Season 2 Episode 10

There's Something About Harry

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 02, 2007 on Showtime

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  • Dexter is responsible for his fathers death.

    In this episode we find out the shocking truth that Harry killed himself because of Dexter All this time when Dexter has been going by the rules Harry set to stop the killers that walk is nothing Harry walked in on one of Dexters victims and his reaction said everything Harry killed himself because of what he created and that was from one victim What would Harry do if he found out he created the Bay Harbour Butcher who at this point had 46 slides as trophies for his victims It was a very good episode with Dexter deciding to frame Doakes because he doesn't fit his code but the code would now be don't kill anyone because Harry killed himself because of it.
  • Nutshell review: Dexter 2x10 - There's Something About Harry

    Interesting episode, I give you that. I hate using this expression I'm going to use but this is the right time to do it, so...

    I felt that something was .... wait for it, wait for it..... MISSING! But I can't pinpoint what. As usual. Like, there were some cool developments, but maybe it's that it wasn't too revelant or worthy of the build up or god knows what.

    So the truth is that Harry became sick of Dexter. Right. Well I think this creates a little inconsistency but I'm too tired to look into the show's timeline.

    Anyways while this was a shock it just felt a bit out of place and meh... the rest of the episode was just not moving at all. Loved the Dexter / Doakes interactions, and the ending, obviously, but the rest, really not up to the standards of this show.
  • What Harry Didn't Show Written by Scott Reynolds Directed by Steve Shill

    Dexter: "I should warn you Sergeant, you can't play on my feelings. I don't have any".
    Doakes: "Oh really? Who's lying now?"

    When you end an episode as spectacularly as "Resistance Is Futile", the question of "what next" becomes even more apparent. With Doakes now knowing that Dexter is the Bay Harbour Butcher, what exactly can or should Dexter do to get out of this tight spot.

    It's a question that is immediately considered at the very start of the episode as well. Dexter is tending to his bullet wound and while Doakes is pretty vocal about how glad he is to see Dexter in moderate pain, the question of living is raised earlier on.

    Given that Doakes doesn't completely understand what Dexter really does, it's only fair that he should be worried about surviving. Dexter isn't particularly reassuring though at one point he considers the option of letting Doakes live just to prove the volatile Sergeant wrong about him.

    Of course instead of focusing too hard on the problem at hand, Dexter decides to head home and leave Doakes there to rant. We all know that Doakes is right – it is either kill him or set him free. I suppose Dexter could try scaring him into silence but this is Doakes and he's been only waiting for his chance to nail Dexter so that's unlikely to work out.

    Being trapped in an abandoned cabin hasn't however killed Doakes' fighting spirit. He does his best to try and reach his phone and even though he fails, it's good to see him not give up. Watching this plot unfold is highly complex – although I root for Dexter I still want Doakes to somehow survive this.

    Dexter might hate the man and while getting rid of Doakes would solve a big problem for him, even Dexter knows that he doesn't have the right to kill Doakes. James might not be applying for sainthood anytime soon but at the same time, Dexter knows if he kills Doakes, he's violating his own code as a result.

    Still there is a great moment where the two of them discuss the nature of killers. Dexter notably pointed out that the both of them are killers, something which Doakes tries to deny quite badly. In fact it's even during this scene where Dexter gain a skewered moral upper hand when he notes that his public service doesn't come with his pockets being lined at the end of it.

    However the worst part is when Dexter then tries to compare the value of both his and Doakes' lives. While it's true that Dexter has more to live with Deb, Rita, Cody and Astor being within his orbit, I still find it unbelievably callous that lone wolf Doakes' life is seemingly less worthy of maintaining.

    When Doakes goes down I did think for a second that Dexter might have poisoned so it was a relief when Dexter just mentioned that it was a sedative instead. The fact that Dexter is now seemingly unwilling to kill Doakes is encouraging. Dexter doesn't need that on his conscience, the very one we know that does actually exist.

    There's a lot of credit that needs to be given to both Michael C. Hall and Erik King throughout this episode because it is difficult to take one side and stick with it. Both Dexter and Doakes make valid points about each other. Even if there are both killers, their victims are not people whose deaths inspire sympathy.

    The only difference here is that while Dexter has reservations in killing Doakes, framing him however is something he has less difficulty with doing. Doakes himself looked rightly disgusted with Dexter's plans of a frame job and seeing as Lundy already believed that Doakes was the Bay Harbour Butcher, Dexter didn't have a lot to do really.

