Season 4 Episode 12

The Getaway

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 13, 2009 on Showtime

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  • Complete and utter nonsense!

    This episode was great until the end, NOT because Rita was killed but because the end feels TACKED ON and RUSHED. It doesn't make any sense in any way, shape or form. Just about every episode before this one shows why a certain event happened to the point where I had no doubt as to why this or that took place. Not the case with this episode. First of all, Arthur didn't know where Dexter lived, he even made a mistake to go to Deb's place instead but assuming he found out, he wouldn't have time to stop by, since he was on the run! Arthur didn't have any time or opportunity to make his way to Dexter's home to kill Rita. He had no reason to assume Dexter was dumb enough to leave his family there either. On one hand he had nothing to lose and would have at least tried, on the other hand, he demonstrated several times before, that he cared about his self preservation too much to risk his life. (never-mind his suicide attempt). By far, the stupidest thing that happens is how Dexter actually catches up to Arthur jumping out from the trunk or from behind the car like some sort of a supernatural being. When the hell would he have a chance to get inside Arthur's Mustang? There was no indication of Dexter even knowing where Arthur was driving off to! That whole thing was so tacked on. And the whole thing about the baby waiting till Dexter would start packing his bag or call Rita before he started crying... Conveniently... What a bunch of BS. This episode felt like the guy who was writing the script knew he had to end the season right there because he was out of time or something. Complete disappointment which ruined my whole impression of the show. (It's ok that Rita dies though. She was pretty annoying, and it was a good idea to move on past her, just not the way it was done here!)