Season 4 Episode 12

The Getaway

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 13, 2009 on Showtime

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  • Best season finale of any show ever

    So poetic, it left me in I'm not one to cry easily! Just happy we didn't have to see Rita's ghost in future seasons like Harry's.
  • Best Dexter episode of all time.

    After such a good cliffhanger from the previous episode and a fantastic season this episode takes it to the next step and if I could rate this episode 11 I would With all the attempts Dexter has had to kill Trinity the frustration gets to him and he could have stopped the shocking ending where Dexter walks in and finds Rita dead Even though I knew that would happen I still couldn't believe the way she was killed and this is a real test for Dexter because he has no feelings so people are going to see that he actually doesn't care that she is dead when everyone around him is upset.
  • Complete and utter nonsense!

    This episode was great until the end, NOT because Rita was killed but because the end feels TACKED ON and RUSHED. It doesn't make any sense in any way, shape or form. Just about every episode before this one shows why a certain event happened to the point where I had no doubt as to why this or that took place. Not the case with this episode. First of all, Arthur didn't know where Dexter lived, he even made a mistake to go to Deb's place instead but assuming he found out, he wouldn't have time to stop by, since he was on the run! Arthur didn't have any time or opportunity to make his way to Dexter's home to kill Rita. He had no reason to assume Dexter was dumb enough to leave his family there either. On one hand he had nothing to lose and would have at least tried, on the other hand, he demonstrated several times before, that he cared about his self preservation too much to risk his life. (never-mind his suicide attempt). By far, the stupidest thing that happens is how Dexter actually catches up to Arthur jumping out from the trunk or from behind the car like some sort of a supernatural being. When the hell would he have a chance to get inside Arthur's Mustang? There was no indication of Dexter even knowing where Arthur was driving off to! That whole thing was so tacked on. And the whole thing about the baby waiting till Dexter would start packing his bag or call Rita before he started crying... Conveniently... What a bunch of BS. This episode felt like the guy who was writing the script knew he had to end the season right there because he was out of time or something. Complete disappointment which ruined my whole impression of the show. (It's ok that Rita dies though. She was pretty annoying, and it was a good idea to move on past her, just not the way it was done here!)
  • Perfect season and perfect finale until final minutes ruined it all...

    this was one of the best episodes of dexter yet until the last few minutes. This season was fantastic, the trinity killer made for a very exciting storyline. This last episode was the perfect way to end off such an amazing season right up until the point where rita is found dead.

    Was so looking forward to watching Dexter and Rita and their family next season. This used to be a show that was funny with just the right amount of nail biting moments and the surprises but it was never a show that made you cry or feel depressed.

    I have loved watching Rita and Dexters relationship develop and was surprised and excited when they got married. Dexter and Rita being married and living together is part of what made this season so great.

    I am not sure where the show is going to go from here, but in my opinion the show reached its peak this season and after such a devastating finale i cant imagine it going anywhere except downhill from here

    : (
  • A really sad and shocking season finale that left me in tears, waiting eagerly for the next season to start!

    Talking about a shocking episode! The trinity killer finds out Dexter's real identidy. The whole episode is basically about Dexter chasing Arthur down so he can finally kill him. But he cannot seem to catch a break! Everything goes wrong. I must say I really liked this season finale1 Even though we got som closure on the trinity killer the episode still opened up for som new questions that hopefully will be answered in the next season. Will Debra find out more about Dexter and his secret life? How will Dexter cope with this new twist in his life?
  • meh =/

    The entire season was epic. I mean, the twists and turns it featured are brilliant; finding out that trinity had a daughter who was so close to the police and stuff like that was well written. also the fact that debra finds out the truth, or at least half of it about her brother ALREADY made my wait for season 5 exciting! But then, they had to go and kill Rita - which i think was pointless. they didn't have to cut her out. oh well, maybe its just a nightmare that dexter will wake up from. can't wait for season 5.
  • Best show on TV!