    All he did do was get Doakes fingerprints on some weapons, dump them in the sea and then killed that drug dealer that spent a good portion of the episode texting Doakes. I did squirm a little when Dexter decided to show Doakes his handiwork even if he did use some protective shielding so Doakes wouldn't see every little detail.

    Dexter did seem to take some pleasure in seeing Doakes' discomfort and if I never sympathised with Doakes before, I certainly did there. I think this was the first episode where we've seen Doakes traumatised by a violent event and also the first one where we saw him trying to reason with Dexter, despite failing big time in that area.

    Another interesting element of Doakes captivity was his musing on Harry's past. Investigating Dexter meant that Doakes came across some information on Harry and when Doakes refused to share, Dexter had no choice but to confront Captain Matthews on whatever other dirty little secret Harry may have had.

    We already know that he was sleeping with Laura Moser so apart from maybe being a killer or a drug dealer, what else could Harry have done to shock Dexter. It seems committing suicide is the very thing. According to Tom, Harry couldn't cope with certain criminal evading justice and even the reality of Dexter's killer persona had pushed him over the edge.

    It's a very distressing final scene when Dexter realises that the very thing Harry groomed him into becoming is the same thing that also sent him overboard as well. Harry was violently repulsed when he saw Dexter killing the pimp that Harry failed to get sent down.

    Harry had spent a good part of the episode telling Dexter that he was doing the right thing in training him to be a bad guy killer. Harry had also ruined Deb's birthday party at the time due to his outburst with Tom over the pimp getting away at first. It's easy to see why Dexter was so keen to please his father.

    Elsewhere the Bay Harbour Butcher case is still drawing divides within the office. Deb is furious when she discovers that Dexter has called off the Feds from protecting but there is a good moment during that confrontation where she let him know much he means to her. Dexter counters this by realising that if he becomes exposed, it would destroy his sister. He raises a point given how sensitive/mouthy Deb tends to be most of the time.

    However it's not just Dexter who gets on Deb's nerves as well. Maria's phone conversation with Doakes gives her a good excuse to confront her boss and the two of them have a pretty heated moment. Deb was right in pointing out how easily it is to be fooled but even if I wasn't aware of Doakes' innocence, Maria did make an excellent case for the man no less.

    The big issue though is Lundy. Deb's been enjoying his influence and even digs being his girlfriend but when he alludes to them ending when the BHB case is solved, Deb predictably enough doesn't take it very well. Realistically Lundy isn't being a jerk and later he does explain his own fears that Deb will grow tired of him.

    Deb on the other hand admits that she didn't know where their relationship was going to develop but at the same time liked the idea of not knowing what happens next. Sometimes unpredictability is good so it's understandable that Deb got annoyed with Lundy. That being said, I think these two are as good as done.

    As for Maria, you've got to feel for her. With Masuka and Angel comfortable enough to accept Doakes as the Bay Harbour Butcher and Tom actively disliking her, Maria doesn't have a lot of people on her side. Then again just like Doakes, she too is a lone wolf. Even when she digs up her own proof of Doakes' innocence, Lundy still refuses to entertain her. Something tells me if Lundy's not careful, Maria might use her influence to usurp him. It wouldn't be the first time she's used dirty tactics to get her own way. Lundy should probably not make an enemy out of her.

    When we're not concentrating on the Bay Harbour Butcher, there is the joy of Dexter and Rita getting back together in a fairly organic manner. Given what's been happening between the last couple of months it makes sense for them not to be able to slip into things as easily as they used to do.

    At the beach with the kids, there's an element of awkwardness that Rita picks up pretty instantly. However Dexter clearly wants to make things work with Rita because he tells her about Harry's suicide and emotionally reacts. Also he's become worried with how getting caught out would affect Rita and the children.

    Unfortunately there's also the Lila problem and now that she's aware of Dexter and Rita's happy little reunion, she's out to stir. Using the all too willing Angel as part of scheme, when she's not screwing his brains out she's drugging herself in the bathroom. As much as I like Angel he is coming across as a massive idiot with this plot. Dexter warned him last week that Lila was a whack job and Angel didn't bother to take him seriously. Given the crazy stunts Lila is capable of pulling off, he's going to live to regret getting involved with her.

    Also in "There's Something About Harry"

    The "Previously On" are getting shorter in each episode but seeing as we're nearing the end of the season, that isn't a bad thing.

    Dexter: "Sorry, I think I'm gonna live".
    Doakes: "Am I?"
    Dexter: "That's a good question".

