Season 5 Episode 12

The Big One

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 12, 2010 on Showtime

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  • Still good, as always, but the season final has a very rushed feel and several way too convenient resolutions.

    While any weaker episode of Dexter is still head and shoulders above most shows, i found a number of resolutions in this season finale to start showing a decrease in writing quality, and i'm getting the feeling that the 12-episode formula may be cramping the writers' style, forcing them to be hasty in wrapping things up at the expense of logic.

    The acting and suspense were superb as usual and the emotional aspects as well, however there are a number of issues that could have been a lot better, if they're not simply illogical.

    In terms of plotwriting i must say that i'm seriously starting to get bummed out by the quick and really easy dispatchings of the main villains in the show. It seems that throughout the seasons the main villains are presented as major threats, yet come the final episode are dispatched by one unexpected syringe to the neck (Prado), an unexpected visit in France while they were sleeping (the British chick) or one knife stab to the foot (Chase). Physically, in other words, all of these killers are complete wimps compared to Dexter.

    Other issues here were the very swift way in which Lumen decides to leave. One moment she's "on top of the world" as they sail back to mainland, literally the next she's telling Dexter it's over and she needs to leave. Another problem is this, there is no chance Dexter will meet anyone more in tune with who he really is, so Lumen was probably the only person who knows Dexter and would accept him. Any relationship between Dexter and someone else must now by definition be superficial. I found the explanation to be lame, as well. Sure, Lumen's "anger" may be gone, but not the fact of what they've done, so why would it be too hard on her to stay with someone who continues that type of activity? She obviously doesn't regret what they've done, or the very nature of it, so simply the lack of motivation for her personally to keep doing those things herself seems like a really weak excuse. Not only does she understand him; he also understands her. He knows her as well as she does him and i'd be interested in how comfortable she'd be with any guy to whom she'd have to explain where all the scars on her body come from.
    It all just seemed like an easy way to write a character out of the show.

    The whole business with Quinn was just bad. I could predict that the blood on his shoe would implicate him in Liddy's murder, but why on Earth would Dexter doing him a favor with the bloodwork undo Quinn's suspicions? Is doing "the right thing" for Quinn more than enough for Quinn to forgive Dexter for murdering a cop? And enough to forgive him for all the other stuff that Quinn suspects Dexter has done? After all, if Dexter is innocent of all else, why would he have murdered Liddy in the first place? Right now it seems that just because a murderer may do Quinn a favor, it would be enough for Quinn to forgive and forget whatever else they've done, which is just ridiculous.
    Quinn thought that Dexter was somehow involved in Rita's murder, but apparently that's no big deal either so long as Quinn is free thanks to Dexter.
    Way too sloppy and convenient in wrapping up a conflict between characters.

    Emotionally this show is a serious bummer in the last two season finals, with first Rita being dead in a bathtub and now his "soul mate" just leaving as soon as she got her baggage out of her system.

    The conflict between Maria and Deb is also way too easily resolved. Apparently, all that is needed for Deb to forgive the conniving and betrayal of Maria is for Maria to simply do her job the way she is supposed to. The questioning by Astor in the end was delivered by bad acting. No emotional undercurrent in the voice or delivery. Like she was just uttering her lines to get them over with when they were obviously supposed to show an intimate moment between Dexter and his step-daughter.

    When it comes to Deb allowing the "vigilantes" to escape, i don't have a problem with that. It could be predicted from the last several episodes that she sympathized with the 'vigilantes' and what they shared. Is it convenient that there was a sheet between them so Deb couldn't recognize Dexter? Sure, but then again so was Deb arriving right at that moment to catch them. It's a bit of creative license to rev up the suspense.

    There was more than enough good about this season finale to still thoroughly enjoy it, but if the writers really want to take the time for proper resolution instead of rushing everything in the final episode, maybe they should about cutting some of the fat off next season and not waste so much time on nonsense like Angel's beating up a guy in a bar, or that Latina that helped Deb with the cultmurders, who ended up getting a promotion to detective and hasn't been seen or heard from since.

    It was a good episode, but the writers need to wake up if the sixth season is going to be one to have enough quality.