Season 2 Episode 5

The Dark Defender

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 28, 2007 on Showtime



  • Trivia

    • If Harry was already a detective when he met Dexter's mother, he shouldn't be in uniform when he took Dexter out of the shipping container in a previous flashback.

    • LaGuerta mentions that, counting the incident with Curtis Barnes, Doakes has been involved in two shootings in less than six months. The other shooting occurred in the episode "Father Knows Best", in which Doakes shot and killed Jacques Bayard, a Haitian war criminal.

  • Quotes

    • Lila: (about a painting of a cottage hanging on the motel wall) This isn't art, it's cottage porn.

    • Deb: If Dad taught us one thing, it's the value of human life.
      Dexter: (voice over) Yeah, but I think we had different homework assignments.

    • Lila: So what about what you're going to say to this guy when you get there?
      Dexter: I'm sure I'll think of something.
      Lila: Why don't you practice on me.
      Dexter: I'd rather not.
      Lila: Just try. Out loud.
      Dexter: I feel like... he stole my life.
      Lila: And...
      Dexter: I'm not the person I'm supposed to be. It's like I'm hollow.
      Lila: That's good. Go on.
      Dexter: I hide in plain sight, unable to reach out to people close to me, afraid I'll hurt them... like I've hurt so many others. This is what he made me become.

    • Deb: Sweet Mary mother of fuck that's good.
      Dexter: I think you might have broken a commandment somewhere in there.

    • Dexter: (voice over) Most people hate long lines. The bank, grocery store, coffee bar. Not me. Want a real glimpse of human nature? Stand in the way of someone's mocha latte. It also reminds me that the good people of Miami and I aren't so different. They have no more idea of what I am than I do.

    • Dexter: (voice over) The Dark Defender...Nah Miami's too hot for all that leather.

    • Dexter: (voice over) Harry taught me to lie and keep my darkest secrets from those around me, which is why I need to make sure there's not a trace of blood left on my boat. He also taught me not to rush to judgment. Things aren't always what they appear to be, including Harry. And what about me? Am I the twisted Bay Harbor Butcher or the valiant Dark Defender? Only time will tell. Funny thing is I've met someone who doesn't care what I am. I suppose every hero needs a sidekick, every villain a partner in crime. All my relationships have been built on not knowing, but that may be changing. Imagine that. A life with no more secrets.

    • Dexter: See you tonight?
      Deb: Think I'm staying at Gabriel's...
      Dexter: Thought you were taking it slow...
      Deb: We are. No sex, just cuddling.
      Dexter: My little sister, the cuddler.

    • Dexter: (voice over) I never really got the whole super hero thing. But lately it does seem we have a lot in common: tragic beginnings, secret identities, part human, part mutant...(looks over at Doakes) arch enemies.

    • Dexter: (voice over) The rocks I used to submerge my victims may eventually sink me too. But if I'm learning anything in recovery, it's one day at a time.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The scene where Dexter enters the bar, with the red lighting, Rolling Stones playing in the background and with the slow zoom, is similar to the scene where Johnny Boy enters the bar in the film Mean Streets, directed by Martin Scorsese. "Gimme Shelter" is also staple Martin Scorsese soundtrack choice.

    • Kryptonite

      Dexter: (voice over) This little, green algae may as well be kryptonite. If it's ever traced back to me, I'll be helpless.

      Kryptonite is a meteor rock in the DC Comic universe that weakens Superman when he is exposed to it.