    This episode was great! All the way to the shocking ending, which was great but very much sad. Hate to see beautiful kind Rita go but I guess it for the best. I was getting used to Rita and the kids, and I feel next season may feel a little empty without them. Also I was very much hoping that she would completely know everything about Dexter. His childhood past, his demon and uncontrollable need to kill. Of course Dexter only kills people who needs to be killed and not the innocence and I feel that would have brought them closer together, because I knew it was that mystery about Dexter that intrigued her. Where the writers would go from there, I don't know. Another thing I would have like seen this season was agent Lundy hinting more on knowing what type of person Dexter was, in a good way. It was like Lundy kinda knew something because he was always asking Dexter for some advice. Like only Dexter would know. Oh well, I guess you can't kill everyone off who knows what Dexter is..and Lundy and Rita only got so close.

    Trinity did not kill Rita. He didn't have enough time to do that. Anyone can see that the killing of Rita has something to do with Dexter childhood and the original killing of his mother. I personally believe it has to do with FBI Agent Davis. Davis and his crew came in and took over the Trinity case.

    Even though Deb claims to know so little about Dexter past, I think she put it together and can paint the picture of to who Dexter truly is. Anyway, it will be interesting to see what the writers will come up with next season. Which will be a very dark one.
  • It was great.

    People got to stop looking at this series as a character development, blah blah blah crap. Following rules makes every show boring and predictable. It's great the writers decides to just have Rita killed. Sad, but NOBODY saw it coming. NOBODY. You can say Dexter's character is back to where it started. But whatever. Quit being scientist and analysing things all the time. You went to school and payed attention too much in class. Enjoy life without being "intelligent" for once. Just watch the show and enjoy what the writers give us. I have no problem with people writing bad reviews and saying that they hate the last episode of season 4. But do not start babbling on about the character development of Dexter. The reason I watch Dexter is not to study him. I watch Dexter just because it is exciting. Not because "Dexter is quickly developing into a family man with kids and now he has developed into blah blah blah" Do not give me any of this BS and just enjoy the show or give it 1 because you do not like the outcome or the episode was boring. Lame people got to get a life and not analyis things all the time.
  • Brilliant.

    The end of the season deserved a perfect episode and this one nearly was. The final scene opens up a million possibilities for the next season and leaves everything unclosed. Killing Trinity was almost an obligation for the writers, but the Rita thing was unexpected, at least to me. It was difficult to save the situation for Dexter and maintain the general equilibrium given everything that was going on. Besides, family life was getting a little annoying after all. Either way, he managed to free himself from any link to Trinity and get away from his past, since Debra did not find out who he is. Everything in his life shaked a lot during the season, but ended kind of in peace. Until he found Rita, of course.
  • Dearly Departed

    So I only just caught up with Dexter. It's had me hooked from the start and this episode proves why. The thing that stands out the most is the biiiig twist at the end, which is show changing. If there was one thing I didn't like about season 3 it was how we spent all of it framing a complex relationship between Miguel and Dexter that was never mentioned even once in season 4. The only thing season 3 did was introduce us to Quinn, get Dex and Rita married and get Rita preggers. It just dosen't seem as intense a chapteras seasons 1 and 2. But this episode changes everything. Just as Dexter was finally coming to grips with balancing family and killer life, this happens. It will shatter his world apart. Kudos to Michael C. Hall. He never dissapoints as Dexter but here he's just brilliant. Same for John Lithgo; you could actually feel for him as he was finally on Dexter's table, at least untill you saw what he had done in a final act of murder. Frankly this show is awesome. I hope it keeps going for many years, because four years in and its still not getting old at all. You're not wondering how he can't get caught, but instead wondering how he'll still manage to juggle everything to be the hidden killer.
  • perfect

    Dexter and Arthur have their final confrontation, in which Dexter finally takes down Arthur Mitchell, aka the Trinity Killer (although to be fair, "Trinity" is kind of a misnomer for the man).

    Debra figures out Harry had a thing with a CI named Laura Moser, and discovers that Laura had two boys- Brian (The Ice Truck Killer from season one), and Dexter. She shares this information with Dexter, even though he had already known this (she doesn't know he knew).

    And the episode, and the season, ends with a shocking twist; the death of Rita. This was a pulse-pounding season and definitely one of the most intense seasons of a show I have seen. The ending, even though I knew what was to come, still shocked me, and the whole episode was pretty dang interesting. Can't wait to start season 5 of this show. A+ episode, definitely
  • Absolutely horrible. Will never watch the show again. It used to be one of my favorites but the writers skrewed it all over.

