Season 6 Episode 12

This is the Way the World Ends

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 18, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Beginning of the end?

    After a somewhat lackluster season, last night's episode of Dexter finally managed to deliver what the fans have been waiting for: the beginning of an epic conclusion.

    I feel this season had been wasted on unneeded story lines and there were too many loose scripts. Maybe the writers finally realised that they were making the show headed for disaster and hence (SPOILER ALERT) they decided to reveal Dexter's Dark Passenger to Debra.

    Colin Hanks redeemed himself in the final scene by giving an excellent (not flawless by any means though) performance and I look forward to him appearing in future shows.

    Its up to the writers on how they shape up Dexter's next two seasons but I do hope they are thinking to conclude the show with two good final seasons and for that, the writers will have to be brutal and not shy away from killing main characters which had been the trademark of the series.
  • A Predictable End.

    A flat episode and predictable end to what started out as a great season. No real surprises. No stand out acting. I knew the last scene was coming from the last few episodes (not to mention this eps title). Deb has a professional and moral crisis in whether or not to turn her father figure in over the death of a prostitute. Deb understands her true feelings for Dexter. What else could the writers be building to but her having to chose whether or not to turn in the person she loves most? The entire season died for me the same episode brother Sam did. What a great mid season twist, to have Dexter's dark passenger being replaced by an even darker one. We could have had a darker, more dangerous, cocky and sloppy Dexter for six episodes. It would certainly give more believability to why it slipped his mind that anyone at Miami Metro could have potentially found him in the Church, as Deb knew he was meant to be there working. To have his grinning brother disappear beside him and his sympathetic, meticulous father reappear as Deb walks would have been defining. His father shaking his head and saying something profound needed to be there in that moment as it came undone. To me this is starting to reek of an undefined overall throughline within the series itself. Or perhaps just lazy writing. Thankfully next season has great potential.
  • Loved it!

    How delicious was the pun in the final words by Dexter to this season, religiously themed, to be "Oh, God...".

    I liked how Deb was going thru therapy. It gave everyone an insight into what's going on in her head and allowing us to see where she's coming from and to sympathize. Before this, she was just some annoying chick dropping f-bombs all over the place.

    I didn't think this episode was boring at all. I was actually on the edge of my seat hoping nothing would happen to Harrison and that no harm would come to Dex's inner circle. Hell I was even worried for Harrison's babysitter/ Angel's sister.

    Good season guys. I'm looking forward to the next one. My only gripe is having to wait so long for my next Dex fix.
  • Dexter World...Ends?

    As the season six season finale of Dexter begins it seems bleak for Dexter as he struggles to stay afloat in the open ocean. No remorse over lives taken, no flashbacks or soothing light, but a sense of pain as Dexter says he'll miss Harrison. Miraculously a Cuban refugee boat appears and Dexter is fished out of the water. One of the refugees tells Dexter that God is looking out for you to which Dexter looks as if, perhaps, he might have to believe it. In short order Dexter is back to just enough of his usual persona to thwart the boat captain threatening harm to the passengers as he robs them. Dexter drives a spear through the captain's chest and pilots the boat ashore.

    All Dexter wants to do is to go home to Harrison where he ponders his salvation being for Harrison. Deb drops by and tells Dexter she was worried sick about him falling off his boat. While bear-hugging Dexter Deb says she loves him and is shocked when Dexter tells her he loves her too. A look of astonishment comes over Deb as she tells Dexter she can't remember him ever telling her. Dexter says of course he loves her implying he doesn't need to say it as it is an absoluteDexter hasn't caught on to Deb's awkward turn. Deb gets the call to work the scene of the last victims of Travis. She needs Dexter to go too to record the blood evidence. Fortuitously for Dexter he enters the house first and bashes in his likeness in the mural Travis has painted in the house. Dexter finds an important clue to the last "end of days" tableau .

