Season 6 Episode 12

This is the Way the World Ends

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 18, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Not Season Finale Material?

    I've always wanted to write a review about Dexter. I almost gave up on this show but thankfully Rita died and I restored my faith in watching this show again. I think, it was a little risky for an incoming sub-plot involving Deb having romantic feelings for Dexter but let us see if something good will come out of that. I understand that they are not blood related but they grew one like bother and sister. But given that Deb and her questionable judgement with dating choices, this is still up in the air.

    This is a pretty solid season but I think Dexter had better season finale like the one he had with Lumen. Except for the part where Deb saw Dexter killing this season finale does not feel like one. I like the idea of Dexter questioning his faith and meeting Brother Sam. I was touched with the idea that when he was floating in the water the boat that saved his is called Milagro which translates to miracle. I look forward with the events that will happen in the coming season.
  • oh god, did they change writers this season?

    Well how disappointing was this season? It`s hard to think that this is from the same writers of season 1-5...sure they`ve shown their limits with some disappointing finales in the past but such a lackluster season? :O, it`s actually a bigger shocker to be than the actual ending of the season....drastic drop from excellence to mediocrity.

    The finale did not save the season...far from that, it was bad. With the exception of season 4 and 1 , all dexter finales were either bad (season 3), very disappointing/meh (season 2 ) or just ok (season 5). This one relied heavily on the cliffhanger. It is a great cliffhanger and I can`t wait to see where they go with that. The 5 I give this is mostly because of the ending. But the rest was terrible. The amount of stupidity we are supposed to just go with here is shocking. So they just "wait" for dexter before entering a crime scene now so that he can conveniently just remove his face from that drawing?? Really ? When did they ever wait for dexter before entering a crime scene??? Dexter tells Deb he`ll be going to the old church after that play with his son and Dexter thinks it is like a good idea to just set up a kill scene there?? If Dexter was so sloppy, he would have been caught in season 1. Are we supposed to not laugh at the "security" on building tops? Like Travis actually gain access to the build in the first place? One cop per building? And the list goes on and on like when Dexter thinks it`s a good idea to send a video of himself to the most wanted man of the city.This is just bad bad writing..some of the worst I`ve seen from any shows recently. Best episode of the season was the first one, tells you all really. Otherwise the villains were never really threatening, Dexter was untouchable, they came up with the worst idea of having Deb fall in love with Dexter, they came up with tons of over the top set pieces and that twist that looked good in psycho....back in But we have the cliffhanger, hope for the show...I do hope they know they`ve completely screw up the season of one of the most critically acclaimed shows on TV and get back on track. A season to forget.
  • Is this the way Dexter Ends

    It looks like not only has Dexter "jumped the shark" but it has wines and dined it as well.

    It has been one of my favorite shows and I have never missed an episode,


    how are the writers going to make the next season sensible?

    Debra the new Police Lieutenant watches her brother (who for some bloody ridiculous reason the writers have decided that she is now in love with him which now breaks the sister / brother bond) kill the villain.

    What will the writers have happen now,

    1/ She shoots him - No - he is her brother and that would be the end of the show.

    2/ She joins him in his actions - No - its not Dexter and Deb

    3/ She passes out and when she comes to her brain has pushed what she saw away, and we spend all of season 7 watching Dexter wonder when and if the memory comes back.

    4/ She is in a dream state (god I hope not that is so old) from either an accident or is in hypnosis from the therapist.

    5/ He kills her - No - she is his brother.

    The only way out I see is that he killed the villain somewhere else, maybe in the big boat. and he was carrying out a fake ritual to see if he could rid himself of his "Dark Passenger' to see if Brother Sam was not talking rubbish, and he actually stabbed a dummy, but even that scenario is a bit thin.

    Shame, it was such a good show.
  • Dexters Identity

    Every season of Dexter is thrilling me - they are exiting, well played and not like any other television series. There are maybe more 'powerful' seasons than this one as we were very focussed on Dexters Sister and the faith but I really liked it very much. Things have to change and move on - so I am curious how this will be developed, now after the last two minutes changed that much.... I like to see more of this excellent show.
  • Next season will bring the most dramatic changes...

