Season 2 Episode 12

The British Invasion

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 16, 2007 on Showtime

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  • I just watched this and I can't believe that such a good show was dragged through mud. Season 1 was some of the best television I've seen my entire life. Season 2 was even better... up to the finale. Now I don't think I'll watch anymore.

    Dexter went from becoming a very sympathetic character to one you don't really care to relate to anymore. The season ends with him letting Doakes take the fall for his kills. Then Dexter flies to Paris to axe a woman who (granted though messed up in the head) the writers went to extremes to make worthy of murder. I think the problem with this whole season 2 mess began when Doakes found Dexter in the everglades dumping the body of his mom's killer. Season 2 would have been far better if either Doakes never gotten so close to Dexter's truth, (which led him to be held hostage, which led Lila to find him and kill him, which led Lila to be axed) or if Doakes had let Dexter off and moved on himself to a cushy six figure income. I would have even have been happy had the show come to an end where Dexter surrenders and accepts responsibility for what he did (not taking others down just because they saw how screwed up he really is). In summary, I found it harder and harder to watch the season from that point on and was hoping for some ultimate redemption at the end, where Doakes would keep Dexter's secret and Lila would become better and quietly move on with her life. Instead, Dexter crossed the line from being an avenger to being a self-serving opportunistic sociopath, (i.e. just another psycho killer). And psycho killers aren't interesting, they're just f'ed up. I hope the showtime writers bother to research these sites. If you do, you guys just messed up some of the best, most original TV I've ever seen. I'm not watching anymore, and I don't think many others will for much longer.
  • They all lived happily ever after!!???

    I have to agree with user Egale20... It was such a disappointing finale, i loved the 1st season finale it was one of the best i had ever seen, but this 2nd season finale was just awful. I didn't think it was good Doakes died, I mean it was cool Lila came to Dexter's rescue and all, it was a good twist, but did Doakes really have to die? could they not have just found one of his limbs or something and Doakes could be alive somewhere with temporary amnesia or something??? The fact that Dexter was prepared to kill Doakes, a good person at heart for knowing his secret just seems un-Dex like! and Lila the psycho... she accuses Angel of rape, those charges don't just drop because you're an illegal immigrant, she would have to drop the chargers, or they would have to have proof Lila is loony!! the police didn't know she was crazy... until she kidnaps the kids and tries to kill them... oh but wait their mother, Rita, isn't angry; she's just glad they are all o.k ... please!!! if it were me, i would be furious with Dexter, not only because he cheated on me and left me for someone else, but because he did it with a PSYCHO B**** who tried to kill my kids, even if we were back together I could not just dismiss that... The whole episode was just so disappointing. And Deb and her relationship... over, just like that... ridiculous. Any way what more can i say... a poor poor episode finale in my opinion.
  • The Brits aren't masterminds.

    Okay, so, I just wanted to note a few things that I got P/O over regarding this character 'Lila'/other stuff:

    1. When she discovers Dex is a serial killer, she appears impervious to the typical overwhelming and mind-numbing sensation which normally trumps all over feelings. Instead she starts rambling on about Dex's and her own feelings. I'm sorry but she's nothing more than some drama-queen/crack-whore -- I'm pretty sure serial killers are out of her league.

    2. The Brits aren't masterminds -- they're always portrayed as some intelligent, harder-to-catch villains but I'm sick and tired of that idea which is complete BS. Am I to believe this drugged up girl keeps escaping Dex just because she's got some British accent (which by the way repulses me -- people say it's cute, but it's just goofy)?

    3. If the limey over-stayed her visa she won't be able to leave without being arrested by immigration at the airport.

    4. So, how DO YOU get rid of a body in Paris?

    All in all, it was a disappointing episode.

    For one, it's sad to see Doakes leave the show -- I can't say he was one of my favorite characters but he did up the interest by adding the risk factor.

    Two, I didn't like the fact that after all the trouble Lila's been causing all she gets is quick stab and a respectful closing of the eyes.

