Season 1 Episode 11

Truth Be Told

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 10, 2006 on Showtime

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  • Dexter finds out who the Ice Truck Killer is but is it too late.

    This episode was amazing and it couldn't of set up the finale any better The episode continues from Batista getting stabbed and luckily he manages to survive the surgery La Guerta also finds her job is on the line when the Ice Truck Killer kills again and because they haven't caught him she could be replaced as lieutenant The episode heated up so much in the last ten minutes when Dexter went to Batista to see if there was blood behind his head and Batista said that he could have given whoever attacked him a busted lip Dexter was just in shock after he recently saw Rudy with a busted lip but at this point he couldn't believe it so he needed the blood tested but Masuka told Dexter that Batista was stabbed because he was getting close to the ITK so that meant if the blood matched Rudy he was the ITK and when it matched you could see on Dexter's face that the killer has been looking for all this time has been with him for the last few weeks and Dexter never suspected him While Dexter found out Rudy was proposing to Deb but after that he kidnapped her and taken her out on his yacht After this episode the season finale has a lot expected of it but Dexter never disappoints.
  • no better writing on TV no better character development no better storylines Fall 2007 is way way too far away...this is worse than the SOPRANOES-wait

    I didn't laugh as much as I usually do.....on this episode
    as I watch Dexter just beam so far beyond everyone he is around... now they are delving more into his "own" past/demons -
    seeing his pain is gut wretching

    knowing how shows have to go when they have been picked up for the following season, leaves you to wonder who will make it"out" of this one...and who will be back

    Who do you think will be....where?
  • Out in the open

    One word for this episode: amazing. All was leading to this and all those high stakes - they come together and Dexter is in more dangerous game than ever - he is starting, step by step, getting after Rudy and because all of the blood and memories, he is too distracted to realize it until it is too late. The whole irony of the situation - both cops, both being around him so much and only now they are seeing it and it took very long time for Deb.

    I most say, I adored the writing. The action packed sequence as it was, the whole deeper storyline with Rita and the decision she made with her children. Amazing episode. Amazing..
  • the jig is up.

    This episode was explosive. I can't believe that it took Dexter this long to figure out that he was the killer. I am dying right now cause I cant wait to see the next episode. I hope that he saves his sister cause she is one of the best characters on the show. God when he proposed to her it was like the most beautiful thing. I couldn't figure out if he was doing it to killer her or if her really wanted to be part of the "family" or at least be close to Dexter. I can't wait to find out what happens and I really want to know the rest of the info on Dexter's past still.
  • Thrill me

    Por qué?!!! Por qué esperaron tanto para hacer un capítulo de p*** madre?!!! Por qué me tuve que comer la primera parte de la temporada con ganas de meterme los dvd's en el o***?!!!
    The ice truck killer al fin da la cara y se queda con Deb. Dexter desentierra su pasado ahora con hechos. Batista en el hosital ayuda a encontrar la identidad del asesino. LaGuerta es echada por el pelot*** ese. Todo parece derrumbarse. Hay acción y de la buena!!! No más pelucas ni flashbacks pedorros!!! La verdad al fin se conoce, máscaras caen que da calambre aaahhhh!!!! Quiero ver cómo termina esto ya!!!
  • The Set Up Episode

    New Review: Again, can't seem to find out why I didn't like these final three episodes as much. Really good storyline here. Rudy connects with Deb and kidnaps her to set up the finale and the team deals with Angels storyline. Overall, very good episode.

    The episode did do one thing - set up the finale very well. The episode did however stand out from its own as well, not just serving as an episode to set up the finale. Angel is recovering in the hospital and Rudy made one too many mistakes when he allowed Angel to get a shot in and Dexter gets the upperhand by figuring out the identity of Rudy. Rudy did however get to Deb just before Dexter could figure it all out - leading to a finale that is sure to end the thirteen episode story arch that is the Ice Truck Killer. Maria loses her job in this episode, but it didn't do anything for me. If Season one has a flaw its the fact that I dont care about anyones storyline other then Dexter, Rita, Deb, and Ice Truck Killer. And the flashbacks as well, but they play a minor role. Overall, I thought the episode was very good - thought neither of the last two episodes has been able to touch anywhere close to "Shrink Wrap" yet.
  • The last 10 Mintues were Intense and Gripping...