    For me, this season wasn't so bad...The theme dramatic as always, maybe a little more dramatic, with Dexter struggling a bit with his feelings and reconsidering some of his perceptions...

    Good ending though and one that brings a lot of changes in the next season...First with Debra...Will she join Dexter or will she pursue him?Then with Louis...I hope the writers will make his role an exciting one if he will be the 7th season's villain and not a second ice truck killer...

    I would fancy a change of scenery in case Dexter will have to flee and avoid capture...

    A lot of things can happen which makes me wait for next season with a lot of enthusiasm.
  • I actually thought this was one of the best (if not THE best) seasons of Dexter!

    Ok; first I must admit, after having read some of the reviews previously posted, that the writers abused "everything works out just right for Dexter" way too much this season. Admittedly there were a lot of moments in this season where timing was just a little too perfect. This, coupled with another reviewer's point that Debra never acted so lost and emotional before, are really the only two things that felt a little off. I purposefully waited until Season 6 was finished before I started watching it- I had gotten into "Breaking Bad" and both didn't want to stop watching that show till I was caught up, and was afraid that it's awesomeness would ruin Dexter for me... I think the writers actually did an amazing job! From the first episode I was immediately hooked (again); it certainly helped that I am a huge Mos Def (Yasin Bey) fan, and almost equally so Edward James Olmos.

    One thing that bugs me, reading the reviews, is so many people complaining about Dexter being "sloppy". I would not like a show where the characters don't mature/contemplate/adapt over time. This is surely intentional and led to his being caught by Deb in the finale. I LIKE the new Dexter, he pretty much NEVER made mistakes before, and with being a single father and questioning so much of his perceptions and attitudes, it just seemed really cool to me. Especially because it DID lead to him getting caught. The seventh season with be an exploration of these poor decisions and their consequences... I almost wished I had waited two seasons! The cliffhanger is just SO huge!
  • Ughhh. Really?

    For a series that more often than not gave us, pretty much, perfection, this season has been nothing ... less than ... lackluster.

    I guess that in a show that has such a phenomenal run, one would expect some episodes that are not up-to-par, and EVEN a season or two that rank at the bottom. This episode though ... this season ... has been really bad.

    Many times we have seen situations and things that were just too conveniently set up for Dexter's 'trade' and settings which too conveniently got him out of messes. At these times though I talked myself into giving the writers the benefit of the doubt and my TV "mind" told me it was a good or an evil higher power that was protecting him. Like others have already said and described on this page though, it was pretty hard to overlook in this season, and more so in this episode. Luck is one thing, miracles another (even the boat was named Milagro / Miracle); but the track the writer's have taken of leaving more and more things to 'chance', is upsetting. I LIKED that Dexter was so well-taught by Harry that this training, and his skill, and not just blind luck, bailed him out.

    As for Debra falling for him ... this has been obvious from mid-season 1. I just didn't think the unravelling would be lazily crammed into one or two episodes. And what is it with Deb's character? Where she used to be strong she has now turned into this emotional, crazy woman? C'mon.
  • Season finale of Dexter

    I've been a fan of Dexter for a long time (since the beginning) and I have to agree with the people who are saying that season 6 wasn't very good. The Gellar thing didn't help and, with each episode, it seem like the writers just got lazy.

    Let's start with the beginning of this episode: How stupid is it that the minute that Dexter starts to drown, a boat shows up...PLEASE! And after he's on the boat, he actually kills the robber in front of everybody and everybody's fine with this...COME ON! Then comes the boring scenes with his son, these reminded me of everything I hated in season 3, Dexter trying to be normal! I get that he has to go through these things on a psychological level but it makes for very boring tv.

    Now let's talk about Colin Hanks character, how come the moment he leaves the house where he killed the couple, that's the exact moment the cop show up, like it just started to smell the minute he left the house. And what about him entering Dexter's house, eating cereal, opening the package sent by the intern, all of which while the babysitter is in the other room. Dexter must have some amazing isolation in his walls. Don't get me started on the way he kidnaps Dexter's son!

