Season 5 Episode 12

The Big One

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 12, 2010 on Showtime

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  • A rather unspectacular and slightly disappointing season finale.

    The episode ends a good fifth season, although I'd rate the show's first two seasons a lot higher, mainly for being planned out better, with everything coming together in the finale (anyone still remembers the Santa Muerte Killer for instance?). The title "The Big One" is rather bold for an episode, by Dexter's previous standards, with an extremely unspectacular ending. Lumen's fate was the big question to be answered (at least for me), since Julia Stiles was only signed for this season and guest stars usually end up dead on Dexter. I was glad she survived, but her just leaving - though expected - was still disappointing. For Dexter to have a partner in crime would have been a great setting for next season.
  • Good finale

    It was a good episode. Jordan Chase has kidnapped Lumen and taken her to the camp where it all started, Dexter follows soon and despite a car crash and being held at gun point by Chase, Dexter manages to gain the upper hand on Chase and Lumen finally gets to kill him.

    An interesting scene was when Deb found the camp, saw Jordan dead on the table and then started talking to Lumen and Dexter from behind a veil of some sort, she didn't know who they were but she let them go because she understood exactly what Lumen was going through. This has been definitely the closest Deb has been to finding out about Dexter.

    Quinn also got arrested for Liddy's murder but Dexter's blood work said that the blood on his shoes wasn't Liddy's and so basically Dexter saved Quinn and then Quinn thanked Dexter at the end of the episode at Harrison's birthday. I still strongly dislike Quinn and I don't like his pairing with Debra, but if he manages to stay out of Dexter's business next season then he's fine.

    The scene with Dexter & Lumen on Dexter's boat was simply BEAUTIFUL. It also made me sad to see Lumen go, poor Dexter he just can't find somebody to love him and stick around. It was also seeing Astor and Cody again and I hope they have a larger role next season.

    I think what kept this finale from being great is the lack of any big reveal. I was hoping for a twist in the Jordan Chase storyline which was ALMOST anti-climatic as I think there wasn't enough action before Chase's death.
  • It's safe to say that the show has definately reached its peak.

    There's something nostalgic about the last episode, it reminds me of something simple, similar to the marriage ending of season 3. Sure, it's not as groundbreaking as the death of rita, but it definately leaves the show open for a 6th season, which is what the fans would like the most. There are still many potholes in the story that can be resolved in a 6th season and it will be interesting to see what actor(s) will play as the antagonist to fill the rest of the story. The show has done incredibly well to come this far, bring on season 6.
  • Still good, as always, but the season final has a very rushed feel and several way too convenient resolutions.

    While any weaker episode of Dexter is still head and shoulders above most shows, i found a number of resolutions in this season finale to start showing a decrease in writing quality, and i'm getting the feeling that the 12-episode formula may be cramping the writers' style, forcing them to be hasty in wrapping things up at the expense of logic.

    The acting and suspense were superb as usual and the emotional aspects as well, however there are a number of issues that could have been a lot better, if they're not simply illogical.

    In terms of plotwriting i must say that i'm seriously starting to get bummed out by the quick and really easy dispatchings of the main villains in the show. It seems that throughout the seasons the main villains are presented as major threats, yet come the final episode are dispatched by one unexpected syringe to the neck (Prado), an unexpected visit in France while they were sleeping (the British chick) or one knife stab to the foot (Chase). Physically, in other words, all of these killers are complete wimps compared to Dexter.

    Other issues here were the very swift way in which Lumen decides to leave. One moment she's "on top of the world" as they sail back to mainland, literally the next she's telling Dexter it's over and she needs to leave. Another problem is this, there is no chance Dexter will meet anyone more in tune with who he really is, so Lumen was probably the only person who knows Dexter and would accept him. Any relationship between Dexter and someone else must now by definition be superficial. I found the explanation to be lame, as well. Sure, Lumen's "anger" may be gone, but not the fact of what they've done, so why would it be too hard on her to stay with someone who continues that type of activity? She obviously doesn't regret what they've done, or the very nature of it, so simply the lack of motivation for her personally to keep doing those things herself seems like a really weak excuse. Not only does she understand him; he also understands her. He knows her as well as she does him and i'd be interested in how comfortable she'd be with any guy to whom she'd have to explain where all the scars on her body come from.
    It all just seemed like an easy way to write a character out of the show.

