Season 8 Episode 5

This Little Piggy

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 28, 2013 on Showtime

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  • I wanted to be with my family

    It's nice to see Debra and Dexter getting along,as well as Dexter and I still have my doubts about her,I don't great episode,another killer on the bottom.
  • Just put this show out of its misery already

    It should have been done several seasons ago.

    What have they done to you, Dex?

    Nothing makes sense anymore, the psychology was the very core of this show, and now no one (re)acts in a believable way anymore.

    The surprise-motherfucker-slash-jack-in-a-box appearance of Charlotte Rampling out of freaking nowhere is utterly pathetic. Hullo there, you don't know me but I know all about your life because I was.... I was... tadam! Your dad's super secret shrink! And he had no secrets for me and even agreed to have everything on tape, and by the way the code was my idea. Look, I have a book here with a dozen serial killers all ready-to-kill for you, isn't it great?

    Dislocating my jaw here yawning with anticipation for Dr Outoftheblue to reveal she's the super villain, and more cheesy whiny Dex/Deb interaction. What happened to Deb the sexy badass? What happened to Dexter having us on the edge of our seats while he tried to avoid getting caught for a mere partial print during several episodes, because there actually was a plot? Now he's dropping bodies all over the place, surrounded by his sappy friends. The last scene on the boat was plain stupid.

    The best part of the episode was, as always lately, the beautiful and sad end title, made even more sad because it always reminds me how good this show was when it was good.

    A long time ago.
  • Run of the mill

    Pretty run of the mill episode for this season, expected better in the run up to the final of finals finale.

    Deb is still annoying, they should make her more bearable or kill her off, this is the last season of Dexter and it should be more focused on Dexter, or else rename the show 'Deb'
  • Have the writers just given up?

    There is no way this show should be getting the high scores others are giving it at this point. Does anyone remember how exciting the show was with Doakes or Trinity? It was great television. And here we are, with just a few episodes left to go, and we've got Masuka's daughter and some boring nonsense about the 'brain surgeon', which after several episodes is now dropped with no consequence whatsoever to anything.

    Why is Vogel now 'family', given Dexter previously announced he's done with her? Why is Deb so suddenly OK with Dexter after nearly a season and a half of trauma for her? Why bother investing airtime in minor characters like Masuka and Quinn at the expense of a truly exciting storyline for Dexter? Why bring in completely inconsequential plotlines like Yates's shoe collection or toe-breaking? What an unnecessary waste of airtime, as was his entire character.

    The first half of this season has been a disaster. This is a greater travesty than the end of Lost, although at least we had two dull seasons before this one as warning signs. It's hard to get excited for whats's ahead. The people responsible for writing this show aren't even trying anymore. Dexter deserved a thrilling, climatic final season. It deserved to hit the ground running on episode one until right to the end of its run. It deserved to be gripping, tense and unpredictable.

    What we have is this show's worst case scenario.
  • The Curtain Rod That Binds...

    While it's easy to go to what didn't happen let's look at what did. We knew Dexter was saved, more or less, by Deb. And, we knew when you save someone you care. No wonder the writers needed to just go ahead and bring Dexter and Deb back together. Together they're richer as characters with plenty of tension intact.

    What's more surprising is Dr. Vogel is back in full manipulating glory. This raises the creep factor with almost unimaginable possibilities. The group effort to clean up the murder scene (how to clean up an impaled mattress?) signals a new paradigm in Dexter's evolution in some kind of bizarre bonding our protagonist has never allowed. Now, this is interesting.

    Clumsy as the side-stories of Masuka and Quinn are, we know they're just setups for something else so give these some space before final judgment. Same with Deb's boss.

    What's big is Dexter is now empowered once more. Though, he's seemingly in a much different, . foreign, place, a pinnacle if you will, a place where he actually has a support structure of "family" as horrifically stated. Dexter has never had this, no not with Harry since the "code" was not about acceptance instead being damage control. This is the episodes "big reveal" and I'm surprised it hasn't been picked-up on as the centerpiece as it signals a dynamic quantum shift.

    Other thoughts: Harry was completely absent. Battista is still marginalized, Captain Matthews has unknown dark motives as in his heyday. Quinn is back on the cusp of who knows what. Jamie's girlfriend has a secret side as, likely, so does Masuka's sudden daughter. There's plenty of undercurrent in the soup. So, maybe a necessary slow down before all hell breaks loose and in that way not a disappointing episode at all, but the calming before the explosive storm?
  • This Little Piggy