    Anyways, thank god for Deb and that ending! Nice to see that there's finally something interesting happening.
  • Mixed feelings here too

    Come on, Dexter killing at a place he is known to be at? He doesn't do that. At all.

    Part of what I like in Dexter is his level of proficiency when he does his thing. He might make mistakes, of course, he's human, but he never makes mistakes like this. This was a lousy way to make Deb walk in on him as a dramatic ending. She is intelligent, as someone else said in a review: she should've found out by investigating him.

    Also, i really don't like how Deb is getting "into" Dex now, but I'm not alone with that..

    Another example of horribly lazy writing was when all the crew waited on Dexter before entering the crime scene AND they gave him time alone inside, just because he needed to trash that picture of him.

    The stuff happening at the sea and on the ship when Dex was rescued didn't make much sense to me.

    Regardless of the lazy writing and plot holes, I still enjoyed the episode (and the season). It would be great to see a new season, but only if some things change. I mean the scenery, and/or half the cast.
  • This is the Way the World Ends

    This season of Dexter has received a fair amount of criticism. While it has not been great, this was a solid episode that wrapped everything up while introducing a new challenge as the final perfect cliffhanger had Debra catching Dexter in the act.

    Colin Hanks has not been good this year, but he was not that terrible in his big scenes tonight. The show just needs to make sure they have a good killer for next season.
  • really mixed reaction

    dint like da way dexter and debra's relation is shaping up... waiting for 7th season and just hoping they dont blow the plot they have now... they must utilize it as they have the best plot to build on since the season 1... dexter is amazing as usual but the episodes become just too predictable and killers too dumb for dexter they need to change it
  • Utter garbage

    I wanted a season-long, slowly intensifying arc where Deborah used her intelligence to realize that there is something seriously wrong with Dexter. Instead, what I got was Deb walking in on a Dexter kill because she wanted to bone him. Complete trash, and it ruined the entire series. Deborah's building realization could have been an incredible season and the highlight of the series, but instead we got incest. A once riveting show is now in the toilet.
  • "Oh God"

    My conclusion about the sixth season is that though it is a little better than five I know that this show can still do a lot better. It is a shame they did not go for a more refreshing story but instead safely followed their formula, which overall makes for not a very outstanding season, even being a little predictable. The season will probably be remembered by fans as that mediocre religious season, but mostly it will be remembered by the daring cliffhanger it had, which hopefully brings us a brilliant seventh season next year.

    Read full review here:

    Note that the 9.0/10 is for this particular episode. I'd give the season as a whole a 7.5/10 (which isn't good for Dexter standards in my opinion).

  • Dumbness all over

    A lot of unrealistic Plot Holes.

    This wasn't the way I figured debrah finding Dexter

    Season 7 will be better. Let's hope!
  • OMG I said to the writers!!

    This season finale was the dumbiest ever... Wheres the great writing in early days??

    Just to enumerate the plot holes:

    1) Dexter rescued from the sea and killing a men in front of a lot of people?? Never happened. Dumb.

    2) A lot of imigrant arriving the beach and nobody gives a damn?? Oh, and someone gives a cellphone to Dexter like nothing had happened. Dumb

    3) Nobody enters in the crime scene waiting for Dexter?? First time in the serie just to destroy the painting... Dumb.

    4) Kiddnaping a kid never was so easy. How fast the killer walk with a kid in a lion suit?? Dumb.

    5) Put a ritual bonfire and a kid (inside a lion suit) in a rooftop and no one noticed???Dumb.

    6) Dexter bring the kid and a tall man down the building and, SURPRISE, nobody noticed AGAIN?????? Dumb.

    7) Deb arrived at the church without notice??? Just to caught Dex. Dumbiest...

    Dexter said OMG and I said "OMG what happened with the writers????"
  • Good Season, Brilliant Ending

    A very good season indeed, and what a thrilling finnish... :)
  • Great Ending!