    The whole point of the show is the evolution of the Dexter character. If you were to ask a writer, a novel writer, what the purpose of having a main character is, they would tell you it is to see them change. The ending to this episode sets the series back to the very first episode in terms of character development. I know that there were numerous people out there who did not like the fact that Dexter was becoming a "Family man." Either way you look at it there can really only be one more season. obviously ending with the death of Dexter. One can only hope that he would take his own life as to spare those in his like that care about him of the pain of seeing him for what he really is. With the finale ending the way it did it squashed all hope for salvation. I don't know about anybody else but the entire series I have been rooting for Dexter to change, to get better. But he basically says that that is impossible now. The only elements left in the story are
    1) mindless killing
    2) escape from police
    3) anger/ grieving

    now they've knocked out love hope and sanity from the Dexter character. Any good book does not end with the main character in the same place he was in mentally at the start.
    Writers of Dexter, Fans of the death, Showtime
    You have failed more fully than is possible and have truly broken all the base rules of a once great piece of art.
  • It was like watching 2 hours of 'As good as it gets' and in the last 5 minutes Nicholson (Melvin) ends like in 'Requiem for a dream'

    It was like watching 2 hours of 'As good as it gets' and in the last 5 minutes Nicholson (Melvin) ends like in 'Requiem for a dream'! I was a big fan of the show, but this episode destroyed everything !!! Horrible!

    I was a big fan of the show, but this episode destroyed everything !!! The stupid Hollywood way to punish our favorite bad boy. 10 for the show without this, 2 for this episode !

    This season final episode cut the optimistic line of the entire show, in my opinion without reason in the narrative line. It was unexpected, OK, but in wrong way. I can't understand the need to hit Dexter and give a win to Trinity, it is meaningless !!!

    This is a 180 degrees turn in a show that was funny, bring us joy , and suddenly it become a nightmare that bring us sadness.

    I was close to throw up after the finish, imagine the last moments of the perfect woman , naked ,terified with that monster.. Why they grow up a flower just to burn it in the end ?

    I saw all the episodes twice until this one, but I don't think I want to see the next season.
  • Yes! ***Spoilers within***

    Yes! Rita is dead! Now Showtime can do the long awaited Dexter/Californication cross-over episode with Hank Moody and Dexter Morgan barhopping and painting the town red.

    Okay, I'm kidding about that, but I am glad the super annoying wife of the lead character has moved on from this show. She was a constant downer, bringing the mood of the this show down with her and just being the lone bad spot of a brilliant dramatic series.

    This finale was a bit of a disappointment for me, for a few reasons. The first being the actual kill of Arthur was not as good as I had anticipated. The chase was good, the struggle in the parking garage with the police was a nice twist, but Dexter manhandled Arthur too easily in the end when I would have liked a nice hand-to-hand combat segment between the two.

    I also didn't care about Debra's search for Dexter's real mother, and all that nonsense, so those scenes were pretty forgettable to me. As a whole though, this season turned out much better than I had expected based on the premiere. Was it the weakest so far? One could definitely make that case, but this was still the highlight of my Sunday evening and one of TV's elite shows.
  • I took me an entire 24 hours to cope with the season I'm generally not the type to be so emotionally invested in a fictitious TV show, but like for so many, this was a first - that a show could elicit such a visceral response.

    I took me an entire 24 hours to cope with the season finale before I decided to write this review. I'm generally not the type to be so emotionally invested in a fictitious TV show, but like for so many, this was a first - that a show could elicit such a visceral response. For the creators of Dexter, season 4 was a triumph on many levels. First, it was coming up with another engrossing premise/theme for the season. Season 1 was introducing Dexter and his "family calling", season 2 was "threat of exposure", season 3 was "sharing the secret" and now season 4, "it takes one to catch one": very Silence-of-the-Lambs. Secondly, by making Dexter a married man and juxtaposing his family life alongside that of Trinity's, we get to see a whole new layer of complexity for a character that is already thought to be well developed. New personal dilemmas surface, new doubts are cast, and a whole lot of soul searching is to be had. Last but not exhaustive, bringing top notch actors like John Lithgow into the mix elevated the series to a whole new viewing experience. For me, the verdict is still out for the way the season ended. Yes, it was a complete and jaw-dropping twist in the plot when, with 3 minutes left, we're about to turn off the TV to what seemed like an anti-climactic happily-ever-after finale only to find Rita murdered in the bathtub by Trinity and her baby lying in a pool of blood. Is it poetic? Yes: For Dexter, things come full circle, and for the baby, a son that now shares a similar "blood birth" to his father. However, such an ending can also problematic, especially for the viewers.

