Season 7 Episode 10

The Dark...Whatever

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 02, 2012 on Showtime

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  • Fast becoming a 'whatever' season

    It's superior to the abomination that was season 6, but every week this is becoming sloppier in the writing and pacing. We're now onto our third villain of the season, an altogether irrelevant 'phantom' who inspires indifference at best. Dexter's realisation that his dark passenger isn't real rids us of that increasingly irritating internal reference, so that's welcome, but what's happened to Hannah?

    Hannah should be a dream character - wickedly intriguing and complex, interwoven with Dexter in terms of love and coldblooded killing instinct, but she's flatlined. She's become Dexter's sounding board and object of Deb's hatred but where's her own complexity? She goes from being cold and calculating to a blubbering mess with zero middle ground, and the writers are doing a bad job of fleshing her out properly.

    So with every episode, this is becoming more and more of a disappointing season. I hope they can turn it around in the final two.
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