    Here's hoping for a better third season.
  • Dexter avoids all consequences when all his troubles just go away one way or another.

    After watching this season finale, I went on-line to look for reviews. I was shocked to see that all of them, on this site and others, were all extremely positive.

    I hated this finale. You might say it ruined the entire season for me.

    The whole season we are led to believe something is going to change, Dexter's life will not be the same again. Sure, I never thought he would actually get caught and go to jail, but I was looking forward to the creative way the writers were going to resolve the many issues that came up during the run of the season. The way they wrapped things up was horrible, in my opinion. I was truly disappointed. Doakes knows about Dexter? Let's kill him. Lila knows? Kill her. Everything to make Dexter happy. No creativity, let's just finish off all obstacles in his way, and let the last episode of the season take us back to exactly where we were on the first episode of the season. It's like you can skip the whole season and have no problem going directly to season 3. What poor writing... Rita didn't even care her boyfriend's ex girlfriend kidnapped her children and tried to kill them. She dismisses it all with "Well, as long as we're all okay". Give me a break... Even people who did not "cheer" Dexter on during the run of the show, could certainly relate to him or understand where he's coming from. And we were all happy and content when he avoided the law. But now, after seeing he was willing to frame Doakes for his crimes, an innocent man, I can no longer connect with him... I don't like him anymore. I want him to get caught; I want him to go to jail forever. And by making me feel this way, the writers kinda ruined the show for me.

    And to have the season end in such a stupid way, where everything just neatly works out for Dexter, without even a cliffhanger to suggest "oh, but wait, there is still danger lurking over him", where all who stood in Dexter's way, good guys or bad guys, are finished off, just makes me not want to even bother with season 3.

    Too bad, I really liked the show...
  • The writers aren't Mensa members for sure as they experience brain-lock. The last few episodes were a bit unimaginitive and predictable.

    In my opinion, it was much too simple for Doakes to die at the hands of Lila. Wouldn't it have been great, if only for a moment to see Doakes, Lila and Dex together inside that cabin? That would have constructed one of the most engaging and intriguing hearts-to-hearts in television history. Maybe the writers went on strike inside their own minds. Erik King will be a huge loss to the series. I'm thinking that LaGuerta may continue where Doakes left off - consumed with suspicion, instinctively following the evidence, and tracking down the real Butcher. Though LaGuerta was a huge supporter of Dex, the evidence points to him, and no one is more surprised than she. A great scene it was with the kids walking in, as Dexter was relaxed and enjoying his freedom in bed with Rita. Additionally, the post card from Miami with Doakes face glaring at Lila's was priceless. The writing this season paled in comparison to the last; however, the ensemble cast was just as brilliant or greater.
  • Rushed. (Spoilers)

    This could have been a great episode, it was a good episode, but it could have been great. Several things were... off in my opinion.
    1. Doakes was a good cop, but his fate was sad in this episode. The result with his character was inevitable, but Lila being the one causing his demise so we wouldn't hate Dexter was far-fetched, smart, but still far-fetched.

    2. The finding of Doakes, no one bothers to think that Doakes might have been set up. He was found in a remote place... well.. what was left of him. What was he doing there? No one thinks, even though Lundy suggests the evidence was compelling not even he was convinced of the fact that Doakes was a killer.

    3. Lila blackmailing Dexter and then falling for Dexter's trick that he wants her. How stupid was she? Even though she was obsessed, she would've seen through his false motives. Why believe in a serial killer? Odd.

    4. Her demise. How was he able to locate her in Paris? 5. Why are the kids running around happy at the end? Why aren't they traumatized? And why isn't Rita reacting in any way other than calling Debra? Her kids were kidnapped, why not hit the panic button?? And Deb goes running to save her brother, which is great, Deb is cooler than ever before, but I am hoping she called Lundy! She was leaving to get herself a life and stop living in the shadow of her brother, but no, he dragged her back...

