Season 3 Episode 5

Turning Biminese

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 26, 2008 on Showtime

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  • Miguel gives Dexter a target he just doesn't know it.

    This is the episode where the story starts to develop because Miguel tells Dexter about a killer who keeps getting away with it and at the time Miguel doesn't know that Dexter will kill him but Miguel was able to work it out in the end but surprisingly he is proud of Dexter It was funny to see the new side of Masuka but it didn't last him long when he went back to his old ways after the confrontation with Ramon It will be interesting to see what happens now Miguel knows a bit more about Dexter.
  • Poor Some Sugar On Me

    Oh great, Dex finally kills someone in this episode. Well, unfortunately it takes a bit more than that to save this episode.

    After last week's mess it really didn't get any better. This epsidoe had nothing going on really, and I mean zero, nada niente - just plain emptiness.
    I really can't figure out right now what this show is about actually.

    Oh wait I got it, it's about getting married, having a baby, losing a baby, buying a new house, right? What the hell? Am I watching a new episode of Melrose Place (not that I ever watched it, but I guess it supposed to be something like this)?

    And why are the all the new characters getting so much screen time? Seriously, those people have no purpose at all.
    I could care less about Miguel, his retarded brother Ramone and his other retarded dead brother Oscar.
    Is that that some kind of West Side Story or what?
    I just want them all to be gone, preferably in garbage bags.

    This show is so dead people, mark my words...
  • Loyalty Written by Tim Schlattmann Directed by Marcos Siega

    Miguel: "All that stuff, that's not for men. Right, Dex?"
    Dexter: "Lying naked on a table, helpless? No, thanks."

    Yeah, surrendering to another person or thing isn't exactly the ideal of situations for Dexter to put himself under. Dexter is like many men who like their freedom so when tonight's episode threw some uncomfortable realities his way, Dexter couldn't fake it as well as he would usually do.

    Dexter loves Rita, this we all know too well by now but now we're seeing a side to him that's desperate to cling onto the familiarity of his old life. He's not ready to change and he's certainly not ready to move. Rita trying to push it only helped freak him out all the more.

    He was uncomfortable when Rita and Sylvia first ganged up on him with the suggestion that him and Rita would have to move in together. Even Dexter's attempts of wanting to sublet his apartment wasn't taken seriously. Rita wanted a bigger commitment that Dexter wanted to give.

    In the last two episodes we've seen him going from telling Rita that he wanted to be there for their child to him proposing to her in the most heartfelt of ways. Having him balk at the idea of the two of them moving could be seen as silly. Did Dexter really think that Rita wouldn't suggest moving in together?

    I'd like to think not but he certainly was put out by it and at one point he actually snapped at Rita and told her he didn't want to move in with her. I'm surprised she didn't smack him when he did that but Rita can sometimes do that. Instead she just looked crestfallen and continued making dinner. Bad move, Dexter.

    It's nice that when Dexter's being a bit of a prick that Rita has someone to confide in. I'm starting to like Sylvia more than Miguel. She genuinely does have Rita's best interests at heart and didn't pressure her into buying any houses that she wasn't sure of.

    It was also Sylvia who was largely there when Rita started bleeding by taking her to the hospital. Even trashing Dexter couldn't make me dislike Sylvia, probably because it was all too easy to understand why she wouldn't be so sympathetic. It's almost a pity that Rita and Sylvia's friendship won't make it past this season.

    As for Rita, she very nearly miscarried and it was certainly enough to scare anyone. I've had sisters who suffered similar scares so I know it's a terrible thing to have to worry about. Rita was lucky that she didn't lose the baby but that was because she had Sylvia to take her to the hospital.

    The near miscarriage was also something that got Dexter to get his act together. Emotions or the lack of, even Dexter wasn't thrilled about the idea of almost losing his own child and the ordeal was enough to get him to change his mind about moving in with Rita.

    When Dexter wasn't trying to wrangle out of committing further, he was also falling into Miguel's trap. The second Miguel started talking about wife killer Ethan was the same one I realised that he wanted Dexter to do his brand of justice to Ethan. Dexter didn't exactly fail on that score.

    The usual bout of research was done quickly enough and Dexter certainly had fun in dismembering Ethan, even if he couldn't dedicate as much time to the whole thing as he might have wanted to.

    As for Miguel confronting Dexter about Ethan's death – beautifully executed scene. What would've horrified any of the other regulars on this series about Dexter enthralled Miguel to the extent that Miguel tried to use it as a further means of connecting with Dexter.

    And that's my problem with Miguel – he's forcing a connection with Dexter for reasons that I don't know. He intentionally set Dexter on a path to kill Ethan and something tells me that Miguel will probably be misguided enough into thinking that he can control Dexter. He's going to have one hell of a culture shock when he realises that no one can control Dexter.

    Speaking of control, Ramon re-emerged as slightly calmer and more together when he approached Maria about trying to connect a recent skinner attack to Oscar's murder. The Ramon in this episode that I saw was probably the most tolerable that he's been in the series so far but he still managed to rub everyone up the wrong way.

