Season 6 Episode 12

This is the Way the World Ends

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 18, 2011 on Showtime

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  • I actually thought this was one of the best (if not THE best) seasons of Dexter!

    Ok; first I must admit, after having read some of the reviews previously posted, that the writers abused "everything works out just right for Dexter" way too much this season. Admittedly there were a lot of moments in this season where timing was just a little too perfect. This, coupled with another reviewer's point that Debra never acted so lost and emotional before, are really the only two things that felt a little off. I purposefully waited until Season 6 was finished before I started watching it- I had gotten into "Breaking Bad" and both didn't want to stop watching that show till I was caught up, and was afraid that it's awesomeness would ruin Dexter for me... I think the writers actually did an amazing job! From the first episode I was immediately hooked (again); it certainly helped that I am a huge Mos Def (Yasin Bey) fan, and almost equally so Edward James Olmos.

    One thing that bugs me, reading the reviews, is so many people complaining about Dexter being "sloppy". I would not like a show where the characters don't mature/contemplate/adapt over time. This is surely intentional and led to his being caught by Deb in the finale. I LIKE the new Dexter, he pretty much NEVER made mistakes before, and with being a single father and questioning so much of his perceptions and attitudes, it just seemed really cool to me. Especially because it DID lead to him getting caught. The seventh season with be an exploration of these poor decisions and their consequences... I almost wished I had waited two seasons! The cliffhanger is just SO huge!
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