    Dexter was misinformed about Doakes not visiting his family. After all he took Deb to see them in "Return To Sender".

    Doakes: "What's it gonna be, Morgan? Kill me now or set me free? You've only got two choices, Morgan. You can't **** ignore me".

    Lundy: "Don't ask, don't tell?"
    Deb: "Works for the military".
    Lundy: "Not really".

    Much as I love the flashbacks, there are probably times when they should use younger actors instead of Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter in them.

    Dexter: "Does this mean we're dating again?"
    Rita: "That would be kind of fast, wouldn't it? I mean, you're so important to them and they need you but I don't know. Maybe we could hang".

    Deb (re Doakes): "What did he have to say?"
    Maria: "That he's innocent".
    Deb: "And you believe him?"
    Maria: "What do you think?"

    Some of Doakes nicknames for Masuka were interesting – "Lab Geek" and "Donkey Fluffer" I get but "Fairy Winkle"? This is Masuka we're taking about.

    Dexter (re Lundy): "I thought he was the guy you could count on".
    Deb: "You are the only one I can count on, Jackass".

    Doakes: "How about we go outside for a walk and get some air".
    Dexter: "Not gonna happen".
    Doakes: "And the mystery remains".

    Dexter admitted to himself in this episode that Deb got the rough deal with Harry when growing up. Harry's treatment of her in some flashbacks is pretty appalling.

    Chad: "You're not my normal kind of customer if you know what I mean".
    Lila: "Oh do stop talking".

    Doakes: "What Morgan, what now?"
    Dexter: "I killed my father".

    Chronology: This episode takes place a few minutes from where "Resistance Is Futile" left off".

    As this season winds to a close, the episodes are getting more and more electrifying. "There's Something About Harry" might not dedicate as much to the titled party but it continues on a stream of character driven episodes and stellar performances from everyone concerned.
  • Review

    How is this not the (hand's down) best episode of Dexter in the series history. Everything about this episode (to me) just screamed perfection. Doakes really stepped up form being a pointless background character to a star-studded character for Dexter to talk to in this episode. The 10-12 minutes that Dexter and Doakes were in the cabin talking with one another were some of the best scenes in the shows history. This was it. This was what season two was building up towards. Harry's father, the inspiration of Dexter's killing, couldn't take his son actually doing what he does to other human beings and killed himself for it. I thought the flashbacks were amazing and I thought the very final scene of the episode with Dexter saying "I killed my father" was amazingly well done and built up. This has to go down as Doakes greatest episode. Lila and Angel scenes were short and to the point – Lila is insane and it looks like Angel is the one that's going to be going down for it. I'm very interested to see how season two wraps up. I'm sure Lila / Angel and Dexter / Doakes will get a resolution as well as Deb / Lundy. Best episode of the season / series.
  • Some secrets should be left alone...

    So.. the life of Dexter continues but that is not easy. To be honest, trying to deal with feds, having Stoakes in the cage and Rita too... That's all too much, even for Dexter but in some way he seems to manage it.

    I think somehow the best part of this episode was Dexter getting closer and closer to his secret about his father. The way those flashbacks and those memories and those hints.. they all lead him closer and Stoakes finally gave him the last piece of it. That was terrible discovery but it can be good on char development.

    I also liked the way Lila's storyline seems to end. I never liked her too much and the only safe way to get rid of her is to kill her and Dexter and his principles seems to stop that and suicide seems like easy way out for writers.

    Anyway, other great storylines too.. Good episode.
  • Dexter Killed His Father??

    In this episode dexter finds out that his father killed himself and then there are flashs back. During the process her figures out that his father killed his self because he couldn't handle what his father had become. This was a great episode I dont think that it was as good as the last one, but still good. I cant believe that angel is getting caught up with that crazy girl And I dont see how framing angel is going to help her get back with dexter or help her in anyway. this show has so many twists and turns I never know where it's going.
  • There Certainly is something about Harry

    The last episode in my opinion best the best of the Season 2 so far, this one not so much but still intriging.

    Dexter has Doakes safely locked away in the cabin, Dexter has to determine his next move. Dexter learns a bitter truth after Doakes' comment about Harry which leads him to look more deeply into how Harry died. He goes to Captain Matthews and the truth comes out.

    The FBI continues its search for Doakes but Maria doesn't believe a word of it and tries to find evidence proving his innocence she goes to Haita to get to the bottom of this, She strongly believes that Doakes is Innocent.

