Season 5 Episode 12

The Big One

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 12, 2010 on Showtime



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    • Astor: (referring to Lumen) Where is she? Your tenant...who was staying at the house.
      Dexter: She left.
      Astor: I'm sorry. Did you do it? What you wanted to do? You said she needed your help. Did you help her?
      Dexter: Yeah. I think I did.
      Astor: And did it work? Did it make you feel better? About what happened to mom?
      Dexter: (voiceover)You can't do one thing to make up for another. That's what Jordan Chase says. But he's wrong, because we do that all the time. This is the way the world works. We try to make things right. Even me.

    • Dexter: (voice over) Lumen said I gave her her life back, a reversal of my usual role. Well, the fact is, she gave me mine back too. And I'm left not with what she took from me but with what she brought. Eyes that saw me, finally, for who I really am. And this certainty. That nothing, nothing is set in stone. Not even darkness. While she was here, she made me think, for the briefest moment, that I might even have a chance to be human.

    • Dexter: (voice over) They make it look so easy. Connecting with another human being. It's like no one told them it's the hardest thing in the world.

    • Lumen: I can't do it anymore, what we've been doing.
      Dexter: You don't have to.
      Lumen: But you do. Right? We both know that. It's who you are.
      Dexter: You're right. About everything, you're right. We're not the same.
      Lumen: I'm so sorry.
      Dexter: Don't be. Don't be sorry your darkness is gone. I'll carry it for you. Always. I'll keep it with mine.

    • Deb: The blood on Quinn's shoe, is it Liddy's?
      Dexter: I haven't run it yet. Do you think it is?
      Deb: I don't know. You think you know someone, and then it turns out you don't. You think someone's a good cop, and then they... do something. I don't know. All I'm saying is, nothing is as simple as it seems.

    • Deb: I understand what these women went through... part of it, at least. I know what it is to be taken by some sick bastard...
      Dexter: (voice over) She can't even say his name. Rudy. My brother.
      Deb: To know you're gonna die.
      Dexter: (voice over) Is this what I do...curse everyone around me?

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