    It was an Average episode Until the last 10 Minutes when Dexter finally out all the clues together and found that Rudi is the Ice Truck Killer.

    The Ice Truck Killer striked again, leaving the Limps of a Prostitute before Christmas at Santa's Cottage.

    But this time, Dexter notices that the kill is not as "tidy" like his previous kills. It's as if the Ice Truck Killer is rushing to leave Miami. But in reality, the Ice Truck Killer Kidnappes Debbie someone very close to Dexter to lure him into a trap that will change his life forever. Meanwhile, Doakes notices Dexter has been acting strangely around the Homicide division, making him wonder if in fact, Dexter is the Ice Truck Killer.
  • Half time is over, and now Dexter gets to play the game with "both hands".

    Angel is recovering from his attack, and the team is celebrating his health. Dexter learns of his early beginnings with blood, but while he can see the picture, he can't see the colors. Meanwhile on the Ice Truck Killer case Dexter's world starts turning round and round, he knows now who he's up against, but were left thinking maybe has a bit late, but what we do know is that Dex is a freight train when he's living life, what we don't know is what he is capable of when he gets motivated.
    Now the chase is on, and the one who's been toying around with Dex is about to reap the whirlwind!
  • It's Me Written by Drew Z. Greenberg And Tim Schlattmann Directed by Keith Gordon

    Rudy: "You know the on thing I've been dying to ask you? How did you not know who I was? You're a cop"
    Deb: "This isn't funny"
    Rudy: "I think a real cop would've at least had a sense that she was in the presence of the person she was hunting, right?"

    People would figuratively drop anvils for viewers to get others to see the freaking obvious but all Rudy had to do was suck a lozenge before he took the shift from sweet to cruel and Deb came to the horrid realisation of just how screwed she is. In her defence, Rudy did make a fairly good attempt of being the nice normal guy instead of the deranged sociopath he really is.

    With all the crossed wires they seemed to be experiencing in the past two episodes, Deb was convinced her not so perfect boyfriend was going to dump her and in fairness, she would've been a hell of a lot better for it too but it makes sense that Rudy would see her as some kind of leverage that could be used.

    Still Deb was blissfully unaware of that and fearing rejection meant that she got Dexter to do a bit of research on Rudy with a lunch date for the two. Rudy does admit later on that Deb is desperate to be loved and that's something that's been pretty present during the entire season.

    Rudy also sought Deb out in his own way of trying to get close to Dexter and if there was a slight chance that he may have genuinely cared for, then the way he turned on her during the end of the episode blows that notion out of the water.

    One of the few things Rudy also did in this episode was after his failed attempt of trying to kill Angel, he was able to track down the hooker that talked to the cop and Rudy certainly got his own revenge by hacking the poor girl up after forcing her to film a message for him and then packaging her remains in Santa's Grotto. You could imagine some 8 year old having a spasm after being given a foot by Santa.

    Rudy might have a bizarre sense of Christmas cheer but he's not stupid. Angel snooping around backed him into a corner and knifing Angel made it worse. The dead hooker was a good subterfuge so that Rudy could set the rest of his plans into motion and naturally enough, they involved Dexter.

    Visiting Angel in the hospital and getting some blood work had he come to the conclusion that perhaps Rudy isn't as clean cut as he makes out. Plus Rudy did lie about the length of his cut lip and didn't do a good job recovering himself. Also at this rate, you just know that Rudy wanted to be found out by Dexter.

    Before Dexter was able to share his suspicions with his sister, he needed the proof and when sneaking into Rudy's apartment didn't pan out getting a stray blood sample from a skip had to do. It was really kinda coincidental that Dexter was able to get that sample from the skip and have it match the sample on the back of Angel's collar but I think it's one far fetched thing that I have no problem with letting slide. The way this whole Ice Truck Killer mystery has been dealt with is borderline flawless anyway.