    I am seeing so many reviews with people taking up so much issue with this season of Dexter but I have to say that it was great! To see Dexter tackle religion and someone with his own dark passenger was interesting in the development of the character. I guess people think that's boring and they need 20 million suspenseful twists to enjoy a show. Well you got it in the end with Deb seeing Dexter kill DDK and setting up the last 2 seasons.

    I've also noticed a ton of people pointing out inconsistencies that actually do make sense! For instance the illegals acting like nothing happened on the boat is obvious since all they care about is not getting deported and staying in Florida so WHY would they call the cops?

    Also if the boat never shows up well.....Dexter dies and show over? Debra also knew Dexter would be at the church since SHE TOLD HIM to go there on that day so she must have guessed he was there since she TOLD him to be there.

    So come on people let's use a little common sense and put some pieces of the puzzle together instead of just giving harsh reviews without thinking a bit. Yes I understand that some things won't make full sense like how he takes him off the roof but it's a show and you have to give some leeway to that and let go of perfectionism. But in all most things make sense!

    Going forward I think Dexter will try to play this off as DDK took Harrison so he had to do something about it but I doubt Deb will buy it and will start to put things together. Also looking forward to Luis who I think knows who Dexter is and is a fan of serial killers as can be seen by his video game. Thus when his ultimate idol turned him down he got rejected so I think he's sending the arm as a "do you want to play" like Brian did in the first season!

    I also wanted to point out on the whole does Dexter deserve to die part: Do superheroes deserve to die? Don't they also kill bad guys? Or is it just that Dexter is human and doesn't have super powers that makes us place him in a different category. Just a thought! Enjoy the last 2 seasons people!
  • Why the negativity about Dexter Season 6?

    Why all the negativity about Dexter Season 6? I would say that most people who like watching Dexter would find this season just as entertaining as the rest. There are few slightly critical posts remarking on a lack of attention to detail and "reality". Come on guys, this fictional and fantastic TV at it's best. Dexter is a series which succeeds in getting us all rooting for a twisted and deranged serial killer. Please, lets not worry about the reality of it too much. :)

    In my humble opinion, Season 6 has by no means been the worst season of Dexter Wasn't that season 3 when dexter became best buddies with Miguel the serial killing prosecutionor? I really enjoyed Season 6. Admittedly this was probably not Dexter's best season either, but like many of these high end US soaps, the first season is nearly always the best, much like sex, booze or drugs, you will never get that same high again, never as good as the first time.

    Anyhow, I thought that the whole religious killer thing was an interesting idea, with some quite interesting and gruesome deaths that have only been bettered by the ice truck killer.

    Is there really going to be a season 7? As much as I love watching Dexter, you can kick the *rse out of a good idea, so I really hope not.

    All in all I found the finale to be exciting, with many sub-plots resolved and some left hanging. This would be, I think, a worthy end to Dexter's killing spree. Why not end on a high and let our imaginations ponder on what happened next?

    So long and thanks for Dexter, to everyone who helped put him on our TV screens.
  • Is this GOD's will?

    Damn that ending saved the season. Fail after fail. It was a tough season to watch. I guess the next season will be better but how is dexter gonna talk himself out of this. Every dirty little secret has to come out now don't it? Ahh can't wait till next season. I always thought eventually Dexter was going to kill Deb and by the looks of it I might be right after all. Don;t hurt the ones you love.. ok Thats a rule but don't get caught. Thats another.. We'll have to find out next season.
  • Pacing, not plot, was this season's downfall

    Lets be honest. All seasons of Dexter have had a tonne of "coincidences", unrealistic turns of events, etc... But the episodes moved at such a fast pace, there was never time to dwell on them. The first four seasons of Dexter moved at almost movie pace in terms of how much happened in each episode. 12 episodes of dexter contained more plot and development than multiple seasons of regular TV shows like 'Lost'. But this last season, the plot stopped moving quickly. Each episode only had one significant event. It became just like any other TV show's pace, and so each plot discrepensie or unrealistic event had plenty of time to stick in your mind and dwell on.

    This last episode moved past that and had a much faster pace - a good note to end the series on.
  • crazylegs99's review summed it up perfectly.

