Season 7 Episode 10

The Dark...Whatever

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 02, 2012 on Showtime

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  • La Guerta and Matthews move closer to revealing Dexter as the Bay Harbour Butcher.

    La Guerta and Matthews are starting to put the pieces together when they visit the site where Doakes was killed and Matthews realises the site was owned by Dexter's mothers killer Matthews who still isn't convinced that Dexter is the Butcher has agreed to talk to him because Dexter trusts him In the episode Hannah's dad comes back and Hannah believes he has changed but is wrong when he starts demanding money and threatens Dexter so Dexter killed Hannah's dad but he still told the police about the witness that can put Hannah in prison.
  • The Dark Water

    Hannah's father was a good character, but if you have seen any drama ever, it was so predictable what he would end up doing.

    Still, a solid episode for the show. Dexter not killing him was actually a little bit surprising so they did get me there.
  • Fast becoming a 'whatever' season

    It's superior to the abomination that was season 6, but every week this is becoming sloppier in the writing and pacing. We're now onto our third villain of the season, an altogether irrelevant 'phantom' who inspires indifference at best. Dexter's realisation that his dark passenger isn't real rids us of that increasingly irritating internal reference, so that's welcome, but what's happened to Hannah?

    Hannah should be a dream character - wickedly intriguing and complex, interwoven with Dexter in terms of love and coldblooded killing instinct, but she's flatlined. She's become Dexter's sounding board and object of Deb's hatred but where's her own complexity? She goes from being cold and calculating to a blubbering mess with zero middle ground, and the writers are doing a bad job of fleshing her out properly.

    So with every episode, this is becoming more and more of a disappointing season. I hope they can turn it around in the final two.
  • Loved it!

    That was AGAIN an awesome episode of Dexter. I just don't get why they haven't done the connection from the start between the Phantom writing "Bobby" in the wall with Hannah's dad!!! I mean, what is Bobby doing there?? (Supernatural) Hahaha loved the whole episode, good job!
  • Its all coming together

    Laguerta is getting closer and closer. I'm getting scared that she is on his trail but excited to see how this plays out. Still not digging the Dexter and Hannah thing. Quinn I can care less about, stopped caring a couple seasons ago. Wow only two more left...
  • Are

    Dexter, you cant be with Hannah. She is just another 'Lila'. I can't believe you have such poor choice. You're so smart when it comes to investigating a suspect but you're completely clueless when it comes to girls(except Rita).

    I can't believe it took Dexter so long to realise that the dark passenger was just a part of him, not a separate entity. And sure, all the credit for that goes to Hannah. Boring Hannah.

    The BHB case is all that is interesting in these final episodes. Other than that, meh...
  • The Phantom Menace