    What would seem like the first arc of this season was wrapped up for us this week in the wake of Vogel's abduction. While Miami Metro looks into murder of a woman who was having a relationship with a wealthy Miami Metro investor Mr. Hamilton and the surviving victim Dexter fished out of Yates' place identifies Yates for the department so he's officially a person of interest. The whole Matthews' putting Quinn through the ringer because Hamilton is a benefactor that keeps him in Brooks Brother's suits does prove rather interesting and is akin to when Deb first stepped up as Lieutenant back in Season 6 and the BS that LaGuerta put her through. In the case Quinn learns that Angie is also in the running which I'm not really interested in as we've never been given a reason to like her or even care for her as a character (one of the many reasons Mike Anderson should still be around as he was a bit more dimensional before his untimely demise). Masuka hires Elway and Deb to look into his daughter as she may be interested in him only for money and as a precaution is his only reason. It would be nice if Masuka could just have his daughter be there to catch up but knowing this show there will be some sort of ulterior game she's playing in Vince. Meanwhile Vogel shows her less analytical side when struggling to stay alive while Yates does his "break the toes, keep the left shoe" thing as she tries to convince him of her ability to help him. What is creepily unearthed, beyond the bodies buried in Yates' yard with the rose bushes over them, is how his mother abused him. Then Vogel goes all Red Dragon on him assuming the role of Yates' mom to gain the upper hand which shows just how resourceful and not just book smart Vogel is. She calls Dexter on her phone and puts it in speaker. Dex and Deb had already put their differences aside to go look into houses Yates had serviced for cable and stuff earlier that month so they get Elway to track it illegally. Yates discovers this and hides her in the closet and fittingly hides under the bed while Dexter and Deb both appear as the calvalry. Dexter surmises from the conversation that Yates in under the bed and skewers him with a window dresser hanger thingy. Their whole scene at the beginning was a bit of a jump ahead of where i wanted them to be with Dexter so quickly becoming the one not taking Deb's calls but the progress that Deb has made is undeniable. Also, they never did catch the Hamilton kid who was identified, and not the father, at the apartment of the dead woman around the time of her murder. So he'll annoyingly come back into play next week or something. But something just doesn't sit right like I mentioned last week. The whole "he's the Brain Surgeon" in regards to Yates even though he never mentioned visiting Vogel's to deliver the pieces of brain tissue or taunted her about his brain surgery, she brought it up. You'd think that whoever was the Surgeon would've mentioned that he forced a man at gunpoint to kill another. The Brain Surgeon, if the person wasn't Vogel and not Yates, is still out there and seems much more obsessed with Vogel and Yates just seemed downright frustrated at the presence of his doctor coming back into his life to mess up his killing streak. So I'm sure this will come back in a big way. Also, the whole dinner thing definitely makes Christy or whoever who just moved in a very interesting character that may know more about Dexter than just "he's cute" but Dexter asking her out which was Jaime's plan ultimately was nice to see him branching out. And Dexter playing the "Harrison could've been an orphan" card just wasn't right for the playing as his killing endangers his son being an orphan every time he put someone on his table. But the ending with Vogel, Deb, and Dexter all on the boat getting rid of Yates was a nice touch but so obviously greenscreened. But my minor gripes aside as it looks like the greater mystery of the Brain Surgeon will either be answered in the coming weeks or inexplicably disappear like the Fuentes Brothers in Season 5. I'd like the Brain Surgeon story to be over as adding a new serial offender such as the fire starting suit guy last season right at the height of when Isaac was chasing Dexter made for a great "I totally want to see more of that later" thing.
  • Psycho season

    I agree with the review. The actors are doing a good job but the writing is not cohesive. There are too many subplots and arcs and I don't see them coming together and making sense. I appreciate that the writers finally are giving Masuka and Quin some air time, but it just too much to cram into a season. Dexter and Deb do seem to be getting over things too soon. As the reviewer said Deb hit bottom but she got up way too quickly and Dexter looks pretty good after a near drowning. Nobody missed the car at the police station?! It was good to see Dexter and Deb working together but you'd think someone with Dexter's issues would have a problem trusting Deb after she tried to kill him, and isn't he mad at Vogel for what she wrote about him? The one good scene was Dexter, serial killer, bested by a 100 lb nanny!
  • This Little Piggy

    It had its moments, but the ending was really lame, and there just was not a strong enough story at any point. And all of a sudden Quinn actually "gets" his job and understands how to be a cop? Not buying that.

    Solid, but forgettable.
  • The family that kills together.

    After the ending of the last episode I was wondering how things would work out between Dexter and Deb and it's a lot better than what I thought The two of them come together when Vogel is kidnapped by Yates I am still not convinced that Yates is the brain surgeon and it came to me when Vogel was listening to the music right before Yates came The music she was listening to was what the Brain Surgeon was listening to on the video in one of the earlier episodes Even though it doesn't prove much it's still a possibility In the end with the help of Deb Dexter was able to kill Yates and save Vogel and it was weird to see them both sat on his boat while he dumps the body They are now the family that kills together.
  • This Little Piggy

    That last kill gave me chills.
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