Season 6 Episode 1

Those Kinds of Things

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 02, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Righteous Kill: A Dexter Morgan Story (Spoilers Ahead)


    Season Six kicks off with a fresh kill and things pick up a year after Season Five to give Dexter some room to move away from Rita's shadow and be on his own again. He is still raising Harrison as a single dad and has hired Angel's sister Jaime to be his Nanny, no word on what happened to the pleasant Irish-woman. LaGuerta gets a promotion to captain by blackmailing Captain Matthews in a typical "she would do that" type of way. Deb and Quinn are still together and like any series he has something serious to ask her. Dexter attends his 20 year high school reunion and gets a taste of what it's like to be popular and also targets the high school football captain who killed his wife three years ago. Enter into the fold a duo of killers, Travis and Professor Geller, two religious enacting psychos who killed a fruit worker and filled his stomach with seven worms afterdisemboweling him. Dexter's reunion adds a bit of the macabre humor for someone as pop culturally hopeless as Dexter and he even gets serviced by the Prom Queen for being her cheating ticket out of high school. Dexter also begins to work on finding a preschool for Harrison and doesn't know what he wants to leave behind for his son and reevaluates the religious school choice. LaGuerta offers Batista the job of Lieutenant in the wake of her promotion and he says he'll consider it. Masuka takes on a few new lab assistants since he now teaches Forensic Pathology and will get a rotating intern as a possible weekly gag or something. Aside from being a strong isolated episode and an unhinged Dexter killing willy-nilly like in Season One there were some things missing. The thing about a show like Dexter is that it can't go on forever, as a suspense driven drama it can only go on so long before it uses all its tricks. The season villains seem powerful and disturbing and are at the moment unrelated to Dexter but they will collide sooner or later but until that happens this season may have to pick up the pace sooner than later to keep this from getting tedious up until midseason.