Season 5 Episode 12

The Big One

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 12, 2010 on Showtime

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  • Red Handed (Full Spoilers Ahead)

    As Jordan Chase makes off with Lumen to the camp where his story began Dexter tracks him down and he and Lumen do away with him, Deb catches them and lets them go and Quinn gets tied to Liddy's murder and but Dex clears him with a falsified blood report. Nice to see a traditional cap on a more contained season of Dexter similar to seasons 1, 2, and 3 rather than the cliffhanger of 4 and I'm glad that they didn't pull that again this year. What Dexter has ultimately taken away is that someone can finally see him for who he is, even though Lumen's darkness is gone, but she will still remember what they had even if he has to go on killing. Deb let the vigilantes go supposedly and she got oh so close to catching him in the act once again. But the real enigma this season ender to the next season will be Quinn, is he through with poking around Dex's business to give him space especially since he put his neck out for him when they both sort of know who really killed Liddy. And then we go the LaGuerta and Batista romance, I almost forgot that they were in love at this point. Great episode, particularly Jordan Chase's speaking till the end. But a darker than usual season of Dexter and to think this killing spree all started from him just finding some blood on a rental van he needed no need to bring Lumen back as she has fulfilled her role and can now be put to Dexter's history as it is rather hard to justify bringing her back. But it's finally nice to have a comrade of Dexter's finally live past the season finale which wasn't true of any of Lila, Miguel, Arthur, or Brian so a change was in order. Can't wait to see what's in store for season six and to hopefully see Deb finally see Dexter as the Butcher.