Season 6 Episode 12

This is the Way the World Ends

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 18, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Entertainingly predictable but there are a lot of reasons to stick around

    This finale focused mostly on the back and forth between Travis and Dexter which was a lot better than I thought that it would be. Dexter's existential-ness at the beginning with the being "about to die" moment was good and is skewering the guy on board was pretty well timed (if you threaten to kill a baby you deserve a little skewering I think). His excuse for his disappearance was strange, for one if you fall off your boat while what like sleewalking? and then somehow fall off is it really not moving slowly enough since it has to be handled to go fast for you to be able to catch up with it? Especially when you're in as good of shape as Dexter? I don't get it. But anyway Deb decides to put cops on every tall building after Travis's final tableaux will involve a building in the sun. Travis takes Harrison as his sacrifice and gets Dexter, who he thinks is dead, to inject himself in place of Harrison's safety. And...Dexter gets up and beats him into submission. Was it empty? Did he really see this coming or does it just not effect badassery? Glossing over that Deb cries about and is confused with what to do with her love for Dexter. Louis sends the package to Dexter which is rather humorously picked up by Travis and discarded on top of the fridge for next season and Louis is going to stay on (because a LOT of the DDK leads came from that guy). Masuka does a creepy Yoda impersonation. The ending (Spoilers!) where Deb walks in on Dexter killing Travis after their well staged debate in which Dex turns and says "Oh God" was a perfect way to end things that should've happened some time last season or earlier. So though it's overdue it's one heck of a high note to go out on despite the lacking second half of this season. Season Six was a total mixed bag that had a lot going for it. The problem was that Dexter was fighting a bad guy who we knew half wasn't there and Travis was truly underdeveloped in the latter half of the season after starting out so nuanced he devolved into a plain nutcase and lost all intrigue, if Gellar had been real that would've been a real screw you from the writers too. There were some standouts this season: the Tooth-Fairy serial killer episode, Brother Sam and the "Just Let Go" episode were the season's best. Nebraska was ok, the beginnings of Doomsday were interesting, also the first tableaux and Dex's initial hunt for DDK were engrossing but they jumped the gun way too soon and what we're left with is a couple intriguing threads still abound, Quinn being a jerk again, LaGuerta trying to seem sympathetic, Matthews out of the picture, and a whole new redefining moment for the Deb/Dex duo (recently divorced in real life, awkward!). So while this will redefine the show the season that got it there was largely a bore by Dexter standards but hopefully the trial and error will teach the writers their lesson.