    We forgive Dexter his behemoth flaw (being a serial killer) because we separate his "dark passenger" from his daily life, where we see a devoted husband, father and friend. Yes, he cannot experience "emotions" like everybody else but his determination to try to do so is endearing to us (that's more to be said for alot of people we know in real life anyway!). We sympathize with his past and accept the dark passenger because there is always the justification that he kills those who are a menace to society. We have also taken for granted the snowglobe that is his family (Rita and the kids), who give Dexter the much needed "human-ness" to strive for while being insulated from the rest of his ghastly activities. All that has been smashed and I am not sure it is necessarily a good thing. I liked Rita and I suspect alot of people do too. She brought a softness to the show and made the package complete. With her gone, what is Dexter's anchor to all things human? Can a serial killer mourn? What is he to strive for now, except to be a fully fledged serial killer? I mean, why have a 'code' at all if it can't give him something worth living for? Also, with all his isolated worlds colliding, don't we resent Dexter a little for the pointless death of good person (Rita) and the potentially irreversible corruption of his baby's childhood? This, for a character that is supposed elicit pathos in the viewers?

    Ugh! So many questions. The powers that be have a very small room for error for season 5. Everything rests on their ability to answer the aforementioned questions that were raised by the shocking finale. I hate being jerked around by a story unless the reason is really worth it; so I will reserve my verdict for this episode ending till the new season premiere.
  • Unexpected and suspenseful finale ... and thoughts for season five.

    I really could not figure out just what was going to happen by simply judging from the title of this season four finale. My thoughts were actually being formulated as the episode progressed so I was happy with what did come to pass for the most part and did guess how Dexter would catch up with Trinity. The final scene was unexpected though and maybe I should have thought of that too.

    At one point I thought that Arthur Mitchell would get away and come back next season to haunt Dexter but as we now know, the more obvious occurred on that front. I just wonder what would have happened if Mitchell did get away after what he apparently did to Dexter's private life. I also wonder how Arthur managed to complete that deed before Dexter caught up to him. I really hope that this ending does not turn out to be a cheat. Like someone else mentioned here, I think we need to see episode one of season five to pass judgment.

    I don't know what is going to be going on next season. I don't like Quinn and don't understand why he dislikes Dexter. Dexter did protect Quinn and they seemed to be friendly for a while but I guess we need a new Doaks like nemesis. I also think that Dexter will be needing to account for his whereabouts to the authorities during that entire final evening so that should prove to be interesting.

    I truly hope that his does not turn out to be a cheat because the aftermath as it now stands would prove to be much more interesting. Let's see what happens ...
  • Full Circle

    It ends as it began! and it took me by complete surprise...

    I knew that there would be the showdown with John Lithgow (we all did), and I knew that there would be something that the writers would do to incorporate Dexter's family, but I never knew that they were going to go as far as killing Rita in the bathtub with the baby sitting in the blood as Harry had found Dexter... In a way, I agree that it doesn't make sense as far as the timeline of the episode and story goes, I mean... How and when did that happen? Is the explanation going to come out in the first episode of season 5?

    However, something I haven't seen or read about is the continuation of Dexter the TV Show due to Michael C Hall's battle with Cancer. I don't know that there will be another season, but if there is I hope that it will be as twisted and inventive as the show has been up until now. This episode really captivated me and brought me back to the first season. I hope that Rita does come back as a ghost as Harry does to see the real Dexter and have something happen that way because she never did find out about him.. or maybe she did before she died? So many questions, and it's all thanks to the wonderful writers! Great ending to the season, I'm hoping for more in a fifth!
  • This ending makes me weep like a 3-year-old / still in shock, and i cant wait for the next season - Gonna have to stomach-pump me for fingernails as ill be biting them continuesly until then.

    This ending makes me weep like a 3-year-old / still in shock, and i cant wait for the next season - Gonna have to stomach-pump me for fingernails as ill be biting them continuesly until then.

    i want little sister deb to find out the truth about her big bro. (maybe its time too?) The best series are those that only stays like under 5 seasons after that the audience gets tired of the main plot and seeks new material.

