Season 6 Episode 12

This is the Way the World Ends

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 18, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Great Ending!

    I am seeing so many reviews with people taking up so much issue with this season of Dexter but I have to say that it was great! To see Dexter tackle religion and someone with his own dark passenger was interesting in the development of the character. I guess people think that's boring and they need 20 million suspenseful twists to enjoy a show. Well you got it in the end with Deb seeing Dexter kill DDK and setting up the last 2 seasons.

    I've also noticed a ton of people pointing out inconsistencies that actually do make sense! For instance the illegals acting like nothing happened on the boat is obvious since all they care about is not getting deported and staying in Florida so WHY would they call the cops?

    Also if the boat never shows up well.....Dexter dies and show over? Debra also knew Dexter would be at the church since SHE TOLD HIM to go there on that day so she must have guessed he was there since she TOLD him to be there.

    So come on people let's use a little common sense and put some pieces of the puzzle together instead of just giving harsh reviews without thinking a bit. Yes I understand that some things won't make full sense like how he takes him off the roof but it's a show and you have to give some leeway to that and let go of perfectionism. But in all most things make sense!

    Going forward I think Dexter will try to play this off as DDK took Harrison so he had to do something about it but I doubt Deb will buy it and will start to put things together. Also looking forward to Luis who I think knows who Dexter is and is a fan of serial killers as can be seen by his video game. Thus when his ultimate idol turned him down he got rejected so I think he's sending the arm as a "do you want to play" like Brian did in the first season!

    I also wanted to point out on the whole does Dexter deserve to die part: Do superheroes deserve to die? Don't they also kill bad guys? Or is it just that Dexter is human and doesn't have super powers that makes us place him in a different category. Just a thought! Enjoy the last 2 seasons people!