    The whole business with Quinn was just bad. I could predict that the blood on his shoe would implicate him in Liddy's murder, but why on Earth would Dexter doing him a favor with the bloodwork undo Quinn's suspicions? Is doing "the right thing" for Quinn more than enough for Quinn to forgive Dexter for murdering a cop? And enough to forgive him for all the other stuff that Quinn suspects Dexter has done? After all, if Dexter is innocent of all else, why would he have murdered Liddy in the first place? Right now it seems that just because a murderer may do Quinn a favor, it would be enough for Quinn to forgive and forget whatever else they've done, which is just ridiculous.
    Quinn thought that Dexter was somehow involved in Rita's murder, but apparently that's no big deal either so long as Quinn is free thanks to Dexter.
    Way too sloppy and convenient in wrapping up a conflict between characters.

    Emotionally this show is a serious bummer in the last two season finals, with first Rita being dead in a bathtub and now his "soul mate" just leaving as soon as she got her baggage out of her system.

    The conflict between Maria and Deb is also way too easily resolved. Apparently, all that is needed for Deb to forgive the conniving and betrayal of Maria is for Maria to simply do her job the way she is supposed to. The questioning by Astor in the end was delivered by bad acting. No emotional undercurrent in the voice or delivery. Like she was just uttering her lines to get them over with when they were obviously supposed to show an intimate moment between Dexter and his step-daughter.

    When it comes to Deb allowing the "vigilantes" to escape, i don't have a problem with that. It could be predicted from the last several episodes that she sympathized with the 'vigilantes' and what they shared. Is it convenient that there was a sheet between them so Deb couldn't recognize Dexter? Sure, but then again so was Deb arriving right at that moment to catch them. It's a bit of creative license to rev up the suspense.

    There was more than enough good about this season finale to still thoroughly enjoy it, but if the writers really want to take the time for proper resolution instead of rushing everything in the final episode, maybe they should about cutting some of the fat off next season and not waste so much time on nonsense like Angel's beating up a guy in a bar, or that Latina that helped Deb with the cultmurders, who ended up getting a promotion to detective and hasn't been seen or heard from since.

    It was a good episode, but the writers need to wake up if the sixth season is going to be one to have enough quality.
  • the problem

    here is the problem with the season finale. It was pretty good... and unfortunately by Dexter standards that's only mediocre. Every one is expecting a finale that stands after season 4 finale and to be honest thats not easy. This finale still beats 95% of other shows out there quite easily (maybe current season of fringe aside ;) In any case Julia Stiles most likely will not continue into the next season. The only disappointing part is that Deb has no more leads left on Dexter and i was sort of hoping they will leave some cliffhanger for next season. In all a pretty good season finale.
  • Convenient end to a good season

    After a stunning 4th season, big credit to the show's writers for putting together another great season, definitely on par for the most part, but this finale felt a little too convenient and underwhelming.

    Chase has been built up to be one of Dexter's greatest villains, a match for him both physically and mentally. The episode starts off well with it seeming like Chase has the upper hand, leading Dexter into his trap and promising a great confrontation.

    That never really happens though, with Dexter finishing off Chase with a quick stab to the foot and choke. Big anticlimax and a trap the show has fallen into before (Season 3 and, to an extent, season 4).

    The Quinn storyline also seemed to end far too easily, its not really explained how Dexter's blood analysis gets Quinn completely off the hook, let alone wrap up the murder case entirely and seemingly drop Quinn's suspicion. Hopefully this wont all be forgotten come season 6.

    Lumen's departure felt a bit forced too, seemed the writers just needed an excuse to write her out of the show, which is disappointing as she could have has potential as a part of season 6. Hoping she'll be back at some point.

    It's hard not to be disappointed with this finale, but in all it was a decent end to a great season that wrapped up most of the storylines, leaving things pretty much back to where they started for whatever comes next!
  • 5x12

    this is definitively the worst season final of the entire show, I really hate when they find stupid solutions for big problems and this is not the only time they have done that, I still remember how stupid was the solution in season two when lila murderded doakes letting dexter killing her for being a bad person, however, this season final was even worse than that, the way in which dexter and lumen could scape from eugene/jordan was so predictable, and the entire scene with debra talking with "the unknown avengings" was very poor too, I´m really disapointed with this chapter

    P.D: I´m from venezuela, I´m not an expert writing in English, please forgive my mistakes
  • The Big One

    The Big One was a really great episode of Dexter. This episode was full of suspensful drama and story lines culminating all together. I do however feel that things worked out just a little too smoothly and no one really got royally screwed in this season finale except for Dexter. I think Lumen made a hasty decision for no good reason. I did enjoy trying to figure out how things were going to play out, and I was definitely surprised. I think there was good character growth in this episode, and some classic scenes that made it all too real. I really thought that Harrisons nanny was going to play a bigger role in some crazy way. I was surprised at the ending, and hope that the next season of Dexter starts by answering more questions and seeing someone thought lost. I can't wait and hope there is more Dexter to come!!!!!
  • Dexter tries to save Lumen.

