Season 2 Episode 12

The British Invasion

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 16, 2007 on Showtime

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  • The Brits aren't masterminds.

    Okay, so, I just wanted to note a few things that I got P/O over regarding this character 'Lila'/other stuff:

    1. When she discovers Dex is a serial killer, she appears impervious to the typical overwhelming and mind-numbing sensation which normally trumps all over feelings. Instead she starts rambling on about Dex's and her own feelings. I'm sorry but she's nothing more than some drama-queen/crack-whore -- I'm pretty sure serial killers are out of her league.

    2. The Brits aren't masterminds -- they're always portrayed as some intelligent, harder-to-catch villains but I'm sick and tired of that idea which is complete BS. Am I to believe this drugged up girl keeps escaping Dex just because she's got some British accent (which by the way repulses me -- people say it's cute, but it's just goofy)?

    3. If the limey over-stayed her visa she won't be able to leave without being arrested by immigration at the airport.

    4. So, how DO YOU get rid of a body in Paris?

    All in all, it was a disappointing episode.

    For one, it's sad to see Doakes leave the show -- I can't say he was one of my favorite characters but he did up the interest by adding the risk factor.

    Two, I didn't like the fact that after all the trouble Lila's been causing all she gets is quick stab and a respectful closing of the eyes.

    Here's hoping for a better third season.
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