    Still Dexter is by far the best show ever made and mini-storys like the dexter webisodes can be made in infinate becouse its set in past time. but none other than Michael C. Hall could ever be the carracter behind dexter, his voice is so calm and warm - its the best voice for this kind of storytelling.
  • Dexter vs. Trinity is a classic prize fight, and not everyone manages to get out of the line of fire.

    Despite season 4's flaws (and there were some big ones–even in the finale), for me, this ending more than made up for them. I was absolutely stunned; then I was disturbed and sad and–I'm a little embarrassed to say–even a little heartbroken. I still can't decide what disturbed me more, Harrison's loss of innocence or [spoiler] Rita's death–or the *way* she died. Wow. Whenever a mere TV show involving completely fictitious characters can move and affect me the way this episode did, there's no way I could ever say it was badly written. Season 4 ended, for my money, with the best episode of the entire series.

    This however seemed like a "twist ending for twist ending's sake", done just for shock value. I was pretty much expecting something... Also, I'm wondering about a couple of things:

    -How did Trinity find Rita's house? Earlier scene showed Dexter's apt in the listings.

    -How will Dexter explain this to the police? Random murder or tied to Trinity? If so, how will Dexter explain his connection to Trinity? Will he have to?

    - Is everything about season 4 going to lead up to Dexter being charged with Rita's murder and eventually being found out for who he is? Rita's murder is clearly a Trinity killing, Dexter won't be able to explain why Trinity targeted his wife. Trinity's family will recognize Dexter as Kyle Butler, and the police will connect him with the actual Kyle Butler who was killed by Trinity. Suspicion will fall on Dexter in the murder of Rita because of: Rita's brief infidelity, marriage counseling, Quinn's assumption that Dexter was cheating on Rita at the club that one night, the fact that the kids were gone.

    Lot's of stuff points back to Dexter.

    And now what?

    - What about Dexter as single dad? Will he abandon the kids? Adoption? His sister raises them?

    I liked the finale but I can't help but wonder: have the writers painted themselves into a corner?
  • Born from Blood.....

    what an ending to one of the best seasons of this show. My wife sat next to me stunned and crying after seeing Rita dead in the Tub and the baby covered in blood. It's obvious that they are foreshadowing the fact that Harrison will turn out just like Dexter. just one question, next season, who will watch Harrison while Dexter seeks revenge against Florida's killer's? I'm hoping the show returns soon as it has become my favorite show next to True Blood and 24. I could see next season becoming very violent and bloody as Dexter's Dark Passenger will return worse than ever.

    I wanted to add a storyline that will be a must for next season, After Dexter mourns Rita, He will need a new girlfriend as cover, who will that be? I would like to see the Female Dexter, both of them are killers, but they do not know it. She will use Dexter for info on Criminals, and Dexter will use her as cover as a normal guy.
  • An ending and a beginning.

    Absolutely sublime from start to finish. This episode was perfectly paced, picking up immediately where the previous episode left off and never letting up. Keeping along with the main story of the season, the greatest strength of this episode is the intimate connection between Arthur Mitchell and Dexter Morgan. The final two scenes of the episode are the most memorable I have ever seen in any TV show.

    A key theme this season is the differences between what a person appears to be, and what a person actually is. Dexter's visions of Harry really give the viewer a unique insight into exactly what the show is trying to say about the issue. As the season has progressed, we witnessed Dexter come more and more unglued, to lose control of the situation with Arthur. This is not an uncommon story on the show, but this is the first season that I feel really takes the theme to new heights.

    In previous seasons, we saw Dexter moving more and more away from soulless serial killer and more toward purposeful vigilante. The code always kept him honest, but the build up and crescendo was built on Dexter's emotionality in this season, and it could very well shatter him in the next season. The scene where Dexter is watching Arthur's family being escorted out of their home, devastated by the news of finding out who he is, is superb. The Harry flashback is once again put to excellent use in reminding Dexter of what he stands to lose in all of this.