    The one thing people need to realize going into this season finale is that there will be no "Rita-like" moment in the last few seconds. My girlfriend and I were watching the finale and waiting on pins and needles to see what would happen and we were both momentarily disappointed when the season ended not with a chaotic set of events or a bloody death but with a birthday. It was very reminiscent of Season's 1 and 3, where we find Dexter mostly ruminating on what's happened in the previous eleven episodes and finds himself envisioning a future different than the present. I would have to say that in the grand scheme of things, the previous eleven episodes make Season 5 an incredible season and the finale makes it simply a good one. I was hoping for a lot more to happen, and instead, we get easy solutions to difficult problems, solutions that are convoluted and way too convenient. All in all, though, it was a good episode that could've been MUCH better.

    Talk about your missed opportunities. The season built up to such a spectacular place that one would only expect the season to end either in tragedy or some ridiculous plot twist that would rival Season 4. However, one must remember that other seasons of Dexter didn't end with cliffhangers the way Season 4 did. Seasons 1, 2 and 3 all ended with pretty tame finales compared to the episodes preceding them. By tame, I mean the final moments. And while I'm not saying that this season finale was better than those, I'm saying that people shouldn't be disappointed in the lack of a huge twist. Instead, be disappointed in all the great moments that could've happened that never did.

    I suppose I'll start with what disappointed me. There were multiple scenes that the writers could've taken the scene and completely turned everything upside down. The scenes with Jordan Chase and Lumen or Jordan Chase and Dexter or even all three of them together were some of the best, and by the time Dexter stabbed him in the foot and strapped him to a table, you could sense things growing to a crescendo. And crescendo was reached when Deb showed up in the room that Dexter and Lumen had just killed Jordan Chase in. However, the writers could've easily turned this into the moment where Deb discovers Dexter's secret. There are ways to make the show work with this revelation. However, we get a most convenient wrap-up, and Deb never sees their faces and instead talks to them through a veil that obscures her view of them. Only a thin transparent sheet separated Deb from the truth about her brother and the writers wussed out and made us wait. I'm not furious about this, but it seems like a wasted opportunity.

    The same goes for Quinn and Liddy's death. The writers set us up so good for Quinn to either go down for Liddy's death or to turn on Dexter and admit the truth to everything. But instead, we're supposed to believe that Quinn's love for Deb far outweighs his need to bring down a dirty cop. On one hand, it makes Quinn a much more interesting and multi-layered character than Doakes ever was, but on the other hand, it leads to yet another disappointing and lame way of solving difficult problems: Dexter purposely screws up on the blood work, knowing Quinn would be arrested otherwise. Seems awfully convenient. You'd think with all the OTHER evidence against Quinn, they wouldn't let him out so easy, especially with the way he was acting.

    But whatever, missed opportunities aside... this was another pretty intense episode of Dexter, one that contained what may be the season's best acting. The triumvirate of Michael C. Hall, Julia Stiles and Jonny Lee Miller tonight were insane, and I wouldn't be surprised to see all three get Emmy nods. And Michael C. Hall deserves that Emmy. He needs to get it as recognition for the incredible work he's done the last five years. And Quinn showed new layers that make him more important than just a Doakes rip-off. When he saw Liddy dead, I truly connected with him as a character for one of the first times in the show.

    For me, the season finale was redeemed by the last seven or eight minutes. Sure, there's no huge revelation, but instead we get some well-acted scenes with Michael C. Hall, a somewhat lame write-off of Lumen and a birthday scene that really made me feel bad for Dexter. It seems Dexter seems trapped in a world where people who know his secret never stick around. This time, Lumen's still alive, so there's that going for him, but is it possible that the man who once said he couldn't feel is starting to... feel?