    Rita decides that she wants Dexter to be part of her life. Batista continues his fling with Lila but she cleary is up to no good. Debbie comes to the realization that with the Investigation apparently coming to an end, Agent Lundy will leave Miami.
  • It had its moments ... but by the end of it you feel like you could have just skipped this week's episode and went straight to the next one without missing anything.

    Every episode of Dexter has at least one or two moments that cause your jaw to drop. Not so this one.

    It is yet another episode in which we see Lila showing us what a head case she really is. Harry's reputation gets another bashing. Dexter agonizes over what he should do about Doakes and ... well, its business as usual really. Don't expect the big revelations of the previous couple of episodes.

    Hopefully the writers haven't run out of steam with two episodes still to go.

    One thing that is clear is that Dexter doesn't want to kill Doakes. Unfortunately for Doakes that only leaves one alternative.
  • Wondering even more where this can go!

    It's so hard to know whats going to happen here! I really don't like to think Dexter's going to get caught out here but what ele can happen? I thoroughly enjoyed this episode though. There's a weird shift in the focus from Dexter as the center of his own universe to how he's seen which makes me wonder even more how things can end. Not quite as exciting and tense as past episodes. I don't know about anyone else but I don't find dexter's back story as enthralling as I used to. Obviously this time it was more important than usual but still... Can't wait for the next one!
  • Dexter has to decide how to deal with Doakes.

    I have to start this review by saying that the camera work on this episode was fantastic. Some truly excellent shots, especially the one of Dexter walking back to the shore on the bridge after disposing of his knives. That shot was amazing, just like the writing of this episode. Dexter comparing the lone wolf Doakes to himself, a serial killer with a girlfriend, her kids, with a loving sister even. Great angle, as was the introduction of Doakes' comments about Harry. That certainly set Dexter thinking. It's such a complicated story at this point. Rita, Debs and Lundy, Angel and the crazy woman, the guy wanting Jiminez' drugs and Doakes. Great scene too when Doakes tries to convince Dexter not to kill that guy and then has to hear him do just that. The final twist was a nice twist, Dexter thinking he drove Harry to commit suicide after being confronted with what he had created: a killer with a code.
  • Harry's Monster?

    What makes Dexter's character so intriguing is that he's a serial killer with a conscience...and the name of that conscience is Harry. That's the portion of him that's human...makes him think twice..."WHAT WOULD HARRY DO?"... He repeats to himself religiously. Left up to Dexter... he would have carved Doakes up like lamb chops because he's a cold-blooded homicidal maniac. He embraces every kill...because that's who he really is. Dexter mentions that Harry trained him to be the monster that he is; however,when Harry inadvertently walks in on him carving up his very own murder suspect for the first time...he loses his lunch. If Harry created "The Monster", why throw up? Because it's the first time he's witnessed it? Hardly not. Dexter's journey into monster hood began when he witnessed his own mother's gruesome death. Additionally, after the adoption, Harry caught Dexter in the back yard turning animals into filets. Harry didn't create the monster...he simply nourished it. Dexter is basically a product of himself.

    It is understood that in order to convict a suspected killer...there must be a viable timeline and Doakes could never be convicted with alibis such as LaGuerta's. Lundy actually believes in her as he stated more or less, 'find other evidence.' Deep down he knows that Doakes didn't do it...and though her alibi would be inadmissible because of her relationship with him...LaGuerta will produce the goods. To think that Dexter could succeed in pinning numerous murders on Doakes by merely placing his fingerprints on the murder weapons is absurd. He must have other framing intricacies in mind. Having said that, I've noticed that as the series progresses, Dexter's attention to detail regresses. He was very meticulous in the beginning and now even simple items are not kept in the closet. I'm not merely referring to the drug dealer Jimenez cell phone being left out at Doakes disposal but additionally the fact that Dexter would disclose to Angel the beach trip with Rita and the kids; an open invitation. Wouldn't he know that Angel would be questioned by Lila thus leading to further Lila type improprieties? Maybe this is a part of his compulsive psyche or maybe not. This I do know - Harry is getting to the best of him.

    By the way, my guess is that when Lila does locate Doakes at the cabin and those two don't run off to of them will wind up as lamb chops. Let's hope its Lila.
  • A wonderful episode, but on a different level than the last action packed ones. (spoilers)

    Dexter and Doakes (Michael C. Hall and Erik King) absolutely stole this episode with their great interaction and very impressing acting.

