Season 3 Episode 3

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 12, 2008 on Showtime

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  • The Lion Sleeps Tonight.

    Now that Dexter and Miguel both know that Freebo is dead the police don't and Miguel wants to put them in the right direction where they figure out that there is someone else skinning people This episode shows the trust Miguel puts in Dexter when he gives him the bloody shirt from when he caught Dexter with the knife It was good to see that Dexter was looking out for Astor when the cheerio man was talking to her and following her and as expected Dexter dealt with him.
  • Predators And Prey Written by Scott Buck Directed by John Dahl

    Dexter (to Nathan): "I'm not like you. Nobody hurts my children."

    If there was a statement needed to cement your commitment as a parental figure, I'm not sure if (from a legal perspective) murdering a paedophile is the way to go about it. Don't get me wrong, I'm more than happy to see scum like Nathan taken off the streets, it's just authorities frown on all forms of murder (except self-defence).

    Dexter was worried that he wouldn't make a good father to his unborn child but his skills with Cody and Astor really didn't back up that fear. Even Dexter's expertise in faking have their limitations and he's more or less said on more than one occasion that he does care about what happens to children.

    When it came to Nathan, there was no way about it though – the moment Dexter spotted him talking to Astor in the supermarket, he was justified in worrying. Nathan looked like trouble from the off and Dexter didn't have to look hard to find the evidence to back up his theory.

    Even on the beach there was a sense of worry. No-one takes photos of children unawares like that ever. Dexter was right to be suspicious but his confrontation with Nathan was new. Dexter sometimes vets out his victims, he rarely takes them aside and tells them that he knows all their sordid details.

    He however did do that and I did think that maybe Dexter was try to give Nathan a chance to either get his sick urges until control or leave town. In the end, Dexter paying him a house call and killing him was the better option. Even if Nathan hadn't personally attacked Dexter by taking photos of Astor, Nathan is still a danger to society.

    Nathan's serving as a plot device to get Dexter around the idea of a biological worked for me. It worked more than poor Dexter having to deal with yoga classes. Whatever happened to antenatal? Dexter's sheer awkwardness over the whole debacle made me feel a little for him.

    I noticed that throughout the episode, Rita insisted on not pressuring Dexter but was sort of pressuring him to make a decision. Not that I'm down on Rita for that, it's just something that really stuck out for me. Dexter's sending of positive energy made for a lovely moment.

    Then there's Deb's reaction to the idea of becoming an auntie. By far, the funniest thing this show has ever done. No-one can send out a congratulations like Deb. This is one of the few times where her excessive swearing was incredibly sweet. I found myself giggling with it.

    Deb was also another person who told Dexter to get into gear with becoming a father. The various slaps to the arms as well as telling him that he's brilliant brother. Deb was on fine form with her brother and it was her way of being nice to him after he did something nice to her (he put up a missing photo of Tegan around so she'd get another clue). With all the positives of family present and accounted for, Miguel's kind of a bad representation on the friendship front. I mean, the guy really just kept pushing and pushing with Dexter here, especially on the whole Freebo debacle. Dexter seriously needs to watch himself with this bloke.

    Wanting to know where Freebo's body is was hardly unreasonable and even trying to bond with him over failed fathers could be natural but Dexter's had too many bad luck with people that he's 'connected' with (Brian/Rudy, Lila) and it's very unlikely that Miguel is somehow going to buck the trend.

    It is however very likely that he can make things ten times worse for Dexter. Even if he is an accessory to a murder, it's still Dexter who would serve a longer jail sentence and even Miguel giving Dexter his blood stained shirt still doesn't make me want to trust him in a massive hurry.

    Dexter's pondering on the nature of Miguel's motive is good though. In an alternative reality, maybe Miguel would be genuinely trustworthy but in this one, I just can't help feeling the opposite and soon enough if previews for upcoming episodes have shown me, Dexter will come around to the same way of thinking.

    Even with all the stuff he knew and the platitudes about justice not getting served, Miguel had no problem standing aside and allowing Chicky Hines to take the rap for a DUI he didn't commit. Maria herself looked pretty disgusted and even more so when she overheard Chicky's lawyer talking to the press.

    Deb on the other hand when she wasn't happy for her brother, seemed determined to get more information from Anton as best she could. The only problem was that following Javier's death, Anton wasn't as eager to talk to him and going all hard ass on him in the bathroom wasn't her best idea either.