    Who knows where Season 6 will go from here... there are a lot of ways the show could go, but right now, it feels like we're back at square one, minus Rita, of course. It'd be a pity not to investigate the relationship between Dexter and Quinn more, now that Quinn seems to know for certain that Dexter killed Liddy (even if Dex won't admit it), and now that Quinn "owes him one." I also wonder whether or not we'll get such a heavy focus on a "big bad guy" or if this next season will focus more on Dexter.. either way, I'm perfectly happy with the way the season turned out, but for me, this was a finale that could've been SO much better.
  • Red Handed (Full Spoilers Ahead)

    As Jordan Chase makes off with Lumen to the camp where his story began Dexter tracks him down and he and Lumen do away with him, Deb catches them and lets them go and Quinn gets tied to Liddy's murder and but Dex clears him with a falsified blood report. Nice to see a traditional cap on a more contained season of Dexter similar to seasons 1, 2, and 3 rather than the cliffhanger of 4 and I'm glad that they didn't pull that again this year. What Dexter has ultimately taken away is that someone can finally see him for who he is, even though Lumen's darkness is gone, but she will still remember what they had even if he has to go on killing. Deb let the vigilantes go supposedly and she got oh so close to catching him in the act once again. But the real enigma this season ender to the next season will be Quinn, is he through with poking around Dex's business to give him space especially since he put his neck out for him when they both sort of know who really killed Liddy. And then we go the LaGuerta and Batista romance, I almost forgot that they were in love at this point. Great episode, particularly Jordan Chase's speaking till the end. But a darker than usual season of Dexter and to think this killing spree all started from him just finding some blood on a rental van he needed no need to bring Lumen back as she has fulfilled her role and can now be put to Dexter's history as it is rather hard to justify bringing her back. But it's finally nice to have a comrade of Dexter's finally live past the season finale which wasn't true of any of Lila, Miguel, Arthur, or Brian so a change was in order. Can't wait to see what's in store for season six and to hopefully see Deb finally see Dexter as the Butcher.
  • And that's a wrap on another great year!

    Well it is not the episode I was expecting this week but I can't say that I am disappointed. Most of the story lines, with the exception of the Santa Muerte killings, came full circle and we were left with a nice open ending that will lead on into Season 6.

    I have to say I am a little surprised that they didn't take this opportunity to out Dexter to Deborah but to be totally honest what happened felt natural. There is nothing worse than a show running with people skirting around a secret like Deb has for so long if it is only in order to keep the tension high. But what happened in this episode felt totally natural and was perfectly in keeping with the direction of the show and so I am happy to let it slip another year.

    I often wonder at the end of a season of Dexter what could possibly happen in the next season that would not only be different than what has been done before but could actually top previous seasons, but this year I find myself with too many ideas as to what comes next.

    This season seems to have been all about moving the Dexter character forward from the emotionless killing machine he was into a man who recognizes and accepts that he does indeed have emotions but that they aren't all bad. I wonder if these new found emotions will push him further to kill for justice rather than need... time will tell. It was an interesting ending this season with the relationship between Dexter and Quinn. It seems an uneasy truce has been reached but how long can that last now that Quinn has never been more certain that Dexter is a killer?

    To sum up, a fitting end to another great season. It's a sad goodbye to Julia Styles and an eager wait for next September and what new wonders this show can bring.
  • The small one

    Wow, what a unbelievable letdown !

    After a fantastic fifth season, where we had a moving an beautiful relationship between Dexter and Lumen, the climax fails to deliver.

    First of, Jordan. The guy's been organizing rapes in secrecy for decades, he's a mastermind who knows how to manipulate people, always careful, and he gets stabbed like a total beginner at near half of the episode. WTF ?
    We're very far from Trinity's intense showdown.

    Second, Lumen. How can it be possible for a victim like her to suddenly and quickly recover sanity after killing her rapists ?
    If that were that easy, Dex would've be cured since season 2 by now, right ?
    She's been through so much with her killing lover, she just can't walk away like that the morning after.

    My guess is that the writers didn't know if this would be the series finale or not, which would explain why everything is solved way too fast, Jordan, Lumen, Quinn and, of course, Debra.

