Season 8 Episode 5

This Little Piggy

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 28, 2013 on Showtime

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  • This Little Piggy

    What would seem like the first arc of this season was wrapped up for us this week in the wake of Vogel's abduction. While Miami Metro looks into murder of a woman who was having a relationship with a wealthy Miami Metro investor Mr. Hamilton and the surviving victim Dexter fished out of Yates' place identifies Yates for the department so he's officially a person of interest. The whole Matthews' putting Quinn through the ringer because Hamilton is a benefactor that keeps him in Brooks Brother's suits does prove rather interesting and is akin to when Deb first stepped up as Lieutenant back in Season 6 and the BS that LaGuerta put her through. In the case Quinn learns that Angie is also in the running which I'm not really interested in as we've never been given a reason to like her or even care for her as a character (one of the many reasons Mike Anderson should still be around as he was a bit more dimensional before his untimely demise). Masuka hires Elway and Deb to look into his daughter as she may be interested in him only for money and as a precaution is his only reason. It would be nice if Masuka could just have his daughter be there to catch up but knowing this show there will be some sort of ulterior game she's playing in Vince. Meanwhile Vogel shows her less analytical side when struggling to stay alive while Yates does his "break the toes, keep the left shoe" thing as she tries to convince him of her ability to help him. What is creepily unearthed, beyond the bodies buried in Yates' yard with the rose bushes over them, is how his mother abused him. Then Vogel goes all Red Dragon on him assuming the role of Yates' mom to gain the upper hand which shows just how resourceful and not just book smart Vogel is. She calls Dexter on her phone and puts it in speaker. Dex and Deb had already put their differences aside to go look into houses Yates had serviced for cable and stuff earlier that month so they get Elway to track it illegally. Yates discovers this and hides her in the closet and fittingly hides under the bed while Dexter and Deb both appear as the calvalry. Dexter surmises from the conversation that Yates in under the bed and skewers him with a window dresser hanger thingy. Their whole scene at the beginning was a bit of a jump ahead of where i wanted them to be with Dexter so quickly becoming the one not taking Deb's calls but the progress that Deb has made is undeniable. Also, they never did catch the Hamilton kid who was identified, and not the father, at the apartment of the dead woman around the time of her murder. So he'll annoyingly come back into play next week or something. But something just doesn't sit right like I mentioned last week. The whole "he's the Brain Surgeon" in regards to Yates even though he never mentioned visiting Vogel's to deliver the pieces of brain tissue or taunted her about his brain surgery, she brought it up. You'd think that whoever was the Surgeon would've mentioned that he forced a man at gunpoint to kill another. The Brain Surgeon, if the person wasn't Vogel and not Yates, is still out there and seems much more obsessed with Vogel and Yates just seemed downright frustrated at the presence of his doctor coming back into his life to mess up his killing streak. So I'm sure this will come back in a big way. Also, the whole dinner thing definitely makes Christy or whoever who just moved in a very interesting character that may know more about Dexter than just "he's cute" but Dexter asking her out which was Jaime's plan ultimately was nice to see him branching out. And Dexter playing the "Harrison could've been an orphan" card just wasn't right for the playing as his killing endangers his son being an orphan every time he put someone on his table. But the ending with Vogel, Deb, and Dexter all on the boat getting rid of Yates was a nice touch but so obviously greenscreened. But my minor gripes aside as it looks like the greater mystery of the Brain Surgeon will either be answered in the coming weeks or inexplicably disappear like the Fuentes Brothers in Season 5. I'd like the Brain Surgeon story to be over as adding a new serial offender such as the fire starting suit guy last season right at the height of when Isaac was chasing Dexter made for a great "I totally want to see more of that later" thing.