    Trinity's kill room is an excellent touch as well. The conversation they had was extended compared to Dexter's usual ritual, and befittingly so. Their discussion is chilling. The pictures of the hundred or so dead women around the room, the train set, the record player, it is all a perfect touch to the climax of the season. Then I watched as Dexter raised the hammer, and I felt an overwhelming sense of closure as the ride came to a close.

    As you watch, you become sure that, as in previous seasons, Dexter wins. This assuredness is built up very well by the episode, the idea that nothing could go wrong, that Dexter has covered every base and that he will walk away from this mess unscathed. But then the final scene shatters that in an emotionally devastating sequence of events. In less than a minute, absolutely everything that I had been hoping so strongly for is turned over on its head in a triumphant moment for the then-deceased Trinity killer.

    So we walk away from season 4 with Dexter feeling the sting of defeat. Trinity won, Dexter lost, a first for the show. Personally I am thrilled to see where it goes from here as I suspect it will drive Dexter himself back towards what he was in the beginning. What will be the consequences for Harrison? How will Dexter handle all of the responsibilities that have fallen into his hands? How will he handle the guilt of Rita's death?
  • What an amazing episode. I never thought I would react like I did but this show has just grabbed me and won't let me go. ----------SPOILERS AHEAD---------

    I haven't had such and emotional response to a TV show since Buffy and I never expected to again but my god, when I saw Harrison in the pool of blood my mouth was wide open because I knew the inevitable scene of Rita's corpse was next and I wasn't ready for it.

    I was having a rection as if this family wasn't fictitious, I was genuinely sad for Cody and Astor, those poor kids who've had a bad start to life have now lost their mom.

    Trinity did his damage before dexter could stop him. I wished Deborah would unlock more about Dexter's past. I haven't read the books but I hope she does eventually find out about him, I would love to see that story line.

    I know what I want for christmas. Dexter boxsets please.
  • Strangely lethargic ... until the last 3 minutes that is!

    Okay, so the first 48 minutes of the season finale were lethargic, out of character and almost perfunctory. Dexter finally(!) dispatches Arthur "Trinity" Mitchell (congratulations on your upcoming Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actor - Drama, John Lithgow ... who knew?) which was to be expected. Debra Morgan was actually doing all the heavy lifting and Jennifer Carpenter has been superb the last two episodes. Overall though, it was flat and uninspiring. Then the show pulls an astounding last three minutes out of the bag - Dexter returns home to find Rita murdered (yes, by Trinity) and his baby son sitting in a pool of her blood (echoing Dexter's own "birth in blood"). A truly shocking and visceral moment ... that almost makes me think they deliberately made the preceding 48 minutes so banal to rachet up the "oh my ****ing god!" factor because it was a genuine jaw dropping moment.

    The internet forums subsequently melted down. It was interesting reading the reaction as Rita was not a much loved character. But there is a "gut punch" factor at work here regardless of how you felt about her.

    And there was the usual nonsense:

    NO, it wasn't a dream! That would be one of the biggest "F*** you!" (to the audience) decisions in television history and the writers aren't that stupid. If they played that card I would switch off quicker than an Entourage Season 6 episode.

    YES, of course Trinity killed her in a John Doe "Seven" 'beyond the grave' triumph kind of way (without the box). One theory espoused that the new FBI agent did it. Hello, are you INSANE? NO, Rita will not appear as a Harry Morgan style ghost dressed in Number 6's red dress from Battlestar Galactica. Okay, I made that last one up.

    What now for Season 5 which I suspect will be the last 12 episodes ever?

    There won't be a guest star like Jimmy Smits in S3 and Lithgow in S4. There won't be a new serial killer. Debra Morgan is the key and they have been moving the pieces slowly into place. She now knows Dexter is Brian "The Ice Truck Killer" Moser's brother. The police know someone set up Stan Beaudry as Trinity with DNA evidence (forensics background anyone?). Dexter has to explain Rita's death, Arthur Mitchell's presence at Homicide (Angel clearly saw him) and various other inconsistencies. Every season harks back in one way or another to previous events in S1 (notably Dexter's "birth" as a "monster") and he has now lost whatever moral compass he might have had with Rita gone.