    I hope season 6 will be the final one, because even tough 'the big one' disappointed, il will be challenging to top this season 5.
  • 512

    The season finale of Dexter was good tonight, it was a solid conclusion to a disappointing year as a whole, but the whole thing was all just too predictable. Being able to quote the lines to a movie you've seen and love is fun, but knowing what is going to happen on Dexter? Eh, not so much. We knew Jordan Chase was going to get his, and that made things a little less enjoyable. Did I still love the hour? Did I still wonder for a moment how Dexter and Lumen would avoid Debra (it was a cop out how they did it after all)? Yes and yes, but still a strong episode of TV.
  • Underwhelming, kinda predictable but still solid enough.

    Dexter is without a doubt one the very best show out there but not without its problems. One of those problems is that the show often gives the impression that it is formulatic when it really shouldn`t. Dexter meets antagonist, studies antagonist, antagonist gets killed. As a result the finale tend to be either predictable because we know what is coming or simply bad because they actually try not to be predictable. For instance killing Doakes early in season 2 finale or killing Miguel in season 3 pre-finale. Both those decisions were bad ones tho and brought the 2 weakest finales of the show(let`s face it, they were mediocre). In this season, the antagonist was introduced way into the season. I can`t say that Jordan Chase is an character full of depth. In fact, we never really learned that much like for example the relation with that Emily girl will remain a mystery. So Jordan gets killed, no surprise here. Now on to Lumen, it is no secret that Julia Stiles would not be on the show next season so surely she would go. I`m surprised some people actually thought she would stay for next season, the show has guest stars on season basis..they just go. There is a kind of paradox between season 3 and 5...Dexter gets a partner except than this time it actually worked. Dexter-Lumen association was no doubt the focal point of the season and it brought a new dimension to the Dexter Morgan character.
    The second focal point of the season was without a doubt Quinn and Liddy closing in on Dexter. It was no doubt that this was actually the biggest threat to Dexter this season but also the biggest letdown of the finale. So Quinn says he would speak to a lawyer only, becomes all cryptic, Dex fakes the blood work and this is over. What? Quinn will overlook the boat photos, the fact that he knows Dexter very probably killed Liddy? I hope not cause that would be a lot of fine build up for nothing. Still the finale had some great scenes, highlight being the one where Debra came to that camp. That had me at the edge of seat, felt a little out of character from Deb to let them go but then again when you think of the events she has been through, might not really be that out of character. The season ends with a birthday party, that was obvious from the moment that party was mentioned 2 episodes ago. It felt cheesy no doubt, not as cheesy as that loooong boat scene with Dex and Lumen. The problem is that the show is so good, and throughout the seasons gives some of the most epic episodes on TV that when it comes to the finale it almost always disappoint, except for last season of course. It`s like the consequences are not here, Dexter went through all kinds of things this season but at the end, it feels like we are back to square one. Another problem with the show is the side characters, the show has the ability to become a true snore feast when the focus is off Dexter. Like who really cares about Laguerta and Bastista? It was not easy to follow up from last season which imo remains the best of the show. But this fifth season still delivered with the best episode being the pre-finale. Dexter confirms its well deserved status of one of the dominating show on TV. But I think the writer will have to come with a different approach next season for the show not to feel formulatic and predictable(as a whole).
  • I guess the audience should have known that once the last of the rape gang was dead, that Lumen would no longer need to kill anymore. But, it is disappointing that she is leaving the show.

    The best part of the show was when Deb found the 2 vigilantes and spoke to them through the clouded plastic. She knew her theory was right, but couldn't bring herself to arrest them or even feel the need to look at them. They had gotten their just vengeance, as far as she was concerned, and could go live their lives now.

    I sit here writing this review feeling empty. Not only is the show over for the season, but one of the best new characters, Lumen, will not be returning. It was still another great season for one of the best shows on TV, which will return for a 6th season, so we all have that to hang onto.
  • Final without ambition

    I give this episode note 10 because i love "Dexter" for everything, for his something special but i must give note 5 or less in my mind for this episode because producers give us some bad , really bad and unspecting...

    This final dont have anything special and he was predictable so predictable... only "alone" Dex can us little suprising ... just his and only this Debra must find out true aboput Dexter in this episode but not she just let him go ...