    Using Gellar's last sketch Deb thinks Travis likely is finished with the tableaus and is going to a "mountain" to wait for the end. As Miami is flat it is decided to post officers on the tallest of Miami's buildings prior to the eclipse and wait for Travis to show. In the meantime Deb asks Dexter to do a thorough rework of the church Travis and Gellar used. She tries to connect to Dexter offering her shoulder for comfort, Dexter says he's fine, but he is going to Harrison's play and will have to work the church afterwards. Deb gets the unexpected full support of LaGuerta who allows all resources of the department for the building stakeout. Deb charges ahead.

    Travis, thinking Dexter "The Beast", is dead is ready for the last tableau to coincide with the eclipse of the sun. Leaving his commandeered home he has a revelation: he'll use dead Dexter's home since a dead man no longer needs a homeand he has the address and keys. When he enters he does so stealthily and as Jamie is leaving with Harrison she doesn't detect Travis. Travis, fortuitously, had not yet figured out Dexter's son Harrison could be his sacrificial lamb. As a result, Janie's live is spared and he is forced to follow her until he can kidnap Harrison. Deb calls Dexter as she has just surmised there may be, in fact, one more murder of a "lamb" meaning some kind of "innocent".

    Dexter gets blindsided by Travis who kidnaps Harrison after the play. Thanks to Deb, Dexter realizes Harrison is to be the "sacrificial lamb". Dexter knows from the picture clue he fished out of the trash where Travis is taking Harrison to and proceeds posthaste. Dexter, likely due to the fact that Harrison is the one thing he lives for other than his dark passenger, regains all of his senses and out foxes Travis subduing him while rescuing Harrison. Deb is crushed as she realizes Travis killed the officer positioned on the Transcor building. LaGuerta actually comforts Deb at the scene by telling her she made the right call and will still get Travis Marshall. Dexter takes Harrison home and realizes that love is why he needs Harrison and vice versa. Yes, Dexter is finally not empty as he is experiencing a true connection of love for another human being.

    Deb, once more, has wounds to lick so she needs Dexter. Dexter, however, is busy at the Gellar church and it ain't to rework the crime scene. Travis is, at last, on Dexter's table. Travis wakes up in the church seeing a crucifix and thinks he is in Heaven. Not exactly as he is still very much in the world, Dexter's world to be exact. Dexter makes heavy telling Travis this world is better without him, but is exactly where he is supposed to be doing exactly what he is supposed to do: bring balance. As Dexter plunges the knife in Travis he hears a gasp and turns to see something quite unbelievableDexter's greatest fear is realized, he is exposed.

    Well, in some ways what has loomed for six seasons is now reality. This is a huge ending to any season, particularly for a see-saw one that was largely light on tension and action. The episode itself was, actually, ordinary until this blockbuster last five seconds. It can be overstated, this last scene revitalizes the franchise in a big way. NowThe problem with Dexter is the simple fact the wait for next season is huge for a production that starts late and finishes too early. Simply put, this is going to guarantee tremendous anticipation.

  • Great season - probable prediction of next season.

    This season was crazy good. Epic serial killer (DDK), had a great cliffhanger that was a little predictable and not to mention Dexter's once being emotionless now has love for his only son. A great plot twist with Gellar being dead the entire time, but seen as a figment of Travis Marshall's wrangled mind who was executed in front of Debra by Dexter unknowingly. Also another possible serial killer, that fucked in the head guy who i cant remember his name (video game creator, Misuka's intern).

    A prediction that I've come up with would be directly continuing the end of the season finale. Debra frozen in absolute shock and after a few second pieces it together storms out and hides for a day or two to think about what had happened and what she should do, either send a massive manhunt after her brother and the only person she ever truly loved or confront him and question him on what had happened. Either way it will be another great season so long they can keep it alive with more devastating cliffhangers.

    If the manhunt is the way the writers choose to go, Dexter will have fled and on many occasion have close encounters with his department.

    If they go the way of Debra accepting him and helping him, they will eventually fall in love. (the falling in love with each other part is less likely to happen, but I would almost certainly put my money on Debra accepting and understanding what he does).

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