    The annoying thing for Dexter is that while he tried to tell Deb to stay away from her psycho boyfriend, Rudy's relentless pursuit of her really did pay off and while Deb wasn't able to go with him for a weekend because there was progress being made on the ITK case, Rudy did argue that nothing was wrong with a decent meal.

    Under any normal circumstances Rudy would have a valid point but going to a boat to propose to a woman who you then mentally berate and kidnap isn't exactly the nicest thing in the world to do but again that doesn't stop Rudy doing it as soon as Deb is unfortunate enough to accept his proposal. If Deb survives the next episode, then she's certainly going to have to deal with a fair amount of emotional baggage afterwards.

    Rudy's turn in this episode was shocking, even though it was coming but the one thing that isn't explained is that fixation he seems to have on Dexter. For months he's been stalking the guy and aside from them both being killers, we don't know what else really connects them assuming something else does connect them.

    Dexter's pursuit of Rudy also had some ups and downs. Thanks to Rudy, Dexter made a more conscious effort in tracking down his biological mother and it turns out that Laura Mose was a drug dealer who got Texas Chain Massacred by a fellow dealer along with some friends of hers.

    More interestingly is the return of the records lady, Camilla from the first episode who tried to dissuade Dexter from finding out about his biological parents at first and was then forced to admit that she burned the records on Harry's instructions. Harry may have loved Dexter but he should've known eventually the lad would want answers on his real parents. Dexter has gone from being slightly hurt at being lied to by Harry to being outright annoyed given the way he confronted Camilla outside of her house. So aside from drug addicts, what else do we really know about Dexter's parents? Not really much beside the fact the same hotel room that Rudy lured Dexter to last week also has the same number of Santa's Grotto – 103. You could jest and say it was the amount of times that Dexter's mum was stabbed but really it stands for October 3rd, as in the very night she happened to die. There's something about that that has to be significant for Rudy also but what?

    Also because of the lies, Dexter let his cooler exterior slip a little too. At the hospital when Doakes got in his face, Dexter let rip instead of not rising to him and he also scolded Rita for lying about Paul to both Cody and Astor. In that sense he had a point but with Doakes he really did play into the man's hands.

    Paul has been nothing but a fly in the ointment of Dexter and Rita's somewhat perfect relationship and while these two were always going to have their difficulties, I really didn't want one of the things to divide them to be Rita's abusive ex-husband but even in jail; Paul still lingers like a bad smell.

    Although it's Dexter who is responsible for putting Paul back in the slammer, while he is somewhat a hypocrite for berating Rita about honesty, he did have a point. Paul's a time bomb waiting to go off and if he can attack Rita without much provocation, then jail should be the very place he remains in for a long time.

    Also if Dexter hadn't taken the law into his own hands, then Paul would've had no qualms with getting Rita charged with assault so there's another plus side for him being banged up. Cody doesn't know about his father's dark side so it's slightly natural that he might not be receptive when Rita tells him that Paul is in jail.

    One good step Rita does take is bringing the kids to see their father and forcing Paul's hand in admitting that he made a balls of everything. For a brief I nearly felt bad for Paul but if being in jail means less screen time, then I am more than happy with that. We're better off without seeing Paul and Rita is better off with Dexter.

    With Angel hospitalised the only thing we really had with him beside his constant hopes for the guy who stabbed him to be caught was the notion of getting back together with estranged wife Nina and while she was able to care for him and forgive him for cheating on her, it seems that even Nina couldn't bring herself to take Angel back. For a character that's only been in three episodes, it's incredibly easy to feel for her as well as Angel during those scenes. If her and Angel were so unhappy then she's right not to take him back.

    Masuka on the other hand had some fun of his own. The first scene he appeared in, he surprised by keeping the sexual harassment jokes at bay because he was too upset about what happened to Angel but he did regain his knack for inappropriate jesting and he was also quick enough to spot the latest victim to be an amputee. Deb wasn't the only woman on the show facing a hard time as LaGuerta got well and truly punished for challenging Tom so openly when the review went in his favour and he took this victory to his heart by demoting Maria with as much pleasure as he could muster.