    I cant believe why producers give us some kind of "poop"< most of this series been really good and this final...>

    soo I wait for next season with better ending ...
  • Worst season finale ever

    I had so high expectations for this one and was so disappointed I don't even know where to begin. Authors: Why amount so many challenges for the main person when you do not have a trustworthy resolve to any of them? First of all, Dexter's escape from the police surveillance van in the previous episode was just stupid. An experienced police officer with the suspect in handcuffs let himself be killed just like that. And again the same routine at Jordan Chase's camp in this one. A car accident too stupid to even mention, again prisoner and easy escape. Just like that. And why would Debrah, a by the book police officer, resist the urge to really know who was behind that curtain? Ok, she might have suspected it be Dexter, but she couldn't possibly have known for sure. And just leave the crime scene like that? Again a less than trustworthy turn. I have really loved Dexter up until this season and the season finale last year was one of the most emotional in tv history. This year however I felt there were too many loose ends in the story. I have the feeling this series has reached it's peak and I'm not too anxious to watch next season now.
  • Anti-climactic.

    As usual, Dexter maintained a high level of tension for most of this season. Unfortunately, the season finale was mostly disappointing.

    Jordan Chase was killed off too soon, and we never learn why he began killing 20 years ago or why Emily, his first victim, remained loyal to him. With everyone involved dead, we'll never know.

    There were quite a few plot weaknesses in this finale.

    Debra letting the 'vigilantes' go seemed uncharacteristic; she's always such a stickler for honest police work. Still, it is somewhat understandable as Deb was forced to watch the torture videos and could probably relate to the one victim who escaped, Lumen.

    Deb also thought of the vigilantes as 'romantic,' that they had the kind of dependable 'love' that she longs for.

    Still, wasn't she at least curious to see who they were?

    Quinn looking favourably at Dexter now that Dexter's gotten him off the hook for Liddy's murder is a bit too neat. He knows stuff about Dexter; maybe next season he'll reveal some things to Deb.

    I still enjoyed this season of Dexter, mostly because of the strong acting (Jonny Lee Miller was great). The writing was not as strong this season though, especially with the character of Lumen.

    Someone who had been through as much as her would be seriously damaged. She got strong pretty quickly--all without professional help. She also took to killing pretty easily too, despite it being for revenge.

    So when she tells Dexter at the end that she has to leave, it seemed too abrupt. Suddenly her anger is all gone? How can she return to a normal life anyway--she is still a killer. It's not likely she'll forget her trauma.

    The best scenes were Dexter's reactions when Lumen told him she was leaving. He gets emotional by throwing the plates--he really had a strong bond with her and didn't want her to go.

    It was heartbreaking when Dexter told Lumen that he would carry her darkness for her. His fragility really showed there. Great acting by Michael C. Hall.

    Even though the finale was disappointing, with too many neat bows, at least we see Dexter realizing that he deserves more from life, and that he is capable of helping someone--he realizes he is not the monster he had always thought himself to be.
  • I have never before felt compelled to write a review for a show, despite frequenting for a few years, in fact even during its days as But this episode of Dexter defines everything that I love about quality television.

    I am not sure why there is such a ground swell of negative sentiment to both this finale and the series as a whole. In my humble opinion, this has been the best series of Dexter to date and epitomises the benefits of character development.

    Dexter's progression from cold-hearted serial killer to angst driven vigilante has mirrored Julia Stiles character's descent into darkness. Their transformations crossing paths over the last two episodes sated that quintessential human requirement of acceptance that Dexter so craves, acceptance that someone knows what he is but they have not turned away from him. The fact that the excellent Julia Stiles lost her "dark passenger" once revenge had been accomplished and in fact started her ascent back to light has once again ripped this possibility of a normal existence away from Dexter. His feeling of sadness was palpable in the final kitchen scene with Stiles and this magnified the power of his final monologue and ending scene. Has Dexter finally accepted that he will always be alone.

    I think some viewers missed the point of Lumen indicating her wish to return to normality and to abandon Dexter. Some suggested she even used Dexter. While this is true in a basic sense, she ultimately provided a catalyst for Dexter to reconnect with humanity. Her circumstances were not normal and it made sense she formed an allegiance with a similarly broken person. The natural response after fulfilling her vengeance was to reject the darkness or indeed look away from the abyss (to paraphrase Nietsche), to Dexter's detriment. What is painfully clear is that with Lumen no longer there, what/who will provide Dexter with the necessary mechanism/plot device to accept his humanity (which he clearly does not believe is there), if that of course is the ultimate aim of the show. If that is not the aim, I fully expect a dark and brooding Dexter to reappear in the coming seasons which would ultimately define this as a tragedy as he would have come full circle.

    In the end, this was an incredibly powerful season and comes straight after the brilliant season 4. Where to from here is anyone's guess but I will be waiting with bated breath.