Season 1 Episode 11

Truth Be Told

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 10, 2006 on Showtime
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The Ice Truck Killer puts Dexter in a life changing position when he takes someone close to Dexter hostage. Doakes begins to suspect that Dexter's odd behavior is something darker than he originally thought.

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  • Dexter finds out who the Ice Truck Killer is but is it too late.

    This episode was amazing and it couldn't of set up the finale any better The episode continues from Batista getting stabbed and luckily he manages to survive the surgery La Guerta also finds her job is on the line when the Ice Truck Killer kills again and because they haven't caught him she could be replaced as lieutenant The episode heated up so much in the last ten minutes when Dexter went to Batista to see if there was blood behind his head and Batista said that he could have given whoever attacked him a busted lip Dexter was just in shock after he recently saw Rudy with a busted lip but at this point he couldn't believe it so he needed the blood tested but Masuka told Dexter that Batista was stabbed because he was getting close to the ITK so that meant if the blood matched Rudy he was the ITK and when it matched you could see on Dexter's face that the killer has been looking for all this time has been with him for the last few weeks and Dexter never suspected him While Dexter found out Rudy was proposing to Deb but after that he kidnapped her and taken her out on his yacht After this episode the season finale has a lot expected of it but Dexter never disappoints.moreless
  • no better writing on TV no better character development no better storylines Fall 2007 is way way too far away...this is worse than the SOPRANOES-wait

    I didn't laugh as much as I usually do.....on this episode

    as I watch Dexter just beam so far beyond everyone he is around... now they are delving more into his "own" past/demons -

    seeing his pain is gut wretching

    knowing how shows have to go when they have been picked up for the following season, leaves you to wonder who will make it"out" of this one...and who will be back

    Who do you think will be....where?moreless
  • Out in the open

    One word for this episode: amazing. All was leading to this and all those high stakes - they come together and Dexter is in more dangerous game than ever - he is starting, step by step, getting after Rudy and because all of the blood and memories, he is too distracted to realize it until it is too late. The whole irony of the situation - both cops, both being around him so much and only now they are seeing it and it took very long time for Deb.

    I most say, I adored the writing. The action packed sequence as it was, the whole deeper storyline with Rita and the decision she made with her children. Amazing episode. Amazing..moreless
  • the jig is up.

    This episode was explosive. I can't believe that it took Dexter this long to figure out that he was the killer. I am dying right now cause I cant wait to see the next episode. I hope that he saves his sister cause she is one of the best characters on the show. God when he proposed to her it was like the most beautiful thing. I couldn't figure out if he was doing it to killer her or if her really wanted to be part of the "family" or at least be close to Dexter. I can't wait to find out what happens and I really want to know the rest of the info on Dexter's past still.moreless
  • Thrill me

    Por qué?!!! Por qué esperaron tanto para hacer un capítulo de p*** madre?!!! Por qué me tuve que comer la primera parte de la temporada con ganas de meterme los dvd's en el o***?!!!

    The ice truck killer al fin da la cara y se queda con Deb. Dexter desentierra su pasado ahora con hechos. Batista en el hosital ayuda a encontrar la identidad del asesino. LaGuerta es echada por el pelot*** ese. Todo parece derrumbarse. Hay acción y de la buena!!! No más pelucas ni flashbacks pedorros!!! La verdad al fin se conoce, máscaras caen que da calambre aaahhhh!!!! Quiero ver cómo termina esto ya!!!moreless
Angela Alvarado

Angela Alvarado

Nina Batista

Guest Star

Debbie Lee Carrington

Debbie Lee Carrington


Guest Star

Romeo Brown

Romeo Brown


Guest Star

Geoff Pierson

Geoff Pierson

Captain Thomas Matthews

Recurring Role

Mark Pellegrino

Mark Pellegrino

Paul Bennett

Recurring Role

Christian Camargo

Christian Camargo

Rudy Cooper

Recurring Role

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    • Dexter: Deb's fallen for you hard, and if you hurt her...
      Rudy: What you'll hurt me? Oohhh...
      Dexter: Yeah, something like that.

    • Rudy: Debra Morgan, will you marry me?
      Deb: (giggles) I knew it, I fucking knew it!
      Rudy: Is that your version of a yes?

    • Dexter: (voice over, digging in dumpster for evidence) At times like this, I wish the truth was more easily accessible, and less... ripe.

    • (Rita visits Paul in prison)
      Paul: If they see me here, like this, I'm gonna lose them forever.
      Rita: Paul, the one good thing that came out of our marriage are those kids. And I know you love them. But if you want to have any kind of real relationship with them, it has to be with the father they have, not the father they wish they had.

    • Deb: (about Rudy) He sent me this text message.
      Dexter: (reading text message) "Cum sail away with me"? He misspelled come.

    • Dexter: (voice over) My mother was murdered before my eyes. Makes sense I'd choose a life where I search for meaning in blood, and the sole memory I have of her is being covered in it.

    • LaGuerta: Doctor said you're lucky to be alive, and still have a liver.
      Angel: That is why I got two, right?
      LaGuerta: It's a good thing you decided to be a cop.

    • Deb: God, I hate feeling so helpless. (to Masuka) What, no jokes about providing gross sexual comfort in a time of crisis?
      Masuka: My friend was stabbed, and he might die.

    • Dexter: (voice over) Thinking Rudy attacked Batista doesn't make any sense; he's a loving boyfriend, he spends his life helping people in need... he brought me steaks. (Preparing to break into Rudy's apartment and realizing he can't) Now that's just rude. Why would loving and helpful Rudy need an industrial grade lock?

    • Dexter: (voice over looking at the ITK´s crime scene) First, he turns my whole world inside out with a carnival of blood. Now he leaves me this, a calming oasis in the desert of my confusion. It doesn´t make sense.

    • Dexter: (voice over) I´ve never had much use for the concept of hell, but if hell exists I´m in it.

    • Rudy: You know the one thing I've been dying to ask you? How did you not know who I was? You're a cop.
      Deb: This isn't funny.
      Rudy: I think a real cop would have at least had a sense that she was in the presence of the person she was hunting. Right?

    • Rudy: (singing to the tune "Deck the Halls") Deck the halls with parts of bodies…

    • Deb: (looking over the pieces of a body) Another hooker?
      Masuoka: Ho, ho, ho. Another dead ho.

    • Masuka: Hey Morgan, wanna sit on my lap when we're done and tell me what you want for Christmas.
      Deb: And he's back. No thanks, last thing on my wish list is a burning sensation when I pee.

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