    6. LaGuerta has evidence, Lundy becomes a follower of this scent, yet it just dies instantly when the dental confirmation is in. Lame. This does give me hope that Lundy will return because he had a hunch that Doakes couldn't have been the BHB at the end, things just didn't add up for him.

    7. And then there's the whole Debra and Lundy relationship. Yes, I have been a shipper through out the season hoping that this would continue into season 3. Would have been great to see if Lundy ever found out, but no. The writers decided his time is done here so far, let's send him to Oregon, oh, and let's pretend he doesn't care about Debra and doesn't want her with him because we have turned him into a total wimp these past 2 episodes. Yes let's get rid of a decent actor. Even though their relationship was to end (and it hasn't because she was supposed to meet him and she was forced to be elsewhere... Why the writers never gave Lundy a proper send off, maybe waiting at the airport... beyond me) it would have been fun to see Lundy interacting at a different level with Dexter. I've always felt though out the season that he in some way suspected Dexter, quite obvious when he questioned Dexter about the BHB in the traincar in episode 6, it was interesting and fun and I was hoping there would have been more exploration, but the finale was just over-rushed.

    8. Why Paris? Why not Brazil or Mexico? They're closer!

    I totally loved Deb in this though. In fact, she is the hero this season, not Dexter. Dexter was whipped by Lila and even though we got to explore what really goes on inside him, Debra was the one that really changed. Ever since her relationship with Lundy started and even before, she was starting to grow up and be mature about things. I want the slick, know-it-all, glory hound super rockstar special agent Lundy back. I hope he does make an appearance. I felt there was so much to this character that it's a shame to let him go.
  • Everything wrapped up, yes. Satisfying? No.

    Honestly, after all the build up, I wanted a better conclusion. Dexter not getting caught and Lila and Doakes dying would've been fine if the road leading up to it wasn't so damn obvious.

    And, come on. At the start of the episode ?!?! How more anticlimatic could it have been? The moment Lila found Doakes it was clear to me that what is going to happen. What a shame that the show dropped the ball in the final episode....

    Even the scene at the aquarium, honestly, what was that? 5 minute dialouge with Lila and afterwards Dexter's like "Woo, I just tricked her! I bet you didn't see that coming"

    Umm, yes we did! There are no consequences, no development whatsoever.In fact, this episode single handedly "reset" the show to it's season 1 episode 1 state. Maybe the storyline revolving around Dexter's victims came a few seasons too soon: It should've been in the final season with finally people finding about him...
  • Getting the end slide a little.. but good finish for season

    Somehow it feels like last episode had all the tension, all the excitement and that culminated very fast in this episode, quite in the beginning with that bang..

    But even with the tension was down, there were still some things.. I mean.. Lila and Dexter situation was unsolved and that seemed to take most of the time.. not that I stopped liking that storyline some time ago (it was promising first but.. turned dull quite soon). Ofcourse there was Deb's choice and I loved how they did it.. I was sure they can ruin it quite easily.. but that was well done.

    So.. overall.. beautiful ending..but could have had the excitement through to the end.
  • lila had it coming

    ding dong lila is death. So the end comes it wasnt all that i was expecting but still a very good episode it just dosent live by the standars of the last few episodes , i have to admit im going to miss doakes sure he wasnt very nice but i still couldnt help liking him and about lila she really had it coming i mean killing doakes framing angel trying to kill the kids ... altough i liked her in the first few episodes of the season (mostly because she is really hot) once she showed her true pshyco colors i realise she deseved dexters knife. also sad lundy went awy i hope he comes back thoug.
  • the second season finale of dexter.

    just like it showed in the preview lila had been responsible for doake's death. his death was cool,he went out with a bang. i was knida sad to see him go, his character grew on me. laguerta'a reaction was so sad. she knew th truth, but no one cared. doakes went out a murderer with no sympathy. lila had annoyed me so much, and im actually glad shes gone. when she stole dexters bag it just annoyed me. it made me worry that she would turn him in. when she found out he was the butcher, it was classic. her reaction was hurt, but i think she expected it. in her last effort to hold onto dexter she took ritas kids. i thought she would hurt them, but instead she was really nice. then she trapped them and dexter in her burning place. but dexter saved the kids and with a little help from his dads memory, escaped. i thought this episode was really good. a great finale, with a lot of good storie tied up.
  • A great and very neat wrap-up to all of the second season's riddles and loose ends.

