Season 5 Episode 12

The Big One

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 12, 2010 on Showtime

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  • Good finale

    It was a good episode. Jordan Chase has kidnapped Lumen and taken her to the camp where it all started, Dexter follows soon and despite a car crash and being held at gun point by Chase, Dexter manages to gain the upper hand on Chase and Lumen finally gets to kill him.

    An interesting scene was when Deb found the camp, saw Jordan dead on the table and then started talking to Lumen and Dexter from behind a veil of some sort, she didn't know who they were but she let them go because she understood exactly what Lumen was going through. This has been definitely the closest Deb has been to finding out about Dexter.

    Quinn also got arrested for Liddy's murder but Dexter's blood work said that the blood on his shoes wasn't Liddy's and so basically Dexter saved Quinn and then Quinn thanked Dexter at the end of the episode at Harrison's birthday. I still strongly dislike Quinn and I don't like his pairing with Debra, but if he manages to stay out of Dexter's business next season then he's fine.

    The scene with Dexter & Lumen on Dexter's boat was simply BEAUTIFUL. It also made me sad to see Lumen go, poor Dexter he just can't find somebody to love him and stick around. It was also seeing Astor and Cody again and I hope they have a larger role next season.

    I think what kept this finale from being great is the lack of any big reveal. I was hoping for a twist in the Jordan Chase storyline which was ALMOST anti-climatic as I think there wasn't enough action before Chase's death.