Season 2 Episode 12

The British Invasion

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 16, 2007 on Showtime

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  • This is the way a finale should be.

    I won't rehash what a lot of people have said but I have to say this. The creators of this show know how to end a season and all those other shows should really take note. I find it very satisfying to have all the seasons loose ends tied up in the finale instead of the usual season ending cliffhanger that most shows try to leave you on. Perhaps they think this will keep us coming back but in my mind it does more harm than good. Giving the season some closure does a couple things, it answers all those exciting questions about what is going to happen to doakes, lila, rita and the kids, etc, but it also makes me feel like I got my moneys worth by not forcing me to tune in next season, which just feels cheap. After the end of last season and now this one, I can say that I am really looking forward to next season and feel that the writers and producers of this show really know what they are doing. I sure wish other shows had the balls to wrap thing up so neatly, just like dexter. Lets hope this writers strike is over before filming is supposed to begin.