    Deb and Lundy don't really know how their relationship is going to end. In the case there was no break through, except a report of someone using one of Doakes' former aliases, but it was not looked into yet. Also LaGuerta has made herself an unreliable witness. But what concerns me more is the way Lundy reacted. It seems like he is more concerned with catching someone than catching the right one.

    Dex and Rita plan to spend more time together, and it seems like things will work out well. And then Lila has to go ruin everything by trying to fake a suicide attempt, I guess to make Dex think about her again. Even though I don't like Lila as a character, she does bring a disturbing element into the show, in a good way. You never know what she might do, and that makes us uneasy every time she has screen time. But the acting done by Jaime Murray makes the character very credible.

    And finally to my favourite part of the episode; D&D. This episode reminded us of something very important. Namely that Dexter really is a serial killer, and not a normal person. During this season viewers have entertained the idea that Dexter might have feelings, and actually be just a regular Joe. But we are shown the "monster" that he is, and Erik King's reaction when witnessing Dexter's execution from the outside of the nylon was brilliant. We see the sharp contrast between Dexter and "normal" people. Even a war veteran is in shock after being present at one of Dexter's kills. And it makes Dexter realize that he was the reason his father killed himself. The idea was good in theory, but when he saw it in practice it became to much for a father to bear. I think it was very well presented and fully plausible. But there is no doubt much more to be revealed about Dexter's past.

    It also makes it clear that he will not kill Doakes as some have believed. Rather, he'll frame him for the murders and let the justice department take control of his fate. It will be interesting to see how that turns out!

    Even though this episode was not action packed, thanks to the impressing acting as well as a brilliant script, I found myself wishing the episode would never end. Wow, what an amazing show!
  • After last week it would be hard to keep up the same level of tension, but a good episode nonetheless. Not a conflict with the "last call nurse" episode as another reviewer mentioned.

    In the flashback after Dexter had killed the nurse (from season 1 episode 3), Dexter says that Harry lived another year before "hardening arteries" killed him, so it's all good. Not sure about Dexter's strategy with Doakes, it seems like he's leaving a lot to chance (e.g. other evidence that can exonerate Doakes like La Guerta's log almost did). This doesn't seem like our cool, calculating Dexter at all -- I guess it's his best solution in an insoluble dilemma, but I was hoping he'd find a way with a bit more finesse. Dexter has been off balance all season, what with Lila silliness, scrambling to escape from Lundy, dealing with Rita, and his developing conscience. He's fraying, and starting to come apart at the seams... does this mean dear Dexter's difficulties may lead to his denouement and he'll be caught?
  • I liked the story for this episode but it conflicted with the last call nurse story. Possible Spoilers

    The last call nurse was Dexter's first kill. Harry unleashed Dexter on her while he was on his death bed. In that story Harry died because of an overdose of pain medication. This conflicts with this episode where it is dug up that Harry actually committed suicide after witnessing one of Dexter's kills. Just how long has passed between these two flash backs is unclear but this new flash back suggests that Harry made it out of Last call nurse's hospital and even was became well enough to return to the force and continue Dexter's training. This whole season p***es me off anyway, I mean he's hasn't killed hardly anyone. Of course there are excuses that the writers gave him, but it still makes for an uninteresting episode each week.
  • Dexter strings us along.

    Good plot twists abound as Dexter has to decide whether to kill Doakes or not. Dexter has Doakes against the ropes, drugs him with a tainted bottle of water and as Doakes drifts off he says there is more about his father. Damn, now Dexter has to keep him alive. It's revealed to him that his father committed suicide. It's also revealed that Dexter's dad found out about his first (I believe his first) kill as well.

    Additionally, Rita wants Dexter around the kids, seemingly as a stepping stone to getting back together while Lila (a she-devil if there ever was one) is setting up Batista. This I believe will put Dexter's wits against Lila's.

    While this was something of a slower episode than we've seen recently, the suspense was gripping and the quandary is still there. What will Dexter do with Doakes (it seems he's trying to set him up, not kill him.

    Next week looks like it may be fast paced again, so I won't reveal what the previews showed.
  • While lacking the tension and intensity of last episode, "There's something about Harry" reveals a tragedy brought on by Dexter.

    There's no doubt about it - the Dexter/Doakes scenes stole the show again this episode. Unfortunately, all the stuff in between really slowed and dragged this episode down a notch.

