Season 5 Episode 12

The Big One

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 12, 2010 on Showtime

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  • Anti-climactic.

    As usual, Dexter maintained a high level of tension for most of this season. Unfortunately, the season finale was mostly disappointing.

    Jordan Chase was killed off too soon, and we never learn why he began killing 20 years ago or why Emily, his first victim, remained loyal to him. With everyone involved dead, we'll never know.

    There were quite a few plot weaknesses in this finale.

    Debra letting the 'vigilantes' go seemed uncharacteristic; she's always such a stickler for honest police work. Still, it is somewhat understandable as Deb was forced to watch the torture videos and could probably relate to the one victim who escaped, Lumen.

    Deb also thought of the vigilantes as 'romantic,' that they had the kind of dependable 'love' that she longs for.

    Still, wasn't she at least curious to see who they were?

    Quinn looking favourably at Dexter now that Dexter's gotten him off the hook for Liddy's murder is a bit too neat. He knows stuff about Dexter; maybe next season he'll reveal some things to Deb.

    I still enjoyed this season of Dexter, mostly because of the strong acting (Jonny Lee Miller was great). The writing was not as strong this season though, especially with the character of Lumen.

    Someone who had been through as much as her would be seriously damaged. She got strong pretty quickly--all without professional help. She also took to killing pretty easily too, despite it being for revenge.

    So when she tells Dexter at the end that she has to leave, it seemed too abrupt. Suddenly her anger is all gone? How can she return to a normal life anyway--she is still a killer. It's not likely she'll forget her trauma.

    The best scenes were Dexter's reactions when Lumen told him she was leaving. He gets emotional by throwing the plates--he really had a strong bond with her and didn't want her to go.

    It was heartbreaking when Dexter told Lumen that he would carry her darkness for her. His fragility really showed there. Great acting by Michael C. Hall.

    Even though the finale was disappointing, with too many neat bows, at least we see Dexter realizing that he deserves more from life, and that he is capable of helping someone--he realizes he is not the monster he had always thought himself to be.
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