    I only give this episode any rating just because they finally revealed dexters dark secret to debra (which they have been building up to for a good couple of seasons now, end of season 5 was a hint she would eventually find out).

    Since there are potentially 2 seasons left, i say she will obviously struggle with the fact that dex is the real bay harbour butcher, but she will put 2 and 2 together and realise she actually let him go at the end of season 5 so she will feel guilty for that but also know that her brother does good things for people in his own ways like getting revenge for a rape victim.

    Who knows where they will go from here, i just hope they fire the entire script team and get some fresh blood in, hopefully writers that are fans of the first 3 seasons of the show...
  • Finally!!

    Although everyone reading this can admit that this season has been ups and downs most of the time, one must appreciate the turn the show's writers have taken in terms of storytelling. Deb finally finds out in this last episode about her brother but it unfortunately was the only thing that saved this episode from the brink of a disaster. I have been against all the negative reviews throughout this season but this episode was really boring!! It had a lot to cover up after last week's cliffhanger, the Deb-Dex storyline and not the mention the hand Louise( Masuka's intern) sent to Dexter. I was kinda upset that they didn't go deep enough. Maybe it was for the best otherwise it would have made this episode even more rushed. I'm glad that the writers have included him as a main character in the next season. When Travis saw the hand louise sent dexter, I thought that it would have more significance in this episode but sadly it didn't. Anyway, the moment every diehard-Dexter fan had been waiting arrived. Can't wait for Season 7!!!
  • Farewell Season 6....Thou Sucketh Big Time!

    And there it is! The only way season 6 could have saved face this week (which it didn't) was with a cliffhanger. And it was a cliffhanger that is going to stick with me like an obstinate rash. Debra finally met Dexter's dark passenger tonight. The problem is, the rest of the episode was so boring I almost missed it!

    Having been thoroughly disappointed and pissed off after last week's episode (as were a zillion other fans), it was only an obligation for me to watch the finale. I've been watching this show loyally for five years. There's no way in hell I'm gonna let that go down the crapper! The fact that we had to endure six completely mediocre episodes after Brother Sam's demise should have earned the viewer an appropriate sendoff, right? Nope. Not according to the writers.

    We all knew Dexter was going to be saved from his predicament last week. I half expected them to just cut to Dexter and Harrison having breakfast at home as if nothing happened! I guess even the writers have limits to their mediocrity. The alternative was nothing to write home about either. Dexter just killing people in front of witnesses now? What the bleedin' hell was that about?? Maybe killing the gun toting Hispanic dude was just to make up for not offing anyone last week. Totally lame and hair-tearingly frustrating! You are ruining Dexter for me, guys! Seriously!!

    Cut to the crime scene with the double murder and it's like an episode of CSI Miami, the kindergarten edition. The fact that Dexter almost died and nobody except Debra seemed to give a flying frak about it is beside the point. Do you seriously mean to tell me that everyone, the responding officers, the homicide detectives, even Masuka (who was nowhere to be seen), were waiting for Dexter to arrive before entering the crime scene? Apparently he was the first and only person to spot his surly mug on Travis's painting so he went ahead and did a number on it with a hammer. I'm not a cop, so grunt once if I'm wrong, but don't the police have to clear the house and do a cursory examination first? Especially one where a double murder has taken place? Nobody saw the painting?? Come on!

    Could things get any more lame? Yes they could! To round things off nicely, we have Travis driving by the crime scene in slow-mo and nobody, not a single cop notices him drive by. Isn't there supposed to be a police canvas outside a crime scene? I think he even parked nearby. Let me reiterate the fact that Miami Metro Homicide is the WORST EVER.

    In the meantime, Debra and Dexter were having a contest of sorts to see who had the more awkward stare. Deb's mixed feelings for her step-brother almost came to the surface this week, until they were rudely interrupted by the sight of Dex stabbing Travis in the chest with a nice meaty scrunch.

    The writers completely blew off the Louis Greene storyline for this season with only one lame ass scene where Masuka basically told Louis to go screw himself after he expressed hopes of continuing to work at Miami Metro. Though God only knows why he would want to. He gave Dexter a genuinely soupy glance after the conversation. Man crush? Nah! There's got to more to it than that. Right?