    Dexter has always been a series that is both very high in quality AND entertainment value. The writing is superb and witty and the acting ranges from top-notch to genius. Can you tell I like this show, much? I can't help it but feel this slight tad of dissapointment when I compare this season finale to the previous one. The ending of the first season was just so compelling that it would be very hard for this one to be able to top it.

    Still a lot of plotlines got their resolve during this episode, from the Lila-problem to the Lundy/Deb problem. All of this was brought to us, in true Dexter-fashion, in a very exciting and brilliantly plotted way. I honestly didn't expect such a neat little wrap-up in the end (where are they going to go with season 3?) but it all worked out well. This season was a bit slower at the beginning, IMHO, but towards the middle everything became as engrossing as it had been before, if not even more. The pace, the characters, the writing...everything made this season a gem, and I can't stop myself from assuming that the upcoming season will be just as great (or even more). Dexter is one of the most intruiging shows on television today and I think it hasn't even peaked yet, it's only warming up now, and already it has become somewhat of a milestone in television drama.
  • perfect

    This was great television. I was really shocked when Lila killed Doakes. I was kind of sad to see him die. And near the end when dexter, in turn, killed Lila. This was a good finale. I was surprised Dexter wasn't found out to be the bay harbor butcher. That would probably have ended the series, but I still think it was nice that people still believed it was Doakes. Overall the Bay Harbor Butcher season was a one with good plot twists, and incredible endings to each episode. Final grade for this episode is definitely going to be an A+
  • A great ending to another great season

    I'm quite satisfied by the season finale episode of Dexter, I think its setting up for the 3rd season showing sneak peeks how LaGuerta will cope without Doakes, Deb becoming a much stronger character perhaps being promoted sounds a bit too soon but nothing too far-fetched on Dexter and ofcourse how Dexter will progress without the stress of the Bay-Harbor Butcher manhunt.

    It's definatly a big loss Doakes being blown to smithereens and it wasn't a big surprise that he was not going to last much longer but since the show was going a different path from the books, a main character had to take the exploding propane tank to the chest to cause a shock moment.

    From that moment to the end it was mostly Dexter trying to tie up that big loose end known as Lyla who knew too much and was eligible candidate on Dexter's "To Kill List" which I'm sure we've all been expecting but perhaps not expecting in the most romantic city in the world, I love the "Greetings From Miami" postcard, our Dexter, always an artist no matter what the situation.

    I don't think it's the last we've seen of Lundey so we should expect the unexpected, hell let's even expect Rudy rising from the dead, we got a while till season 3.
  • I thought it was great.

    I was glad it didn't have any cliffhangers. It'll be interesting to see how season 3 pans out because it seems that Dexter will have to change his MO entirely. If one dead felon turns up, MPD will realize that Dokes was not the BHB. I wish he could Rita, then Deb. What I think is funny is that I hate several of the characters on the show, the acting from several of characters is pretty weak, yet I love the show. It's probably my favorite....well, The Wire is probably my favorite, but Dexter get points simply because of the subject matter.
  • yugifasho wrote a review that says everything I wanted to say about this episode.

    The season 1 ender had a huge twist and shocker that I found incredible. Never did I suspect that Rudy was actually Dexter's brother Brian. While Season 2 didn't have an ending that was quite that explosive, it was still nonetheless suspenseful and action packed.

