Season 2 Episode 5

The Dark Defender

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 28, 2007 on Showtime

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  • After a very transitional episode (S2E04), Dexter has returned to the levels of greatness it use to have in season 1. This episode is by far the best, strongest, and most riveting episode of season 2.

    With so many jaw dropping moments, new insights on characters that we did not previously know, to the warm and very interesting FBI Lt Lundy, this episode had it all. The anger of Dexter was well acted, and the somber mood when he returned to Lila was well executed. He slept in her arms like his mother use to hold him.

    The episode is well written and directed exceptionally well. The final camera pan at the end of the episode leading up to the camera was excellent and nerve-wracking.

    It was revealed in this episode that there is a possibility that Dexter's adopted dad Harry was sleeping with his mother. Could this possibly lead to Harry actually being the *real* father of Dexter? Afterall, Rudy has pure black hair and dexter does not. Is this a hint that they were actually half-brothers? It would make sense as to why Harry picked up Dexter and not Rudy, and chose to raise him. The ending was shocking but expected. Only 5 episodes in and now Dexter is in serious trouble. Will they be able to successfully write him out of this trouble? If you recall in season 1, when the little boy saw Dexter attack the wife - it seemed like Dexter was doomed. Unfortunately, the whole Jesus sketch just came off a bit silly and definitely a cop out. Here's hoping that the same thing doesn't happen.

    Either way, I'm on the edge of my seat looking forward to episode 6. Sunday can't come soon enough!