Season 6 Episode 12

This is the Way the World Ends

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 18, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Most anticipated scene - finally happening [spoilers]

    Typical Dexter finale:

    Dexter having a final showdown with the season-villain after suffering from little draw-backs but in the end manages to get him down. As season 6 was not really about escaping the typical formula the events of this finale have been very predictable and not really surprising. Except for the final moment.

    I think it's save to say that every fan has anticipated the last scene. Debra finally seeing Dexter kill. Ok I have to admit, I've been kind of excited in that scene. It was really unexpected as the writers delayed this moment for 6 seasons now and there were no signs that it would happen soon. I don't know why but I thought they didn't want to use that plot movement "so soon" yet. But then again, it's been 6 seasons and I don't know if Dexter can survive another 2 seasons without some REAL character development (and by that I don't mean LaGuerta turning from a bitch to a super-bitch). The threat of serial killers is something Dex always managed but what made past seasons so great was how he failed with personal relationships. So I have little hope Dexter will improve from here on because if it weren't for the final scene I maybe wouldn't have turned in for the next season even though I've been a huge fan until this season.

    That being said, I HATE to say that but in retrospect this scene was a let-down. It was supposed to be THE most important scene, build up for 6 years. And it came out of nowhere.

    What was Debra doing in the church?! What was Dexter doing there? How about going to some place with a lockable door and not a crime scene which is under surveillance by the police? (don't forget that they are looking for Travis with a high priority so it's very likely that he may go back to the church from a police perspective - the place should be locked down).

    Anyway. Debra walked in and saw Dexter kill. That's really all that happened. It had no big atmosphere or build up or anything. The scene only worked because of it's anticipation.

    So if you put this into perspective on how this season's writing was - it was kind of clumsy. Even "rushed" you could say - just to justify the next season.
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