    Doakes was not necessarily a bad guy, just a tad obsessive and maybe in need of anger management. He was a very good cop and character. It was a shame to see him go, but really, it was either him or Dexter. Even if Dexter decided to continue with the plan to frame him, Doakes would never stop telling people it was Dexter, and then the FBI would have to look at Dexter more closely. No, Doakes dying was the only way that could have ended. I liked Lila as a protagonist in this season, but I still hated to see Dexter pull away from Rita and the Kids. Seeing him get back with them at the end was a big plus for me.

    Dexter went through a roller coaster this season. From recovering from the trauma of killing his only brother, who understood him. To not being able to continue killing because of Doakes. To finally getting a chance and finding himself unable to actually do it anymore. To going into rehab and meeting other 'addicts'. To facing his mothers killer and sleeping with Lila and losing Rita. To almost losing everything when Doakes broke into his place and almost turning himself in. To deciding that the people around him need him too much to give himself up.

    It was a wild roller coaster. But I loved every step of it.

    I will be itching to see Season 3
  • A lot happened...

    I was suprised at how much happened in this episode. We get the conclusion to the whole Doakes situation and I think that it ended well.
    Spoilers ahead for those skipping ahead...

    I didn't want Dex to kill Doakes and break the code. I'm glad he didn't have to make that choice. I kind of knew that Lila was going to do the deed but I didn't expect it to happen so soon in the episode.
    I liked it though. I thought it was a nice way for the character to go out and the fx were pretty nice.
    But all that was in the first few minutes and then we had to deal with Lila and her whole craziness. I thought her story was wrapped up well. I was prepared for her to get off scott free and become a killer in europe. I could have seen her popping up again in the future to give Dex a little trouble down the line. I was suprised that he tracked her down and killed her but I liked it as well. That shows her not to mess with killers.
    I like that the season wraps up with a clean slate and we can begin the next season fresh and with out too much stuff gumming up the works. All is clean except for Doakes old partner mourning his loss. I think she will be the next one to start sniffing around Dexter in the future.
    I can't wait to see what is going to happen in the next season and beyond.
  • Dexter is always brilliant better than 95% of tv out there.

    A little off disjointed for a finale, but I think that you need to judge a series as a whole and this ending was nice effects and higher budget. Gorgeous cinematography even for a Dexter episodes. I like how Lila became the ice truck killer for this season ties up endings well and plays cute humorous scenes nicely with dark blackness. I wish people weren't so quick to judge such an awesome show. Why do I have to write 100 words is this English class I said all I need to say right about now with one more word. Awesome.
  • All the loose ends have been tied up...

    Using the GPS she stole from Dexter's car, Lila makes her way to his cabin and finds Doakes locked up. He tells her that Dexter is the Bay Harbor Butcher, but if he was hoping for a sympathetic ear, he won't get it from Lila who decides to protect Dexter in blowing up the Cabin. Dexter cant believe it as he says in his voice over Was it spontaneous combustion? Divine intervention? If you believe that God makes miracles, you have to wonder if Satan has a few up his sleeve, Sgt. Doakes ends up dead but there's a little matter of Lila knowing the Secret.

    Back up at the lap Dexter finds that his GPS in the evidence bag, but how did it get there? He knows it was Lila all along; he goes to meet her and decide to leave together. Dexter wants to make her his victim, he goes to meet her at the flat but Debbie pops up from now where (Debbie you silly women), Lila shows her self but ends up leaving with dexter's handy tools, Lila soon finds out that Dexter was planning to Kill her.

    Lila takes Rita's children back to her place, Dexter gets there but Lila sets the place on fire as she escapes, he gets the kids out of there and in the nik of time Debbie comes to rescue.

    Lila leaves the Country, but Dexter tracks her down in Paris and disposes of her. Cant Wait for Season 3 Now
  • After soo long, the Dark Passanger is back!