    Season 5 will be Dexter Morgan v Debra Morgan. How far is he prepared to go to keep his secret? How far is she prepared to go to reveal it? The stakes - Dexter either kills Debra or Debra reveals Dexter (leading to his execution). How much does he want to remain in the shadows, a monster? How much does she want to learn the truth in all its horror? Where will Harry Morgan's allegiance lie? Usually each season starts with a time lapse from the previous season. I'd start S5 immediately from the drop-off point of S4 and watch Dexter dangle in the wind as he tries to cover tracks that tenacious and talented detective, Debra won't be able to help herself but uncover. Brother v sister, serial killer v cop, Dexter Morgan versus Debra Morgan. Now THAT could be a sight to see, I tell you ... a sight to see ...
  • Season 4 ends with a bang.

    Wow just wow, like most viewers, I am just speechless after watching this finale. But I`m also impressed, this is imo the first excellent Dexter finale in 4 seasons. The writers learned from most of their mistakes and delivered one of the most thrilling,intense,emotional and shocking TV episode this year.
    Ice Truck killer,Doakes, Miguel Prado...same old fate. The big question was would that be the fate for Arthur Mitchell? If yes doesn`t that make it a little repetitive. Well yeah but if made right, it can still be good and that is exactly the case here. No he didn`t get killed in the previous to last episode and certainly not in 15 minutes into the finale. Here Dexter killing Mitchell was well build up during the episode as a real challenge. You could feel Dexter was on the edge, literally cracking and exposing shades of his dark passenger. There was a tensed atmosphere and even tho it was pretty much expected Mitchell would end on the table, there was a certain feeling of unpredictability.
    Dexter killing Mitchell was a good scene. Unlike Doakes and Miguel, the dark side of Mitchell was well established in the season, not making him a fan favorite but rather a highly plausible villain. Still, I wished they would find another way other than having Dexter kill his adversary of the season each time. Still here ,they did bring something new to the table...and a huge something. While usually Dex have his little happy ending after each season, here it was actually Mitchell,even tho dead, who had the last laugh. The final scene was jaw dropping. I didn`t particularly like Rita but hell never saw that coming :O..and the poetic irony of having Harrison in the blood: Holy cow!
    This move is very very impressive. It opens some great possibilities for a series that might have suffered from too much repetition had this not been done. The person that the most represented Dexter`s good side was brutally killed. He can`t have revenge as he already killed Trinity(and yeah, I don`t see an ounce of doubt Trinity killed her). His son was left in the same situation as he was when his dark passenger was born. Dex was a little on the edge in this episode, now imagine how he will be next season. This is brilliant.
    Another considerable development is that Debra found out about Dex`s relation with the ice truck killer. This interesting and Debra will probably dig more next season, thus coming closer to Dexter`s truth.

    Just some little complaints but overall it was a very impressive finale. Probably in the range 8-9 before Rita`s death but an solid 10 after with that brilliant closure. The season itself was an upgrade on last one. Highly entertaining, gripping, consistent and imo second best season after the second one...hell I might actually like it more that season 2 after re-watch. Thank you writers and hats off. Hats off to the cast too for the great job, specially Michael C. Hall and of course the incredible John Lithgow...both amazing.
    Wait for next season will be long.
  • Amazing end of amazing season ...

    What was the final !! We knew the trinity killer mus be dead in final episode, we knew that all plots must ending in this final but at last episode we got some incredible emotion , action and satisfaction or big suprising after last three minutes in this episode. Dexter just want to kill Arthur Mitchell but always something stop him , once he already got him in a van but police be a little disturb. Of course Arthur already know how is Kyle "real" name and when he live so Dexter had another big problem. Dex had some advice for example Arthur does not know about Dexters "Dark Passenger" so Dex must wait for good oportunity to catch him. In the same time Miami metro police with Debra find a lot of things about "real" trinity and they were close to catch him, also Debra find some secrets about Dexter life : who is Dexter mother, he isnt her true brother etc.

    What was the most amazing in this episode that is last three minuter how i wrote higher. In this time a lot of things are finished. Dexter finally got trinity killer ( but we don't know how, really how ?? In some place beyond the town without follow him ... ) , next he back to home and being really happy try calling to Rita and say her"next day he come sto her on their honeymoon ". In this moment Ritas phone calling in the kitchen and Dex hear his child Harry screaming in bathroom ... next is the MOST exciting scene in all shows this year !!!! Trully when i seen dead Rita in bathroom full of her blood I totally stiffen and I don't know what think.... tha was really sad for Dexter and for a lot of viewers ... what can happend in next season ?? don't know but he will be defienietly amazing too ...