    If this had happened earlier on in the series when I genuinely thought Maria did suck at her job, it would be a sweet moment but given that he messed up with the Neil Perry case and not her, I actually do hope that Maria is smart enough to get her own back on the smug git. Matthews started of being a likeable character and devolved as soon as Maria became sympathetic.

    At least LaGuerta had some support. Dexter sympathised with her public humiliation and Doakes was all for telling Matthews to take a hike until Maria stopped. Maria has the loyalty of her workers and that might be her greatest asset when she steps up her vendetta with Matthews.

    Also in "Truth Be Told"

    Loved the opening sequence with Dexter wading through Angel's scene in red lighting. Not exactly subtle but still effective.

    Rudy: "Actually your imperfection saved you the first time"
    Hooker: "Saved me from what?"
    Rudy: "True artistry".

    There was a great nod to Nip/Tuck when Rudy was marking the hooker in lipstick and talked about imperfections.

    Dexter: "Take your **** hand off me"
    Doakes: "Just what I always thought". Camilla: "This must be important. Haven't seen a lot of you lately"
    Dexter: "No rest for the wicked".

    Camilla's got a husband called Gene who's been in remission. Nice that we got something one her.

    Deb (to Dexter, re Doakes' hostility): "Is that a whole sexual tension thing or am I missing something?"

    Dexter: "Oh look its Rudy"
    Deb: "Yeah I sort of called him".

    There's an episode of Alias also called "Truth Be Told" too. I think I preferred this one more.

    Dexter: "Camilla I need to know the truth"
    Camilla: "Kid just leave this one alone".

    LaGuerta (to Dexter, re Matthews): "The last gasp of a desperate man. Things are gonna change around here".

    The lab girl looked a bit like Allison Mack from Smallville. I wouldn't mind seeing her again.

    LaGuerta: "Tell me that did not just happen"
    Doakes: "It's who you know and who you blow around here".

    This is the second episode in a row not to feature Harry. He'll be back for the finale I assume.

    Nina (to Angel): "We were miserable for years. Do you really want to survive this and go back to being unhappy?"

    Maria's replacement is a Haitian/American woman named Esme Pascal. She wasn't happy when Matthews referred to Esme as a real hero.

    Paul (re Cody/Astor): "I wouldn't know what to say"
    Rita: "Tell them you are paying for your mistakes. It's a valuable lesson. One you never got".

    Rudy: "Is that your version of a yes?"
    Deb: "Yes but ..."

    Rudy used the same ring from the dead hooker to propose to Deb. Notice how two of the stones were red, with a white one in the middle.

    Deb: "How did you know that?"
    Rudy: "I don't often make mistakes but when I do they haunt me".

    Chronology: A few minutes after "Seeing Red".

    There are episodes that make good on revelations and "Truth Be Told" really delivers in terms of the shocks and spine tingling moments on offer. This show has become every bit a cult hit and the level of storytelling has come leaps and bounds.
  • This series is getting stronger and stronger!!

    I loved this episode and am really begging to think Dexter is one of the strogest things on Tv! the tension and suspense in this episode were just outstanding. Deb finally discovering who Ruddy is was greatly done and I really am pulling for her to survive or be saved. dexter showed show much emotion when he discovered she was missing, it was moving just to watch him begin to break down. When he clicked that it was Ruddy I wanted to scream for him to RUN go and find him. I also like his girlfriend and it will be interesting to see what happens to her strange husband (Who I thought at first was the ice truck killer!!) Love it can't wait for the finale!
  • Dexter and Deb discover who Rudy really is.

    What a magnificent episode in itself and what a set-up episode for the first season finale.

    Everything fall into place for Dexter and despite claiming to have no feelings, now that Debs looks likely to be the next victim of the Ice Truck Killer, I don't think he'll stop at anything to rescue her.