    Lila discovered that Dexter is the Bayharbour Butcher, and captured Doaks in that little hut near the swamp. She wants to help Dexter, /because She still believes that Dexter is her soul mate.../ and blow up the hut, with Doaks.
    The Miami police has every evidence that he was the Butcher, so they close the case. Dexter is in safe. The only thing left is Lila, who knows about him. He tries to kill her, but she escapes thanks to Deb, and kidnap Astor and Cody. She couldn't kill them because Dexter saves them. After that Lila run to Paris. Everything comes back to normal. Dexter got back his identity, /The Dark Passanger/, his family, and his peacefull life. Everyone feels bad about Doaks, but that was the only way, so Dexter could survive this. Of course after this, Dex hunt down Lila in Paris. :)

    Wasn't bad, but I think the next season gonna be more darker, because the real Dexter is back!
    They gonna need a new, badass serial killer against Dexter Morgan! :)
  • The Bay Harbour Butcher case is closed but Dexter must deal with Lila.

    I think that what has happened in the last 5 episodes is part of the finale because so much has happened in this season early but in this episode a miracle happens for Dexter when Lila gets to Doakes and blows up the cabin because she thinks she is his soul mate and she did it even though she knows he is the Butcher Dexter knows what happened was a miracle but he feels he has to kill her In this season things have definitely went Dexters way and Lundy who still doesn't truly believe Doakes is the Butcher is overwhelmed with the evidence that points to him and the case is closed As the season goes on we have seen how crazy Lila is and Dexter goes to Paris to do what many have wanted him to do since the start of season 2 and now Dexter has a new start with no Lundy,Doakes or Lila.
  • Things in the second season of Dexter come to a final, bloody close.

    Weel, it all over. The second season of the best show on television is complete. The finale was a bit overblown and overhyped, but it was not bad. I have to say I had a feeling Doakes was going to die but I had no idea of how exactly that would come to pass. Lila killing Doakes to try to bring hersel closer to Dexter makes total sense--if you think from her twisted, insane perspective. I knew a long time ago that she would end up dead...but that didn't make me hate her any less as a character, and it didn't make me unhappy when it actually happened. I was glad to see her go. From a writer's point of view it is a shame to lose a character with such potential. But the writers wanted to start season three with a clean slate, and so, Lila had to Go. I thin that if may have made sense for her to be a part of season three. She might have moved to a different city and started her own serial killing spree. Of course tihout Dexter's code, she would have been just another sick freak. Eventually he might have had to track her down. I could have seen Dexter taking Rita and the kids on a vacation to wherever it was that Lila "set up shop" and at night, sneaking out to kill her. But then again, I'm not a Hollywood writer...but with the strike going on, who says I couldn't be. Ha ha! Anyway, I'm rambling. I assure you this episode was very good and if you didn't see it or you've just stumbled across this review and have no idea what Dexter is or you've never seen the DVDs, because you will love it!
  • Just amazing, as most of the episodes in this season !!!!!

    Well, this episode was amazing, like the whole season.

    The end was my favorite part because i couldnt believe that Dexter would let Lila just go missing like that and do nothing.

    So when the episode was almost over, and the whole Doakes being the BHB was over, i was like "please kill lila, please", and then she showed up in Paris all normal, like nothing ever happened and i knew Dex was going to get her !!!!!

    To me that was the best scene in this whole season.

    I do think that the BHB case is not over, someone will find out something next season. Anyway, great season, waiting for the next one.
  • Lyla saves Dexter from being caught but then she decides that she needed to threaten Rita's children just because she still can't have Dexter. Once again someone threatens Dexter's family and he does what is necessary to protect them. BYE Lyla ABOUT TIME

    This season finale was the bomb. In my opinion, even though Dexter is a serial killer, he didn't deserve to be caught, so I guess thank the lucky stars that Lyla was as nosy as she was. She took care of Dexter's problem, although I don't think that killing Dokes was the answer. Lyla really shouldn't have threatened the children and that is what put the nail in her coffin. In the end she proved that she was a murderer and she got exactly what she deserved. She showed us that Dexter really does have feelings when it comes those he cares about. So to all those who think about threatening those Dexter finds important, BEWARE!!!
  • This sums up the two first seasons. And they leave us wanting more.