    This is particularly true when it comes to Lila. The whole rape storyline with Angel is just bad taste and seemingly unnecessary. Definitely leaves a bad taste in your mouth, which is kind of ironic considering we can sit there and watch Dexter mutilate people without batting an eye, but once Lila starts taking the rohypnol we begin to cringe. Also slowing the storyline down is the Lundy/Deb relationship. While this storyline was interesting in the middle of the season, with all the tension surrounding Doakes and Dexter, do we really care if they stay together or not? It just seems so unimportant now considering what else is at stake.

    In the big reveal this episode we learn that Harry committed suicide after seeing Dexter kill a murder that was able to escape punishment due to a technicality. However, it unfortunately does not reveal the relationship between Dexter's mother and Harry.

    With the realization of his father's suicide, what will Dexter now do with Doakes? Will he kill him? He's already framed him with the weapons, but will he now change his mind on letting Doakes take the fall?

    This episode's quote of the week is "I killed my father" by Dexter to end the episode. Only two episodes left, lets hope the final two are more intense and urgent than this one.
  • Great again but did not keep the tempo.

    This episode was great and revealing but did not keep the tempo of the last two episodes. But yet, it was an excellent episode.
    So Harry committed suicide and it was because he realized that he created a monster(Dexter). I like the way they brought that and I wonder how this will affect Dex. I think he will end up sparing Doakes.
    One thing I love about this episode is all those Dexter-Doakes interactions. I love them.

    Apart from that, no major plot advancers. Deb and Lundy stuff was midly interesting and Lila-Batista was dull so be honest. But I want to see where this goes.

    Overall..another great installment but last two one were more pacy and mind blowing. Next week will be the big set up for the big finale....I can`t wait!!
  • A much needed break in velocity, and for good measure as well.

    Okay, let's be honest here. The last two episodes have been nothing short of breakneck, with utter disregard of the viewer's ability to handle tension and suspense. There were moments I was not even able to sit still and could not stop biting my nails. The last episode nearly caused me to lose consciousness with it's 1000 km/hr velocity. This week's episode gives the devoted viewer a much needed time to catch his breath and get back to earth. Mind you, In no way am i saying the episode was bad. I mean, look at my rating.

    Without spoiling anything, I will say the episode was very very revealing as far as Dexter's past and Harry go. Some very chilling moments to say the least, and ofcourse, it picks up right where the last one left off. Dexter's relationship with Rita is also evolving, but I cannot say I care much for Lundy's with Deborah. It seems they have no more use for Deb, and are keeping her just for the sake of it. Lets see where all of this goes. The episode ended with a heartfelt note, and with two episodes remaining, one can only wonder how this boiling season in the life of Dexter Morgan ends.
  • The truth about Harry and a boring week for the Deb/Lundy relationship... (Sighs)

    Wow, another great episode! Although it lacked a little bit of why I'm hooked on this show for, the Deb/Lundy relationship!
    Too many loose ends there and too many unfinished conversations leading up to nothing this week. Last week we got to see it all, but this week the relationship took a boring turn. In trying to let us know what Lundy would do after the case was over I think left us viewers a little anxious for the answers, because he didn't tell Deb what he planned on doing after this case was over. Only thing positive this week about them was, the man has a beautiful smile! SO they don't break up, but it's kind of left out there for anyones guess about what will happen in the upcoming episodes...
    Dexter and Rita seem to be working things out, whereas I have no idea what Lila is up to, but she is getting on my nerves.
    I'm not going to reveal any major spoilers other than what is already out there. Poor Dex now figuring out the truth about his father, and Doakes just needs to roll over and die. I have never liked this character.
    All in all I gave this episode a 9 because of everything else that happened in this episode. Why this ep didn't get a 10 from me is because I wanted answers about the Deb/Lundy relationship, I want them to stay on and together through out the next season too and waiting a week for a weak storyline between them this week... Disappointing. Hope the writers have something better next week, nothing can beat the interaction between them last week, that was the funniest episode through out this season when the relationship was revealed. Nope, nothing can beat that!
  • You find out something new about Harry. (As the title of the episode states).

    Gives you more background info about Harry, you find out Dexter's potential plan on how to deal with his situation. Besides that, nothing exciting happens in this one. The next episode will probably make up for that though. I wouldn't necessarily call this episode a filler, but it did have the feel of one. Not the normal exciting climatic situations as most of the Dexter episodes, and in no way does it compare to "Resistance is Futile". Keep in mind not to get me wrong, this was still a good episode and definitely worth watching, but just not the normal excitement you would expect from Dexter.
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