Season 2 Episode 10

There's Something About Harry

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 02, 2007 on Showtime



  • Trivia

    • Dexter sends text messages on a Motorola phone, which does not have a QWERTY keypad. You should see him cycling through the letters for each key, but the letters just appear normally.

    • Lundy's slides and files reveal the names of more of Dexter's victims: Luke Wellens, Buck Forester, A. Jorgen, Kevin Mott, Jerry V., Sean Dibberman, Herbert W., Jacob Wilson, George Hoss, Olman Estavez, Alan Matherson, and Thomas Hillstat.

    • Doakes' aliases, supplied by the Department of Defense, are: Freddie Caldwell, Joby Harris, James Duke, and William Glass.

  • Quotes

    • Doakes: Now I think you got a conscience.
      Dexter: Of course I have a conscience. I left you a place to shit, didn't I?

    • Dexter: (voice over) I remember when life was easy, when the only question I worried about was, "Who's next?" Now it's, "How can I dodge my protective detail?" and "What should I do with my hostage?" These are not easy questions.

    • Dexter: (voice over) Taking a life is one thing, but the care and feeding of it is another. I can't keep my problem locked away in a cabin forever. Harry always said there were plenty of people who deserved to die, but no matter how hard I close my eyes and wish, Doakes isn't one of them. Harry, he never prepared me for this one, what do I do? What would you do?

    • Dexter: Why couldn't you just leave me to do my work in peace? Why'd you have to go and ruin everything?
      Doakes: You're a killer. I catch killers.
      Dexter: So do I. I caught you.
      Doakes: I'm not a killer.
      Dexter: You are. That's why you've always known what I am. That's why you have more "officer-related" shootings than anybody else. Only I don't fuck with you when you shoot somebody, why couldn't you pay me the same professional courtesy?
      Doakes: There's nothing professional about what you do. I kill when I have to, on the job.
      Dexter: So, it's okay to take a life as long as you get a paycheck for it?

    • Dexter: I should warn you Sergeant, you can't play on my feelings. I don't have any.
      Doakes: Oh really? Who's lying now?

    • Doakes: You know how I've been looking into your past, right?
      Dexter: That's why you're in a cage.

    • Deb: (about Doakes) Hard to believe he's our guy. Amazing how easy it is to hide who you are from people, huh?
      Dexter: Not that easy.

    • Angel: Help me out here. What does a seven year old girl like?
      Dexter: Astor likes CNN.

    • Dexter: Deb, Doakes is a lot of things, but he's not an idiot. He won't come out of the shadows because of a grudge.
      Deb: Right. Because serial killers are so practical.
      Dexter: Actually they are.

    • Deb: (to Lundy, about LaGuerta) You're gonna ream her, aren't you? Can I be there when you do it? It's kind of a hobby of mine.

    • Lundy: I thought we were out as a couple.
      Deb: Out and flaunting it are two different things.
      Lundy: Don't ask, don't tell?
      Deb: Works for the military.
      Lundy: Not really.

    • Dexter: I've got news for you, Sergeant. My code requires a higher standard of proof than your city's laws. At zero cost to the taxpayer, you ask me, I'm a bargain.

    • Lundy: I thought that the novelty of my AARP discount would wear off and you'd get tired of me...
      Deb: Oh my god.. That's the sweetest thing you've ever said!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Title: There's Something About Harry

      This is a play on the 1998 movie title There's Something About Mary a Farrelly Brothers comedy starring Ben Stiller and Cameron Diaz.