    Before I saw the last episodes I did not like the idea that Lila would kill Doakes and Dexter would get away. I felt it was too weak, rushed, and Doakes deserved a better death than by the hands of Lila. He should rather be turned in to the police and let the system deal with him, or get a worthy death by the hands of Dexter himself.

    But after the season finale they made me change my mind. The worthy-death-thing had already been done last season with Rudy. I think many more would have complained that it was unoriginal and so on. Turning Doakes in would not have worked at all. He would constantly point Dexter out as the killer, and with Lundy and LaGuerta doubting that Doakes was the BHB there is no way Dexter could come out of it in a credible way. Doakes HAD to die! There way no way to avoid it. But the amazing thing is how they made us feel about it!

    For two seasons now Doakes has been the loud mouth macho that was suspicious of Dexter. And we all, at one point or another, thought to ourselves that Dexter should just get rid of him. He would just be another obstacle removed; Dexter only had to find some dirt on him, that he did something terrible in his military carreer or something. It wouldn't be hard coming up with a story that made him deserve to be Dexterised. But, in merely a couple of episodes, the writers managed to create a chemistry between Dexter and Doakes that the viewers loved. And it was acted out brilliantly. Doakes went from being one of Dexter's obstacles to becoming a cherished "friend" whom we wanted to keep for a long time. But we couldn't. We had to let him go. It still amazes me how they managed to turn that situation completely around. That is brilliant writing! Making us want the impossible, and yet not give it to us.

    When it comes to Lila, at least some of us, wanted her dead from the beginning. And eventually the rest followed. This also had to happen! And killing her IN a body bag, with a knife through her heart, with a sad look on her face was great! I actually felt kind of sorry for her at that moment, but knew that there was no way she could get away. I still think this was meant to happen after Doakes' funeral, like several months in the future, but then they couldn't end with Dexter's voice-over at the end.

    This season finale was not meant as a action packed-heart beating-thrilling-biting your nales-cliff hanger. It was meant to wrap up the last two seasons, and it contained some of my favourite scenes of the entire two seasons. Including the morning sequence with the theme song as background music. Brilliant!

    Dexter made many mistakes this season; cheating on Rita, not going by the code, making an innocent man go down because of his own crimes. We were shown the sacrifices that were made in order for him to realize who he is. He was uncertain about his identity, because of his brother, his father and his sponsor. But now he has worked through all that, and evolved. He is now the master.

    In a show about a serial killer, this season ended with the most unsatisfactory death of them all. But it was not in vane. Because of that we'll get to see more of Dexter in the future. And I pray that the writers can serve us more of what we've got so far. A brilliant end to a brilliant season of perhaps the best show on TV!
  • A great season ending, just as you thought it was all just unravelling for Dexter, Lila comes to his rescue.

    Felt sad for Doakes only trying to catch the killer but going down as the serial killer himself. Maybe Dexter will somehow tag some other killer as the butcher to clear Doakes and also to clear Dexter's conscience of an innocent being killed. I think Lila would have made a good side kick for Dexter in a way and having someone to share his secret with would have lightened the load, he would kill them and she could fry them. Glad she got hers at the end though, she would have become a bit of a liability and she probably would have wanted to kill just anyone, poor Doakes
  • YAY! Dexter is Dexter again. Or possibly a new and improved Dexter. Either way, YAY!

    The season two finale tied the entire season together, and topped it off with a nice little bow. I couldn't have asked for anything more. Except maybe a more slow, painful death for Lila. She deserved far worse than how Dexter got rid of her. He showed her mercy, at least, Dexter's form of mercy. Or maybe it was his way of saying thank you to her for killing Doakes when he couldn't do it. She did clean up his mess. But I didn't like her from the beginning, and what she was doing to Angel was wrong. And then trying to kill Rita's kids and Dexter, she deserved worse. The 'Greetings from Miami' postcard was awesome. I would like to know how he disposed of her, though.