    Dexter kept in fine form this week continuing the arsonist that burns people alive, now branded the Phantom by the media. Hannah's father, Jim Beaver, shows up fresh out of prison looking to make amends but all is not as it seems. Hannah raising the question of whether or not the Dark Passenger was actually was groan-worthy since Deb said the EXACT same thing eight episodes ago and Dex just shrugged it off but when Hannah suggests it he actually considers it and tries to change but I guess it's all about Dexter hearing what he wants to hear as much as anything in that regard so it felt like a boring retread. LaGuerta got closer to finding Doakes and we got more insight into Tom Matthews a little bit and his old man sexist attitude was funny when he said that the restaurant was for bringing, "ugly women and prostitutes so that you won't get But more importantly they visit the cabin in the Everglades where Dexter kept Doakes locked up and speak to the man who owns the property living in a trailer on it now. He says that he rented it out to Santos Giminez who was one of the three who chainsawed Dexter's mom and Matthews remembers the case and imparts the details to LaGuerta. It was good to see her put the puzzle pieces together and how ITK is Dexter's brother and the possibility of his "born in blood" thing but more importantly that Doakes was on to his ways. But Matthews says that he should take the first jump at Dexter since he knows him better and won't screw the questioning up. Dexter suspects the arson investigator on the Phantom case to be the culprit but when he follows him he realizes that he has an alibi for one of the killings and is just an eccentric Civil War re-enactor. Deb says that she won't let Hannah McKay get away with murder much to Dexter's dislike. Hannah's father, Clint, stirs things up when he asks for money to start a crawdad farm (he's really just deep in gambling debt) and when Hannah refuses he drunkenly drives his truck through the green house on Hannah's property in an "oops look what I happened to have done by mistake" sort of way. Dexter tries to figure out how to put Hannah back together, and I guess a big theme of the episodes is that he's not a child anymore so the notion of a Dark Passenger eliminating him from responsibility is kind of a ridiculous notion. Even Lila back in Season 2 told him something to the effect of him simply calling himself a monster to rid himself of responsibility was lazy and untrue and it is more complicated than that like Harry says it's all about how you choose to perceive it which is something I'm glad this episode managed to wrap up even though it was sort of a total retread. Dexter discovers the identity of the Phantom through breaking into the office of juvenile records after they pull a finger print from a bus where the Phantom claimed his latest victim. We are shown that the culprit, Joseph Jones, was questioned at another Phantom scene the other week. Quinn wraps up our suspicions about George after having shot Isaac when he calls Quinn and tells him that he is having Nadia shipped to a sex house in Eastern Europe. They should seriously have a train link to that club they've spent so many episodes visiting there to see George or Isaac it's not even funny. George brings Nadia out and pulls a gun on Quinn while Angel makes sure the bouncer lets him through. When George proceeds to beating Nadia Quinn shoots him and forces Nadia to shoot him in the arm to sell a self-defense story. I don't mind, Quinn might not be a boy scout, but George was a total scumbag but it kind of makes Dexter's last words about essentially commemorating Isaac a load of hooey since he was just kind of whacked this week. So that's it for the Koshka Brotherhood, no more hitmen, no more Isaac, no more George, they just give up on Miami? Fine, whatever. Angel was right not to buy Quinn's story because of the delay between the two shots that Quinn describes but he backs up his story and agrees to not have Nadia as a witness. When Hannah's father says some pretty harsh stuff like letting her drown it felt like the writers were trying too hard to antagonize the guy in our eyes to have Dexter justify killing him for Hannah. It's a big step for Dexter to stop mid kill when giving the same advice he's gotten in an episode to a victim, it's like the only time it ever sinks into his thick skull is when he's about to kill somebody. But Angel's line after the police are called and Jones is found unconscious with the fire proof suit left out in the open leads Debra to smell Dexter's fingerprints all over this chance discovery. But when Hannah's dad comes back and says that he was dishing out dirt to Sal Price on Hannah for money while in prison he says that he can connect Hannah to poisoning a camp counselor after the Wayne Randall spree and that her roommate saw her do it. Hannah says that it's true and that the woman is the only one who can put her in prison. Dexter meets with Hannah's dad, injects him, and lays him out on the boat. It was great to see Jim Beaver in a role like this, kind of going against him normal role like the loving Bobby Singer in Supernatural, or the can't go wrong Shelby on Justified, or on Deadwood (only morally grey at worst) he's never played a straight up scumbag like this before and it was good to see a change for him. But him admitting that the Dark Passenger is just his urges and that it's just him choosing and wanting to kill is a good step for this show and one that it might not have needed seven seasons to come around too. That being said the trajectory of this season is all kinds of funky now, with no more Isaac (tear) I've lost a bit of interest in the overall storyline. After all, his last words of living to Dexter seem to have actually sunk in and he loves Hannah but I guess that means him killing her father and him lying to her and telling him that he told him to go away and keeping that from her is the message this gives us essentially. It's just a bit muddled is all in the delivery, I get that she wouldn't kill her father, but the more interesting parts of this episode dealt with the Phantom, LaGuerta (first time in a while), and Masuka high fiving Dexter on how hot Hannah is since everyone knows that they're dating now. But Deb is now going after the witness to put Hannah away so it looks to be her vs. Dexter now as opposed to her and dexter vs. the world like it seemed to be heading towards earlier. Good episode, bit of a snag and if this is the last we hear on the Koshkas it's a really lazy way to move past their involvement in Miami like that. But it's more about Dexter and Hannah and I guess if they're happy I'm happy too.
  • Whatever


    I never liked the fact that Dexter blamed his Dark Passenger for his kills and I was so glad when Hannah pointed out how ridiculous the whole concept is and even happier when Dexter started to question it. Couldn't this episode happen any sooner.. I mean c'mon.. Some may lose their interest on the show now that it seems that Dexter has forsaken his code but I just think it makes it more realistic. I hope they start to portray Dexter as a real serial killer in the last season like killing witnesses and all that.

    I think this development is conveniently (maybe a bit too conveniently) introduced right when LaGuerta is suspecting Dexter to be the BHB so Dexter wouldn't be the same guy who he was in the 2nd season. And the development gives the viewers and Dexter the pleasure of possibly having LaGuerta on his table.

    I didn't like this show because it had a serial killer who kills killers. I liked it because it has a serial killer as a maim character. And to be fair... Dexter hasn't seemed like one since 4th season. I think that when Hannah pointed out how ridiculous The Dark Passenger is, she made her life safer and more dangerous. As long as she manages to keep Dexter wrapped around her finger she's safe, but if she betrays him she's as good as dead.

    Am I the only one who thinks that Deb is now in danger as Dexter has forsaken the code? If the writers are going to make Dexter a bit more serial killerish I'd think that if and when Deb pushes the right buttons Dex could start to feel a bit homicidal towards her.
  • The

    The was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Dexter. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character and plot development. It was intriguing to see Dexter and Hannah together and her father was a very interesting character. Matthews and Laguerta start coming on to the truth of The Bay Harbor Butcher. I liked how every thing played out and I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!

    I don't like hannah hated her right from the start she is nice to look at but has made dexter weak and just an everyday serial killer not the dark knight that he use to be LOL forgive my batman joke. the show is still good but could of been great. I have gave this episode a 9 because i enjoyed everything but hannah every two seconds cry scenes