    Both the writers and the actors did a great job with this episode, the clue that were there finally click and when Dexter figures it out, the acting is superb, his facial expression conveys so much emotion that it was a joy to watch. Debs and Rudy too, the menacing way Rudy looks and the surprise on Debs' face; very impressed with this episode.
  • I cannot imagine a setup episode made better than this, because it just makes the season finale so desirable that the wait destroys. This episode brings everything to the point that Dexter instantaneously becomes a classic.

    This was the best episode of Dexter so far, despite the fact that it was in many ways an episode to create the finale. What sells the episode is the final fifteen minutes, when it all comes together in Dexter's mind, clue after clue. Its an amazing experience, and Michael C. Hall just makes it stronger with his superb acting. Plus Rudy becomes creepier and creepier as it comes near the end, and Doakes also starts to show maybe his feelings. Every actor in this show puts on one of his best performances, and there is no doubt that this is an instant classic, both this episode alone and what it does for the show.
  • Dexter shows a little more emotion in this episode.

    I really enjoy that Dexter isn't one to show emotions or even have emotions, which makes it entertaining when he does show emotion, like when Doakes grabbed him and he said keep your f***king hands off me. Not his usual self. I'm glad Angel is alive. And finally they know who the Ice Truck Killer is, a little too late though. I wonder what his plans with Deb are, and I hope they explain how Rudy was able to find out so much about Dexter that he didn't even know about himself. I can't wait till next week to find out.
  • Every episode gets better & better. I'm impressed how well written and plotted this show is. Everything comes to a boiling point and the Ice Truck Killer is ready to make his masterplan move. Dexter, stop him!

    I wonder if this show is underapreciated... or underexposed. This is one of the best shows of the Crime/Drama genre around, if not the best. Being a big fan of CSI and CSI:Miami I craved for a new series and Dexter got to me in every sense of the way. Perfectly written and plotted plus it's production values such as HD format, camera movement, art & photography direction it's just spotless. Plus the acting is superb, specially Michael C. Scott.

    This episode is neat proof of such cleverly adapted plot. It all comes down to this moment when Dexter's rival/partener The Ice Truck Killer's new preay is someone so close and special to Dexter. Now it all comes down to Harry's teachings and Dexter's ability to stop this man and come out swinging, if he does. We'll see... now on to the season finale! Can't wait.
  • Everything has lead to this point. Now the game is on!

    I have loved this show since episode one and to watch all the storylines tie up and resolve by the end of the season was a sweet thing to watch. Everything we have watched for the entire season had lead to this point. This is the confrontation that the fans have been dying to see. Rudy and Dexter, one on one and without the masks. They are free to be themselves and the game is now on! This is going to lead to one hell of a season finale. I'm just glad that they're going to wrap it up by season end rather than make us wait till season two. Very classy.
  • How will it end?

    Only one episode and we will know how the match between Dexter and the ice truck killer will was a thrilling trip, sometimes disturbing (the bloodbath scene), sometimes exciting (Dex and Rudy passing time together, like friends, talking to each other of life, love, parents...) and now that everything for Dexter is clear, will he manage to save his sister's life?
    It seems to me that he is in clear disadvantage, not knowing where Deb is, incapable to find Rudy's yacht...maybe Deb will wake up and try to stop the killer, even if, wrist-tied like she is, she'll have a hard time trying to save her own life...
  • Dexter vs. Rudy, who will win?

    In this episode Dexter realizes that Rudy is the ice truck killer, after Debra is in his clutches.

    This episode was phenomenal and exciting. First Rudy killed the prostitute that basically id'd him as the killer. First of all, why did Debra accept Rudy's proposal, I mean they don't really know each other and they never seem to talk about anything serious.I really couldn't believe that Debra was so dumbstruck not to see that Rudy was the killer, especially after seeing that video of the upside down woman and seeing the lights.
    How could she not know that those were the same lights as the one's at Rudy's apartment.

    Also, I was shocked that Dexter never suspected Rudy, because he has such a keen eye. I can honestly say that I didn't suspect him at first, but then he started acting weird. Tomorrow's episode is going to be so dramatic and the best episode yet!!!
  • Average because Dexter never has been before.

