Season 5 Episode 12

The Big One

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 12, 2010 on Showtime

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  • Underwhelming, kinda predictable but still solid enough.

    Dexter is without a doubt one the very best show out there but not without its problems. One of those problems is that the show often gives the impression that it is formulatic when it really shouldn`t. Dexter meets antagonist, studies antagonist, antagonist gets killed. As a result the finale tend to be either predictable because we know what is coming or simply bad because they actually try not to be predictable. For instance killing Doakes early in season 2 finale or killing Miguel in season 3 pre-finale. Both those decisions were bad ones tho and brought the 2 weakest finales of the show(let`s face it, they were mediocre). In this season, the antagonist was introduced way into the season. I can`t say that Jordan Chase is an character full of depth. In fact, we never really learned that much like for example the relation with that Emily girl will remain a mystery. So Jordan gets killed, no surprise here. Now on to Lumen, it is no secret that Julia Stiles would not be on the show next season so surely she would go. I`m surprised some people actually thought she would stay for next season, the show has guest stars on season basis..they just go. There is a kind of paradox between season 3 and 5...Dexter gets a partner except than this time it actually worked. Dexter-Lumen association was no doubt the focal point of the season and it brought a new dimension to the Dexter Morgan character.
    The second focal point of the season was without a doubt Quinn and Liddy closing in on Dexter. It was no doubt that this was actually the biggest threat to Dexter this season but also the biggest letdown of the finale. So Quinn says he would speak to a lawyer only, becomes all cryptic, Dex fakes the blood work and this is over. What? Quinn will overlook the boat photos, the fact that he knows Dexter very probably killed Liddy? I hope not cause that would be a lot of fine build up for nothing. Still the finale had some great scenes, highlight being the one where Debra came to that camp. That had me at the edge of seat, felt a little out of character from Deb to let them go but then again when you think of the events she has been through, might not really be that out of character. The season ends with a birthday party, that was obvious from the moment that party was mentioned 2 episodes ago. It felt cheesy no doubt, not as cheesy as that loooong boat scene with Dex and Lumen. The problem is that the show is so good, and throughout the seasons gives some of the most epic episodes on TV that when it comes to the finale it almost always disappoint, except for last season of course. It`s like the consequences are not here, Dexter went through all kinds of things this season but at the end, it feels like we are back to square one. Another problem with the show is the side characters, the show has the ability to become a true snore feast when the focus is off Dexter. Like who really cares about Laguerta and Bastista? It was not easy to follow up from last season which imo remains the best of the show. But this fifth season still delivered with the best episode being the pre-finale. Dexter confirms its well deserved status of one of the dominating show on TV. But I think the writer will have to come with a different approach next season for the show not to feel formulatic and predictable(as a whole).
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