    On the bright side, LaGuerta was less of a bitch in this episode. Many people expressed a strong desire for her exit from the show in the most gruesome fashion. There's still next season, dudes.

    Quinn continued to be a royal jackass. It should come naturally to him by now. It was good to see Batista finally grow a pair and do something about Quinn's recent dickish behavior. I completely forgot he made sergeant last season!

    So that's it! The downward trend that began in season 5 continued through season 6 (with a small spike in between in the form of Brother Sam). We could bitch and moan all day about how frustrating this season was. But we still watched the whole damn thing. Didn't we?


    - When Debra called Dex after the pageant was over, how did Travis pick the opportune moment to abduct Harrison? He didn't even know Dexter was still alive! Didn't he spot Dex hovering around his own kid?? Wasn't he lying in wait to kidnap Harrison when the kid would be alone? Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

    - The number of hair tearing moments this season saved me twelve bucks on a haircut.

    - Dexter killed Travis. Just wanted to let you know in case you missed it.

    So long season 6! Don't let the door smack your holy ass on the way out!
  • Entertainingly predictable but there are a lot of reasons to stick around

    This finale focused mostly on the back and forth between Travis and Dexter which was a lot better than I thought that it would be. Dexter's existential-ness at the beginning with the being "about to die" moment was good and is skewering the guy on board was pretty well timed (if you threaten to kill a baby you deserve a little skewering I think). His excuse for his disappearance was strange, for one if you fall off your boat while what like sleewalking? and then somehow fall off is it really not moving slowly enough since it has to be handled to go fast for you to be able to catch up with it? Especially when you're in as good of shape as Dexter? I don't get it. But anyway Deb decides to put cops on every tall building after Travis's final tableaux will involve a building in the sun. Travis takes Harrison as his sacrifice and gets Dexter, who he thinks is dead, to inject himself in place of Harrison's safety. And...Dexter gets up and beats him into submission. Was it empty? Did he really see this coming or does it just not effect badassery? Glossing over that Deb cries about and is confused with what to do with her love for Dexter. Louis sends the package to Dexter which is rather humorously picked up by Travis and discarded on top of the fridge for next season and Louis is going to stay on (because a LOT of the DDK leads came from that guy). Masuka does a creepy Yoda impersonation. The ending (Spoilers!) where Deb walks in on Dexter killing Travis after their well staged debate in which Dex turns and says "Oh God" was a perfect way to end things that should've happened some time last season or earlier. So though it's overdue it's one heck of a high note to go out on despite the lacking second half of this season. Season Six was a total mixed bag that had a lot going for it. The problem was that Dexter was fighting a bad guy who we knew half wasn't there and Travis was truly underdeveloped in the latter half of the season after starting out so nuanced he devolved into a plain nutcase and lost all intrigue, if Gellar had been real that would've been a real screw you from the writers too. There were some standouts this season: the Tooth-Fairy serial killer episode, Brother Sam and the "Just Let Go" episode were the season's best. Nebraska was ok, the beginnings of Doomsday were interesting, also the first tableaux and Dex's initial hunt for DDK were engrossing but they jumped the gun way too soon and what we're left with is a couple intriguing threads still abound, Quinn being a jerk again, LaGuerta trying to seem sympathetic, Matthews out of the picture, and a whole new redefining moment for the Deb/Dex duo (recently divorced in real life, awkward!). So while this will redefine the show the season that got it there was largely a bore by Dexter standards but hopefully the trial and error will teach the writers their lesson.
  • This Is The Way The World Ends

    This Is The Way The World Ends was a perfect episode and season 6 finale of Dexter and I really enjoyed watching this episode because it wrapped every thing up perfectly with an amazing cliffhanger for next season to pick up from. I must say I really enjoyed the story of this episode and how it all played out. I was on the edge of my seat and the scenarios were all relevant and interesting. I also really liked the season as a whole and enjoyed the show for what it is, great entertainment! I think the writers this season had a vision that others couldn't see the same way. Colin Hanks and Edward James Olmos were great, as was Michael C. Hall. This season's scenarios were great for Dexter to ask himself questions about what he believes in, and what he wants to pass on to Harrison. The season's cliffhanger was shocking, spectacular and it's about time! I look forward to watching next season!!!!!!!!!
  • Good (not great) final episode to end a disaster of a season.


