Season 2 Episode 5

The Dark Defender

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 28, 2007 on Showtime



  • Quotes

    • Lila: So what about what you're going to say to this guy when you get there?
      Dexter: I'm sure I'll think of something.
      Lila: Why don't you practice on me.
      Dexter: I'd rather not.
      Lila: Just try. Out loud.
      Dexter: I feel like... he stole my life.
      Lila: And...
      Dexter: I'm not the person I'm supposed to be. It's like I'm hollow.
      Lila: That's good. Go on.
      Dexter: I hide in plain sight, unable to reach out to people close to me, afraid I'll hurt them... like I've hurt so many others. This is what he made me become.