Season 5 Episode 12

The Big One

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 12, 2010 on Showtime

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  • The small one

    Wow, what a unbelievable letdown !

    After a fantastic fifth season, where we had a moving an beautiful relationship between Dexter and Lumen, the climax fails to deliver.

    First of, Jordan. The guy's been organizing rapes in secrecy for decades, he's a mastermind who knows how to manipulate people, always careful, and he gets stabbed like a total beginner at near half of the episode. WTF ?
    We're very far from Trinity's intense showdown.

    Second, Lumen. How can it be possible for a victim like her to suddenly and quickly recover sanity after killing her rapists ?
    If that were that easy, Dex would've be cured since season 2 by now, right ?
    She's been through so much with her killing lover, she just can't walk away like that the morning after.

    My guess is that the writers didn't know if this would be the series finale or not, which would explain why everything is solved way too fast, Jordan, Lumen, Quinn and, of course, Debra.

    I hope season 6 will be the final one, because even tough 'the big one' disappointed, il will be challenging to top this season 5.