    Finally, the 12-episode torture of a season is done.

    We started off with what I hate: lazy writing (when writers know they need something but don't know how to get there). How many times did you see anyone waiting for anyone on the crime scene? NONE. And now, when we had to have only Dexter there, it miraculously happened. No one even followed him in, and detectives first on the scene wait for the blood specialist? Ridiculous, completely ridiculous.

    The narrative of the episode was fine enough. Travis kidnapping Harrison, the building search... Unfortunately, Colin Hanks is so bad in his role (the constant furrowed brow? Really?!) that his scenes were totally non-enjoyable.

    The high point, obviously, is the last scene in which Deb finally (if you read the books, it's REALLY finally) sees Dexter do his thing. I think the nicest touch all season was adding the love twist - it will conflict Deb a lot more.

    Still, all in all, I can't wait to remove this season from memory and hope that the last scene makes the next one memorable.
  • YES! FINALLY!! Dexter's only good episode was a triumphant finale (spoilers)

    Even though some fans might not want to admit it, this season was terrible. And I mean really bad. It had a predictable twist, a villain that we couldn't care for, and stupid subplots. But this episode finally found its stride again as it brought a satisfying end to a lackluster season with some great scenes (travis almost about to kill harrison was almost too much for me to bear). and of course a great cliffhanger leaving me waiting for next season.

    Of course the reason why I didn't make this higher was because i had some problems. I could've done without the robbery on the boat as it added nothing, and of course I wanted the writers to COMPLETELY SCRAP the stupid idea that deb wants to be with her brother. Of course now i hope they do that. I mean, why would she want to fall in love with a serial killer (again that is)? I hope the writers are this good and better for season 7
  • Nice Ending!

    Some of you people might write screenplays, might...big might. In my unprofessional opinion, I think they're doing a pretty good adaptation of Darkly Dreaming Dexter. Unlike.....what it seems like a lot of you, I am able to enjoy it for its downs as much as its ups. Who cares? It's just an entertaining TV show. Normally, cable TV includes more than one station.
  • Time Spiral's Season (6) Finale Review (enclosed)

    The Season (6) Finale is here, and wow, what a bombshell ending!

    Read my feature rich review, with pics, and polls, and formatting, here:

    - Dexter has a life-reevaluation moment, and it's a powerful one.

    - Travis is not done killing. He puts his end game in motion.

    - Deb struggles with some intense personal emotions, and the stress of trying to stop Travis' final act.

    - Quinn and Batista discuss the status of their partnership

    - and finally, Dexter and Travis have an ultimate showdown, with everything on the line, and in the end, the entire World ends.
  • I'm seriously glad this season is over. But that final scene was a long time coming.

    YES! Thank God the writers actually did something right in that last scene. I thought they were hinting that Deb was going to find out about Dexter, and thankfully I was right. She sees him stab and kill Travis, in the church, and there can be no way Dexter can escape this one. I can't wait to see the fallout from this - like seriously cannot wait. I don't like the way they've done it, in that she's 'in love' with Dexter, but I'm very glad it happened. They'd better not ruin that too - like they have a lot of things this season.

    Why is Deb in love with Dexter? Why? I know it prompted her to go to the crime scene and see him killing Travis but I just don't like this storyline at all. Hopefully her new found discovery will get her falling out of love with her step brother. The rest of the episode was okay - I predicted that Dexter would not have injected himself with anything dangerous, and it all just felt obvious. I didn't really care. Maria was a bit nicer in this episode but don't they get that we just all hate her by now?

    To sum up; the episode was average end to a bad season of Dexter BUT the final scene was awesome and has me really wanting to see season 7. Message to the writers; please improve your writing for next season, PLEASE.
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