    Anton didn't exactly make things easy on himself either. If Deb was too rash with him, it was only because Anton continued to goad her and lighting up a joint in front of her was dumb on his part. Did he really think she wouldn't arrest him? Maybe Anton wanted to be arrested. He did express some fears about his safety during their heated confrontation. After all, Javier got skinned as well as Tegan.

    As for Quinn, what the hell is his deal with Deb and Anton? Maybe he fancies Deb and it's jealousy, maybe Anton's more dangerous than we know and he's worried for Deb or (more than likely) Anton has something on Quinn and Quinn would rather Deb not knowing. All are valid guesses on my part.

    It is pretty likely that one of these guys will end up sleeping with Deb if not both of them. Anton's little song tribute to Deb (Skinny Mean **** generated a fair amount of laughs, especially given that even Deb was able to see the funny side of the whole thing. She even danced as a result of knowing what it meant exactly.

    Also in "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"

    The previously on bits for this episode were longer again. They always seem to be with this show.

    Rita: "You do your grocery list alphabetically?"
    Dexter: "How else would you do it?"

    If it were me, probably listing it off with most important to least important. Or randomly write everything I remember and curse myself for the item I forgot.

    Quinn: "You like milk or cream?"
    Dexter: "Neither."
    Quinn: "Not exactly the chatty type, are you?"

    Deb: "A baby? A **** roly-poly, chubby cheeked **** machine? Are you kidding me?"
    Dexter: "I've never heard it described in quite those words before, but yeah."

    I only just read in the May issue for Sky Magazine that Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter recently got married, so congratulations to them.

    Sylvia (to Rita): "Men are such babies. They have to be carried kicking and screaming into fatherhood."

    Dexter (re Miguel): "Showing up late at night like this. Is it creepy or is it what friends do?"

    During the meeting under the bridge, I was worried that Miguel might have found a hole in Dexter's story. Luckily he hasn't but I bet he will though.

    Dexter: "My father was disgusted by me."
    Miguel: "Disgusted? No offence to the dead but your father's an idiot."

    Anton (to Deb): "Looks like having conversations with you is dangerous for your health."

    I noticed that Chicky's lawyer was played by the brilliant Anne Ramsay. Hopefully we'll be seeing her in more episodes this season.

    Deb (re Tegan): "I'm thinking of putting her picture on milk cartons."
    Dexter: "It's a good idea."
    Deb: "Except no-one would ever drink milk again."

    Dexter: "What's that for?"
    Deb: "I know you, Dex; you're the best brother in the world. You can do this. And if you don't trust yourself, trust me. I'm the smart one in the family."

    Anton's little 'puta' comment about Deb reminded me of LaGuerta frequently calling her that in Darkly Dreaming Dexter.

    Quinn (re Masuka): "Who the **** are his people?"
    Angel: "I don't know little scientists or something."

    Dexter: "So there it is. I'm gonna be a father and raise my child. It's what any good man would do."

    Chronology: The day after "Finding Freebo".

    The first two episodes of this season were good but "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" was much better. Rita's pregnancy plot should bore me to tears but it doesn't, the skinnings are obviously leading to something bad and Miguel is dangerous.
  • Dexter may have found a friend, Deb continues to entertain.

    As I said in another review I love the development between Miguel and Dexter. It was so intense when the former was waling through the office and Dexter knew he knew about the killing of Freebo. Plus the way he kept turning up or calling Dexter 'You're not alone' and such...such a good storyline.

    Loved when Dexter killed the creepy man watching the kids but then took the milk that Rita's requested from his victims fridge. Genius. Deb also stand out for me...she is both hilarious and really likable. I really hope she gets her well deserved shield, that'll be a good turn of events for her. The scene in the club where Anton started singing about her was really funny.