    Quinn especially had no problem in telling him to back off but it was Masuka who actually got him to do it by contradicting one of his theories. In some ways this was an excellent episode for Masuka.

    Attempting to be more politically correct and polite was never something that was going to stick. If Deb and Angel's sarcastic remarks weren't enough to get Masuka back to his foul ways, then eventually something else would've done the trick. Though I did love Deb teasing him like mad.

    Deb certainly had a lot on her plate in this episode. First off all, she made the effort to try and get Wendell to talk to her but judging by the obvious fact that she was being watched, I think she might have put the lad in harm's way instead and possibly even Anton too. It was also nice to see her and Quinn reach some level of civility as well.

    As for Maria, she had exceedingly little to do in this episode at all but at least Angel made some effort with Barbara. Okay, she refused an initial date but now that she's realised he's not some sleazy creep, I think Angel definitely has a legitimate shot with her. I like Barbara and there's definitely some kind of a spark between her and Angel that could make a pairing between them work.

    Also in "Turning Biminese"

    Bimini is a fishing resort, right? It was also the same place that Ethan chose to vacate for the last time.

    Rita: "Dex, that's our baby."
    Dexter: "A baby. Incredible."

    I'm loving the fantasy sequences with Harry in this episode and one of them featuring Laura Moser was nice. Same actress as Season 1?

    Harry: "Marriage is 50-50. What's yours is Rita's. Better hope she insist on a place with central air."

    Angel (re Masuka): "What's up with him? He doesn't joke around anymore, he dresses better, he's polite."
    Quinn: "Maybe someone pointed out the error of his ways."

    Actually, Masuka's attire was more dull than polite. No-one in this show really wears muted colours, not even Doakes or Maria anymore.

    Deb: "You know, I can take inappropriate Masuka. I can take porn-loving Masuka. I can even take flatulent Masuka. But this dress-shoe-wearing please-and-thank-you zombie Masuka is **** creeping me out." Deb: "Is this about your stupid paper?"
    Masuka: "You guys don't get it. You hurt my feelings."

    I noticed the romantic vibe between Deb and Anton went up a few notches in this episode. She was quite protective of him.

    Rita: "No doesn't really work in a relationship, Dexter. Can we talk about it is a little productive."

    Masuka (to Ramon): "Your victim was smothered. That's not opinion. That's science. And science is one cold-hearted **** with a fourteen inch strap-on."
    Deb: "And he's back."

    Dexter and Miguel played a fair amount of golf in this episode. Dexter even used his golf bag to hide his weapons, which was pretty clever.

    Rita: "What are the rules about using the bathroom in a show house?"
    Sylvia: "There are no rules. You gotta go, you gotta go."

    Dexter: "And here I am, paradox personified. Taking life. Creating life."

    This episode used David Bowie's "Changes" during a scene. Interesting choice.

    Miguel (to Dexter): "You have nothing to explain, nothing to apologise for, not ever. I'm behind you, I'm with you and I respect you."

    Chronology: About nine weeks since "Our Father", just by far along Rita's pregnancy has gone.

    "Turning Biminese" is a strong point for the series. Fatherhood, commitment, Miguel are all the things that Dexter can't either shake off or control to his liking. Still, I'm sure that Dexter will adapt whatever way he can to these new situations.
  • It's getting interesting

    I can't believe Dexter let Miguel in so early, I mean he's actually including him in his freelancing as a serial killer. One thing to do the Freebo thing, but now he's revealing his code. I think he's moving too fast, can he really trust Miguel. Sure, he's a great judge of character, but I think he should be a bit more careful, and careful is normally his signum... Deb is still maturing, which I like. I think I've said it before, but I have been unsure if it's just bad acting or the character that is ridiculously immature at times, but I think she's growing, which means it's not bad acting, good! I'm all for a grown up Deb :)
  • Despite a very interesting ending, it was mostly a meh episode.

    Dexter has seen better days for sure. This episode was mostly about Dexter dealing with Rita`s pregnancy and his marriage proposal. As far as these changes in Dexter`s life are concerned, well there were no real thrill...Maybe perhaps Rita bleeding but come on, this is not the kind of thrill I want in Dexter. Anyway, it seems that by the end, Dexter accepted the changes with the baby coming as well as the marriage..hopefully they won`t go through that again, at least not that much. Even Debra`s story was more interesting...well a little. Some fun stuff with Masuka tho.
    The good thing on this episode was the ending. Given the recent developments and that odd friendship between Dex and Miguel, this was bound to happen. I really wanted to see this. Miguel admiring Dexter`s work is a very promising prospect.
  • Writers are doing a bang up job! This is some seriously good writing

    I simply LOVED this episode. So many scenes I can't even begin to list them - Just watch the entire episode. Great intro and some great lines make this episode a must re-watch. Props to the writers! Can someone please add the dialogues from this episode - Here I will begin - Seems Miguel and I understand each other better than either one of us knows. I could do us both a favor and look into this wife killer. When it comes to my way brand of justice, I don't have to compromise.

