy they all make it look to have a connection with someone when it's the hardest thing for him to do. He helps Harrison blow out his birthday candle and sees his reflection in a carving knife. "The certainty," he thinks, "is that nothing is set in stone, not even darkness."
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