    Dexter finally accepts Rita's pregnancy and puts his hand on her stomach. Very good ending. Very good episode.
  • kind of a filler but better

    well for me this is the worst episode of the season so far but its still pretty good . it feels more like a setup episode with dex getting miguels shirt and the skinner case moving on.
    now the best part of the episode was the character development that dexter experienced from not being sure if he can be a dad to realising he can.
    as for breaking the code i can forgive them for that first of all it was a pedophile maybe not as bad as a killer but still not a good man and second of all he was doing it to protect astor wich made him realised he can be a dad to his baby and therefor the character development.
  • well written and revealing

    in this episode, dexter is faced with a multitude of problems.will he be a good dad? can he trust miguel prado? will he be able to steer the cops away from freebo?. dexter has some trust issues with prado who senses the same and gives dexter the shirt with freebo's blood which can incriminate him to earn dexter's trust.i felt that the writers MIGHT have given away the crucial element(the shirt) which dex might use to put away miguel if he became a problem.
    dexter's concerns about his capabilities as a parent are answered in the affirmative by his own actions when he kills the paedophile to protect astor.the intensity on dex's face when he sees the pervert looking at astor's picture revealed the fondness he has for those kids.the last scene told me that dex has finally accepted that he will indeed be a good dad.
  • Throughout this episode, my heart beat 2 times faster until it was over, and for only one thing: Dexter.

    For the most part, I found that this episode was pretty boring. But there was one specific part that totally changed my views. When that pedophile at the grocery store found an interest in Astor, my heart started beating 2 times faster and did not stop. As soon as Dexter spotted that disgusting man attempting to make conversation with Astor, all I could do was grin. I was worried about Astor but still, I knew she was completely safe while Dexter was around. And when Dexter walked up and talked to the man in a sort of mocking tone, I could only grin wider. I was so proud of Dexter for defending Astor, and I was somewhat laughing at the poor pedophile, because he had no idea what was coming for him. I knew there was absolutely no way that in the end, Dexter would let the man live. No matter if he hadn't killed anyone, and even though he claimed that the whole pedophile phase was "over", Dexter had all the right in the world to do what he did to that man.
  • Dexter kills breaks his code.

    The one thing I found disturbing about this episode was Dexter killing the pedophile.

    This was Dexter going against his code. OK he already killed an "innocent" in the first episode ... but that was self defense. This time around it was a calculated murder of a man who had already done time for his crime and hadn't killed anyone.

    Regardless of what you may think of pedophiles this guy did not match Dexter's strict code.

    What we could see now is Dexter starting to kill people that commit less than heinous crimes. As his code unravels further he might just start killing people he finds annoying ... people like Yoga instructors for example ... or perhaps DA's that deliberately throw innocent people behind bars.

    Anyway these are the things that make this show so good. Nothing is black and white.
  • Up and down.

    It keeps going up and down with this season. The first episode was just a retelling of the previous 2 seasons, the second episode was a classic, and then there is this third episode. Not so good in my opinion. Too soft and cuddly.

    The good parts are with Prado. What is he up to? Is he a friend or not? You can really relate to the feelings Dexter is having.
    The ok parts are with Deb (skinny b) and the investigation. When is someone going to say "looks like we've got another serial killer in Miami". Seashore Skinner maybe?

    The parts with Dexter accepting fatherhood are just too fluffy for this series. You only get to see the old Dexter when he's killing again. He's going more and more outside the code and that makes him vulnerable. Is he going to get caught? Is someone going to link the pictures on the computer with Dexter?
    I just hope the series will pick up from now.
  • I don't know how they do it, but the show just keeps getting better and better.

    In the first two seasons we were made used to the thought that Dexter kills people. Now, they are for the most part very bad people, and so most could justify what Dexter was doing. In the end less people would get killed.

    And just when people got used to that idea, and started cheering for Dexter's work, he starts going outside the code. It's like they are trying to push the line as further and further, but still have you cheering for Dexter.

    I think people have summed up this episode very well already. But I'm just amazed how the writers can form such a well theme for an episode, and stick to it so well, in actual plot, dialogue and Dexter's narration. It's also great how we are in the same position as Dex is regarding Miguel, not knowing if they should be buddies or not. Also, many funny lines this episode. Thank you for making a show that does not mock the intelligence of it's viewers!
  • Very good

    I liked this episode, I don't normally like Deb, but I thought she played an important part in this episode when she explained to Dexter that he was stupid for thinking that he wouldn't be a good father. I can see where he's coming from, but seriously, being a killer isn't hereditary, it's just a freaky coincidence that both Dexter and his brother turned out to be murderers in one way or another. I guess his brother was older and obviously more affected by the murder of their mother, Dexter didn't even remember the whole thing... I'm looking forwards to seeing how this baby-story plays out.
  • Dexter accepts fatherhood

    I've always loved Dexter's relationship with Cody and Aster, it always gave him something extra special, perhaps something human. In view of that fact, I was thrilled to see Dexter to see accept fatherhood.
    The yoga class was hilarious and Dexter protecting Aster and Cody by killing the pervert was fantastic, the code evolves...
  • Dexter embraces fatherhood!