    I love Dexter. It's a great show. From the first episode it was it's own show, without pretention, and unique.

    However, this episode disappointed me. Don't get me wrong, it was entertaining and advanced the plot adequately but after the first act I felt this feeling I feel when shows go from being individual, with their own storytelling style, to generic.

    Many parts of this episode felt convensional, not unoriginal but not in the same league of writing when compared to eariler episodes.

    From the pilot I've worried that once the serial killer was made known to the audience and the protaganist style would take second place to the typical methods and dramatic devises used to articulate this kind of plot and situation to the viewer.

    At times I felt like I was watching a better more character driven yet poorly directed version of CSI.

    If it would make sense for me to write "This is the least good episode" I would write such a grammatically faulty sentence. Only because I don't want to deminish the effort and heart of those who made it would I write that.

    Bring on the Season finale as this episode begs artificial excitment.

  • This is what you been waiting for. The show-down between Dexter and Rudy... is now... on.

    10 episodes of planning.
    10 episodes of character developing.
    10 episodes of build-up.

    And now, the 11th episode, all the puzzle pieces come together.

    And the result is... amazing.

    The episode's first half hour is pure planning on Rudy's side, and the last twenty minutes is executing.

    Rudy's goal is unknown. At least, it is for me. Does he want Dexter? Does he want to kill him? Or something else? Also, what he wants Debra for? Just kidnap her so Dexter would go after him? Anyhow: the episode was incredible. The last 15 minutes was breathetaking. The directing, the writing, the ACTING... jesus christ.

    Dexter is a must watch show. If you don't watch Dexter, you don't know what you miss...
  • kill Rudy...but not for the reasons you are thinking...

    So I was actually right about the 103. I made a guess that it was some kind of date from Dexter’s past. I really wish that we knew more about his past. Obviously it was something so bad that people were willing to commit a crime by getting rid of the police report. I hope that they don’t drag the truth to the second season, and if they do I hope that it answered in the first couple of episodes. So once again it was another episode that I feel very sorry for Deb. Rudy turned himself into the perfect man and took advantage of her. Forget that he is the ice-truck killer, he deserves to be shot just for doing that to her. I also think that Dex was in the right telling Rita not to lie to her kids. As upset as Dex was at the end knowing that something bad was happening to Deb – he has feelings for her even when he denies it.
  • Dexter is amazing!!!

    Episode 11 of this season was a heck of a rollercoaster ride, beginning with Rudy(ITK) finding the amputee hooker and ITKing her, leaving her remains wrapped as christmas presents under a public strip mall Christmas tree. Dexter is so preoccupied with his mother's killing and his memory of the scene that he fails to see what signs are there about Rudy. The file on his mother's murder is gone but we do finally see what the 103 was on 10/03/73 that his mother's crime scene was wrote about in the newspaper.
    Deb in her neurotic way has pretty much put herself in a dark place she doesn't want to visit even in her worst nightmare. I really want to know why Rudy is so dead set on being in Dexter's life and how he knows so much about Dexter, I hope the finale tells us and doesn't leave us high and dry. Paul is in jail and my goodness Rita has sure grown stronger throughout this season, Julie Benz is doing a bang up job as the character. I can hardly wait til next Sunday!
  • This show is flawless!

    Dexter is now very bothered by this repressed memory and he is determined to get to the bottom of this. It's like you can feel his confusion and everyone else around him is hard to understand. I really don't think he would have cared if Batista had lived or died. Doakes spotted this and that little confrontation was kind of intense. I don't think Doakes wants to piss Dexter off.

    I am now taking back SOME of the things I have said about Paul. One thing is for sure, he's a good dad. That was kind of a touching scene, it really got to me. Dexter was right, Rita's children deserve to know WHY their dad is in jail.

    Poor Debra. Did you see how excited she was when she found out that Rudy was going to propose? One minute she's in love and happily engaged, and the next her "fiancee" is choking her out. I really hope she makes it to see season 2.