    And the hint that he's going to try new things next season has me super excited. I can't wait. YAY for Dexter! :)
  • On both story and character levels, Dexter is executed with masterful precision. Even if you think you found a flaw, you've still got to give it a "10" compared to everything else on television.

    I thought every writing choice totally worked and led to one of the most gratifying endings to anything I've seen in years- plus, I absolutely love it when stories find a way to work in a moderate spiritual of the last things, if not the last thing he says was something like- "I can't help but think that a higher source wants me to keep doing what I'm doing". FRAKKIN' AWESOME! I could see an argument for Lila's involvement taking the pressure away from Dexter having to make a hard decision, but Dexter had already made the decision to not turn himself in, so in that sense he had fully arc'd. We didn't have to see our hero kill someone he (and we) didn't want to see "Dexter-ized" (if you will). Also, Dexter showing up to take out Lila right at the end (just as I was thinking "don't tell me she's going to become a serial killer herself") might have been a little cliche, but it's a great audience pleaser, gave solid closure, and just had me walking away thinking "wow, this season was perhaps better than season 1, I love this, and I'm jealous as a writer".
  • And then there were none. All issues resolved, if not always to our satisfaction.

    So - Doakes is dead and it's the brit bit who dun it, this saving Dex from dirtying his hands. Angel is saved, the girlfriend accepts Dex back, the case is closed... then the brit bit goes nuts and snaps up the kiddies, thus providing Dear Dex with all the motivation needed to go after her. All does not go as planned. Things catch on fire. All in all a very empowering finale, but somehow unsatisfying. Dex is getting thoughtful and moral and all kinds of complex, and it's not nearly as endearing as sweet, innocent completely clueless killer Dex was.
  • Much to like in it but still.....

    Well finally the grand finale of the second season of Dexter. While it was good with some great moments, it did IMO have the "could have been better" feeling on it. There was much build up for the Dexter-Doakes storyline, specially in the recent episodes. Well the way this story arc was patched up will go down as a slight letdown as far as i am concerned. Not because Doakes is dead but mainly because he died pretty quickly in the episode. After much build up, I expected much more elaboration and more Dexter-Doakes interactions. Sad to see Doakes gone now but I guess there was no other way, it was either him or Dex.
    The rest of the episode was focused on the closure of the Dex-Lila story. Well nothing shocking really but it was highly entertaining. Lila is killed of by Dex who now goes back to his former "hobbies" and back with Rita...a good conclusion.
    Lundy`s character also gets closure, so does his relationship with Deb. The actor is amazing and the character was captivating but he had done his part. He was a nice addition this season but his storyline is over.

    Overall, the finale was good but not great, mainly because of how quickly Doakes` story was resolved.

    The Season 2 of Dexter will go down as a highly entertaining one. Great stories and actors...damn great TV!"Morning comes" IMO was the best of the season and definitely one of the best episode on this show. Excellent season and I hope they keep it up for the next Season as the adventures of our favorite serial killer continues!
  • Their fate is sealed.

    Dexter's season comes to an end. AT this point we had good ideas as to how the season would end, it was how they would get there that was still up in the air.

    I like the way Doakes fate was sealed by Lila. A tragic fiery conclusion to a good nemesis. Funny how Dexfinds the GPS amongst the evidence collected from the scene and realizes that uh-oh, it was Lila that did him in. Suspense reigned while he finds that Lila has Rita's kids and he must save the day there. After he does this and the APB is put out for Rita, sheescapes to Paris. This was the only disappointing piece for me. Dex of course follows and rather quickly with minimal suspense, dispenses with her. I guess it would have been tough to draw this out.

    Other ends are tied up, Deb has to choose between G-man and Rita's kids and decides to help find Rita's kids. That storyline seems to come to a close as well as Batista's problems with Lila.

    Very cut and dried at the end. Bring on next season and let's see who Dexter's next victim is.
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