    I have one dilemma about this final... these all last three minutes looking just a dream... that mood was just like from Dexter talks with his father Harry so I dont know what to think about that ?? maybe Rita isn't dead ? Dexter just imaginate this or something !
    Really don't know but I want 5th season NOW !!!!

    10000000000 xD
  • Dexter, Rita and Harrison Morgan

    That was...I

    I finally got around to watching the finale yesterday and I was totally floored. I mean Dex spends the whole season adjusting, trying to figure out and learning how to life a normal life with a family in addition to his life as a murdered. He struggles but the finale kind of set it up like he was finally walking into a form of acceptance about it. Then boom.

    Thanks to him, his life Rita is gone. That scene was so shocking and awful. The worst part if that it was Rita. She didn't deserve that. And poor Harrison. I feel like now the thought that he could turn out like Dexter is going to be even more haunting for him, he inherited his father's past thanks to his father's life. As Dex put it was it inevitable? I feel like so bad for little Harrison too. Not only will he not remember his mother but Dexter is the only part he has left. Don't get me wrong Dex is a fantastic father to all 3 of the kids but I like I said I get worried that Harrison will inherit a lot of bad things from Dex.

    Who is now a single father of 3, how is that going to work? I mean we thought his life was different this season but this is huge. I have no idea how he is going to deal with it. Let alone how he is going to deal with the guilt of what happened to Rita, which let's fact it is his fault no matter how you slice it. I don't blame him in the strictest sense because he didn't mean for it to happen but it was his fault. He may blame himself though. Compacted with the fact that now he's the only parent Aster (sp) and Cody has now. I mean talk about having a lot of your plate. I think seeing Dexter dealing with all this will make for a great and surprising season 5.
  • gr8 show

    not much i can say after finally getting round to watching this final episode gobsmacked at the ending. this was well setup gr8 show. and wat bout explaining in season 5 to debs and the miami metro bout how trinity found his house and why did the trinity killer kill rita.

    not much i can say after finally getting round to watching this final episode gobsmacked at the ending. this was well setup gr8 show. and wat bout explaining in season 5 to debs and the miami metro bout how trinity found his house and why did the trinity killer kill rita.
  • Great Season it really got back to its foundation which had deviated from during Season 3. Simply incredible and at the final moment of stasis chaos takes over with a jaw dropping finale.

    Wow.....great season and an incredible finale. As Harry put it when Dexter looks in the quad mirror which part will ultimately take over: Dexter the Blood Splatter Analyst, Dexter the Parent, Dexter the Serial Killer, or Dexter the embezzling Kyle. Dexter thought he could juggle the separate lives and while he refused to believe in inevitability or destiny, the conclusion was inevitable and he failed at protecting the thing that became the dearest to him. This leaves several possibilities for season five. Does Dexter try to parent the three kids or does his Dark Passenger driven by revenge ultimately take over his life. Only time will tell but Season 5 will definitely be a season that no true Dexter fan can go without seeing.
  • Bring on Season Five

    This season was very annoying through the middle for myself but boy did it make up at the end. This for me was due to Dexters sometimes constant interactions(needless to myself) with Arthur were really starting to annoy as I was likening it to playing with his food but again the ending was something that I didn't/couldnt believe.

    The last episode would have to be one of the best last episodes I have seen of any series in my 33 years on the this planet. I wonder who they bring in as the next nemesis of Dexter Morgan as it will be hard after two previously awesome characters/actors in Jimmy Smits and John Lithgow.
  • A tear dropping and simply kleenex box worthy episode!

    Of all the episodes I have watched of Dexter this one angered me the most. Not for any bad reason. So many fine lines were crossed and questions were answered. I couldn't believe half the episode and now have to watch it again. Rita, Dexter, Laura, Debora, Arthur... a wow episode and a definitely great finale. You think you know the ending ad it seems to end if it wasn't for my time stamp I wouldn't have believed there was more. The show keeps you unbelieving that there could possible be more. A great watch and the best season finale I have ever seen from any TV show. A second close Stargate Atlantis Season 4 finale with the building implosion. Third: Season 1 finale of Supernatural and the car wreck.
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