    Can this show get any better? This is by far the best thing on tv right now that I am quite literally counting down the days of the week till the next episode.

    Dexter goes grocery shopping with Rita and the kids and he is surprisingly calm around them especially after the ultimatum by Rita that the baby was happening whether Dexter was in it or not. I love the scenes depicting Dexter's interaction with the kids. It is so evident how happy he is around them. They show a completely different side to him, probably the only thing that makes him feel a little bit closer to normalcy. Matsuka's distribution of the FQ with post it notes highlighting his article was hilarious.

    Dex offers to have himself checked out for the baby. The look of nervousness on his face is almost synonymous of that of any first time father although obviously reaching another level when it comes to his insecurities of being a good dad. The moment is touching. We all knew that the cliff-hanger of the blood stained shirt of the last episode probably would not turn into anything too significant but Prado handing it over to Dex as a token of his trust was interesting. Is this the end to any storyline having to do with the shirt because it just seems too easy for Dex to ever use it against Prado even if the relationship turns sour. Prado's 'friendship' with Dex is hinting into becoming an obsession with Dex not being too welcoming of it. However the moment where he almost considers the idea of possibly Prado becoming the one person he could completely open up to about his true state was truly chilling!Please don't go down that road!

    Debra's reaction to the baby was nothing short of fantastic."A roly poly **** machine!!?" Brilliant! Also the Yoga session was mind numbingly funny. Once again we see Dex evolving from the code by choosing a non-murderer as his victim.
    Very interesting technique of killing as well as he simply strangles him. Is this going to be part of the new code? If 'prey' = 'non murderer' then 'no cutting and slashing'? How did he dispose of the body? Although Dex turns up at the paedophile's house in full gear for killing it's seeing his 'own child' Astor's image on the computer screen that enrages him. Probably the moment where he surprises himself with 'Fatherly instincts' he had already developed in his relationship with Rita's kids which he probably never thought he had. Dex embraces fatherhood and in the ever so wonderful way of the expectant dad feeling the belly carrying his unborn child. Looking forward to Daddy Dexter!

    Having just read a spoiler (damn episode previews!) cannot wait for the next episode!!
  • Miguel tries to befriend Dexter and gain his trust. Dexter keeps trying to end this "friendship" but is not sure yet. Meanwhile, he accepts fatherhood.

    Another great episode of Dexter. I like where this season is heading. Fatherhood theme is still ongoing. I think Miguel wants to befriend Dexter to have an insider man who can get things done. Someone who helps him advance his plans by maybe steering investigations or even plant evidence. He sure has an agenda and found in Dexter real "potential" to help him. At some point Dexter will realize Miguel is another killer. He puts innocent people in jail for life or worse. Dexter will have to kill him to protect his secret and because he will find that he deserves it.
  • He took the milk!

    Dexter continues to be one of the strongest dramas on television producing unparalleled intensity every single week. With the perfect addition of some comedy from Dexter taking the milk from the man he murdered to saying that being at the yoga class is "the worst moment of his life" there's also some wit when it comes to the Showtime series, moreso than even many comedies. Jimmy Smits has also been incredible during his run on the show. He complements Dexter perfectly and their exchanges are so well-written and always leave you wanting more. Jennifer Carpenter does a fine job as Deborah as well getting you to laugh at her usage of foul language, but you always feel bad when she fails to achieve her goals.

    Of course Michael C. Hall is the reason the show is great. The man who should've won the Emmy for lead actor just continues to be captivating in his role with his perfect mixture of humbleness and anger. Nobody else could make Dexter as great as the show is.
  • A sex offender offender is on Dexter's Mind as well as Miguel

    Astor runs into a creepy looking guy at the grocery store and Dexter immediately sniffs out the man. Later, Dexter tracks him down, breaks into his house, and dispatches him with typical Dexterity.

    At least Freebo had a few murders in his past, even if his ex, Teegan, wasn't one of them. But throw in Dexter's accidental gutting of Oscar Prado, and suddenly he's becoming a one-man killing spree. Later Miguel hands over the bloodstained shirt from last episode in an effort to win Dexter's trust, Now has he won it over? Me, not so sure

    And then there was Dexter being dragged along to Rita's prenatal yoga class. Sure, it's funny to hear Dexter fantasize about killing the instructor so he doesn't have to suffer through another minute of this, but that also feels like an attempt to make him into a cuddlier monster. Serial killers: they hate yoga just like us!
  • When I read that Jimmy Smits was joining the cast of Dexter this past summer, I was thrilled, as he has always been a favorite of mine as a lawyer on LA Law and a cop on NYPD Blue. He is the perfect person to be playing Miguel Prado.

