Season 6 Episode 12

This is the Way the World Ends

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 18, 2011 on Showtime
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In the season finale, religious zealot Travis (Colin Hanks) continues his plan to bring about the end of the world, leading him to kidnapping Dexter's (Michael C. Hall) son, resulting in a climatic and bloody battle between the two of them on a boat.

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  • Not Season Finale Material?

    I've always wanted to write a review about Dexter. I almost gave up on this show but thankfully Rita died and I restored my faith in watching this show again. I think, it was a little risky for an incoming sub-plot involving Deb having romantic feelings for Dexter but let us see if something good will come out of that. I understand that they are not blood related but they grew one like bother and sister. But given that Deb and her questionable judgement with dating choices, this is still up in the air.

    This is a pretty solid season but I think Dexter had better season finale like the one he had with Lumen. Except for the part where Deb saw Dexter killing this season finale does not feel like one. I like the idea of Dexter questioning his faith and meeting Brother Sam. I was touched with the idea that when he was floating in the water the boat that saved his is called Milagro which translates to miracle. I look forward with the events that will happen in the coming season.moreless
  • Most anticipated scene - finally happening [spoilers]

    Typical Dexter finale:

    Dexter having a final showdown with the season-villain after suffering from little draw-backs but in the end manages to get him down. As season 6 was not really about escaping the typical formula the events of this finale have been very predictable and not really surprising. Except for the final moment.

    I think it's save to say that every fan has anticipated the last scene. Debra finally seeing Dexter kill. Ok I have to admit, I've been kind of excited in that scene. It was really unexpected as the writers delayed this moment for 6 seasons now and there were no signs that it would happen soon. I don't know why but I thought they didn't want to use that plot movement "so soon" yet. But then again, it's been 6 seasons and I don't know if Dexter can survive another 2 seasons without some REAL character development (and by that I don't mean LaGuerta turning from a bitch to a super-bitch). The threat of serial killers is something Dex always managed but what made past seasons so great was how he failed with personal relationships. So I have little hope Dexter will improve from here on because if it weren't for the final scene I maybe wouldn't have turned in for the next season even though I've been a huge fan until this season.

    That being said, I HATE to say that but in retrospect this scene was a let-down. It was supposed to be THE most important scene, build up for 6 years. And it came out of nowhere.

    What was Debra doing in the church?! What was Dexter doing there? How about going to some place with a lockable door and not a crime scene which is under surveillance by the police? (don't forget that they are looking for Travis with a high priority so it's very likely that he may go back to the church from a police perspective - the place should be locked down).

    Anyway. Debra walked in and saw Dexter kill. That's really all that happened. It had no big atmosphere or build up or anything. The scene only worked because of it's anticipation.

    So if you put this into perspective on how this season's writing was - it was kind of clumsy. Even "rushed" you could say - just to justify the next season.moreless
  • oh god, did they change writers this season?

    Well how disappointing was this season? It`s hard to think that this is from the same writers of season 1-5...sure they`ve shown their limits with some disappointing finales in the past but such a lackluster season? :O, it`s actually a bigger shocker to be than the actual ending of the season....drastic drop from excellence to mediocrity.

    The finale did not save the season...far from that, it was bad. With the exception of season 4 and 1 , all dexter finales were either bad (season 3), very disappointing/meh (season 2 ) or just ok (season 5). This one relied heavily on the cliffhanger. It is a great cliffhanger and I can`t wait to see where they go with that. The 5 I give this is mostly because of the ending. But the rest was terrible. The amount of stupidity we are supposed to just go with here is shocking. So they just "wait" for dexter before entering a crime scene now so that he can conveniently just remove his face from that drawing?? Really ? When did they ever wait for dexter before entering a crime scene??? Dexter tells Deb he`ll be going to the old church after that play with his son and Dexter thinks it is like a good idea to just set up a kill scene there?? If Dexter was so sloppy, he would have been caught in season 1. Are we supposed to not laugh at the "security" on building tops? Like Travis actually gain access to the build in the first place? One cop per building? And the list goes on and on like when Dexter thinks it`s a good idea to send a video of himself to the most wanted man of the city.This is just bad bad writing..some of the worst I`ve seen from any shows recently. Best episode of the season was the first one, tells you all really. Otherwise the villains were never really threatening, Dexter was untouchable, they came up with the worst idea of having Deb fall in love with Dexter, they came up with tons of over the top set pieces and that twist that looked good in psycho....back in But we have the cliffhanger, hope for the show...I do hope they know they`ve completely screw up the season of one of the most critically acclaimed shows on TV and get back on track. A season to forget.moreless
  • Is this the way Dexter Ends

    It looks like not only has Dexter "jumped the shark" but it has wines and dined it as well.

    It has been one of my favorite shows and I have never missed an episode,


    how are the writers going to make the next season sensible?

    Debra the new Police Lieutenant watches her brother (who for some bloody ridiculous reason the writers have decided that she is now in love with him which now breaks the sister / brother bond) kill the villain.

    What will the writers have happen now,

    1/ She shoots him - No - he is her brother and that would be the end of the show.

    2/ She joins him in his actions - No - its not Dexter and Deb

    3/ She passes out and when she comes to her brain has pushed what she saw away, and we spend all of season 7 watching Dexter wonder when and if the memory comes back.

    4/ She is in a dream state (god I hope not that is so old) from either an accident or is in hypnosis from the therapist.

    5/ He kills her - No - she is his brother.

    The only way out I see is that he killed the villain somewhere else, maybe in the big boat. and he was carrying out a fake ritual to see if he could rid himself of his "Dark Passenger' to see if Brother Sam was not talking rubbish, and he actually stabbed a dummy, but even that scenario is a bit thin.

    Shame, it was such a good show.moreless
  • Dexters Identity

    Every season of Dexter is thrilling me - they are exiting, well played and not like any other television series. There are maybe more 'powerful' seasons than this one as we were very focussed on Dexters Sister and the faith but I really liked it very much. Things have to change and move on - so I am curious how this will be developed, now after the last two minutes changed that much.... I like to see more of this excellent show.moreless
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