    Speaking of Miguel, I am getting the feeling that he is not as blind to Dexter's activities as we are being lead to believe. The Prado character has befriended Dexter, and is grateful for his avenging of his brother's murder by killing Freebo. But, why is Prado looking to spend so much time with Dexter, and why did he show up at his apartment door just after an evening out together?

    Did you see the look on his face when he scanned Dexter's apartment before Dexter steered him clear of coming in and they went to drink together on the balcony? I think Prado knows, and he wants to keep his enemy as close as possible.

    Stop it, you serial killers! You have now pushed the bar so high, that I simply will scoff at every other TV show out there.

    On Fathers: After the flashback(?) to the brain scan with Harry, Dex takes the next step on opening up of himself – by not killing the person soon after it. Well, to be honest, we still have a season or so left for that! It was damn good to see him vent about Harry because he desperately needed to and Harry's disappointment still haunts him (his constant questioning of the monster within and not wanting to pass on anything to the child "I don't want to hurt you").

    On Trust: continuing on with the daddy issues, one wonders if Dex will ever really trust anybody. And the ethics of what he does cannot really be understood by any sane person – nobody is really as purely rational as Dex. So no – I really don't think he should trust anyone with his dark passenger. Whether or not he will share is another matter altogether. Although after what has happened so far, one questions whether even Dex knows what the dark passenger is any more.

    On Worst Moments: Dex in yoga, and his musings of the teacher showed that the writers still have it in them to deliver some deeply hilarious scenes. Maskua's "people" came a close second.

    On "roly-poly sh!t machines": Aunty Deb has some wonderful reactions to the future baby - the smacking Dex soon after the homicide baby-top was quintessential Deb. But it seems like her talk spurred him onwards to what is going to alter the entire premise of the show.

    On "My Children": really?! Dex actually takes the plunge into acceptance of fatherhood! OMFG. This is serious writing bravery and a totally new direction for our beloved protagonist. He has displayed flashes of emotion and attachment before (Dad, Rudy, Deb, Rita), but nothing sustained. Dex is not given to changing decisions, and this one is a biggie. A late evolution of the right cortex, perhaps? One doubts it, but is fascinated none the less.

    On Breaking The Code: Pedophiles don't fit the code (no murder), but what is a broken code in front of a repelling a personal attack? And Dex seems to be continuing his progression with amending The Code to fit situations. For example, I'm not really sure where Dex's kids fits in Harry's book.

    "In a land of predators, the lion never fears the jackal." How apt then, that Dex refers to Rita as the lioness. She has been the pillar around which he has kept sane. And she is now truly his future.

    You evil, scheming, sadistic buggers! Nothing else on TV is good enough now and I need my weekly dose. I'm devoted, so I hope you are happy now, you heartless preachers!
  • It's A Jungle Out There. Because every good climax needs a falling action.

    Now many could say this episode is boring and that nothing happened.

    Not for me.

    The dialouge, the storyline, and everything about this episode was intellectual candy. Dexter and Miguel's friendship is amazing and I can see great things with them this season. This episode reminds us that the reason we love Dexter isn't because of the action, suspense, and twists. It's because of the characters, dialouge, and the full intelligence behind the show.

    This episode reminded me of "The British Invasion". It provided closure to the intense action that had just came before us. Dexter has always been great providing a "Falling Action" after intense moments. And this episode did it wonderfully. But for those who would say nothing happened let me challenge you by saying ALOT happened.

    "The Skinner" is fully introduced, Miguel and Dexter become true friends, Debra begins making a new friend, Dexter will be raising his own child, and Dexter experienced the worst moment of his entire life :)

    Also Dexter killing the pedophile stayed true with the Season theme. Dexter's father continues to warn him in these pretty cool "Dreams" while Dexter continues playing loose with the code.

    I believe you will be able to sum up the first 4 episodes of this season all in this episode. This season of Dexter is reshaping television as we know it. And us Dexter fans are along for the ride, and we are enjoying it to the fullest!