    Lying naked on a table, helpless - no, thanks - I thought, this line totally went unnoticed. Shame.

    Anyway, I pass the baton...
  • Dexter goes on hunt of a Wife Killer

    Dexter gets extremely uptight about the prospect moving in with Rita and giving up his much needed privacy. Miguel passes Dexter a name of wife killer who he will be unable to prosecute due to the fact that the woman's body was dumped in international waters. Dexter races off on a fishing trip in order to catch up with the Killer who's on a cruise ship.

    In the mean-time Rita goes house hunting with Miguel's wife; she ends up having complications with her pregnancy and gets rushed to the hospital. With Dexter unable to be found, Dexter finishes with Ethan then arrives late to Rita's bedside after getting back to his boat and finding out that he has twelve desperate messages. When Miguel brings up the fact that Ethan has vanished, Dexter turns ghost white Miguel finally knows what Dexter did...and for the first time, can Dexter trust this man?

    Elsewhere Masuka is back to his old self, Debz continues to look like a brat after Quinn releases one of Freebo's doormen.
  • good episode and the best of the first 5

    it was all good dexters new victim , the whole " dont want to look for houses" and of course miguel the final scene geve me chills.
    also masukas character development was very nice. and i am courius how angels story with the undercover cop is going to evolve the skinner parts wore also good and i cant wait to know who the hell the skinner is ( who is the ice truck killer deja vu but in a good way) i think that kid that worked for freebo is going to be important but we will see best line: my scret make harry kill himsel , it destoryed my brother and consumed lila but miguel dosent seem to have a problem with it he seems proud.
  • Wow! This season is just getting better and better.

    There has been a lot good said about this episode but I just wanted to throw in my two cents. This season doesn't have a main bad guy (yet) like the two previous seasons have. But there are just so many background stories that are really interesting. But let's just look a little on this episode first. Dexter starts realizing what it really means to get married, and he had obviously not thought about all the consequences. I think this is a natural step-up from the previous seasons. Dexter is just as much about how he interacts with "normal" people as it is about his killings. That's what makes this series so interesting. He has to deal with his family, friends and now future wife. What started out as his cover is taking more and more control of him. Also, I think it's great how almost all the characters have their own story lines, which just shows how thorough the writers work. They're not just props. And that brings me into the sub-plots. Take the binocular guy. Who is he, and what does he want? The new serial killer that's just lurking in the background, cutting of skin from his victims. It's like the writers are just teasing us, but I think this will become more and more important in time. Deb's whole issue with the informant/internal affairs/partner thing. And of course Masuka doing a comeback. But another thing that I think was kind of important was the focus on the code. In the previous episode Dexter went outside the code, but it's not like he's suddenly forgotten all about it. I think they are showing his evolution in a very credible way. Kudos!

    But the most intriguing part of this episode was the last couple of minutes. Wow, I almost jumped out of my chair. I was waiting for a boring round up of the episode, and we are left with this major cliff hanger. But it made me even more curious about Miguel. Is he really on Dexter's side? Or will he set him up to catch him while he's off guard? Or perhaps he's an avenger himself? Maybe he's the skin-guy? Anyway, great episode, with so much that can happen in the future. It's really impossible to predict this show, and that's what makes it so great!
  • Oh Buggery.

    "Oh Buggery."

    The kill was masterful - and adapting to the golf bag was mercurial and genius.

    Dex finally deals with and seems to overcome his father issues, relating to that clash between the (mistress) dark passenger and (rita with) his unborn child. First major fight for the couple leads to Dex growing up and a potential marriage date. Dex's dad and bio mom scene was very, very creepy. Also, Deb's damaged past helping keep Dex in line was good viewing again. However his unresolved brother issues are much more terrifying.

    As Miguel puts the bait out and Dex goes to finish off the job, we have a third person who is not afraid of what Dex seems to be. But he has not seen the dark passenger yet - only the end actions - which every supporter of the dark defender will tell you is a common mistake. How will this thing evolve, one wonders. And when will Dex have to kill another one close to him? Or will he get an apprentice? Or will it actually work out? One doubts it.

    Deb actually connects with a human being. And her potential flame seems to be busy in his own time. Yet I think it still holds potential.

    Masuka is hilarious as he upgrades from shirt to tie to suit. Then his inevitable breakdown and subsequent recovery was priceless. "Science is a ...." what glorious filth!

    I have a theory: Quin is after the money and is skinning people for it. He was in narcotics, and in Dex, everything is connected.

    Either way. I love how they are complicating things in different ways. Although this has slight resonances with Lila, it is much braver. The connection is deeper and purer. Also, they are working in a partnership. All fascinating TV. So far, so good.
  • hopefully no dead end...

    I can't stand this no more - and I was a Dexter Fan - really was. What happened here is probably the result of too much success in the first place, maybe waiting another year for the next season would have done good. And any other direction than this family thing would have been better.
    How much more disappointing can this Dexter character get? No tension at the job, getting married, an undefined Miguel as a friend? Come on...almost everyone needs a turnaround at this point as a character, but how can this Dexter be repaired? I really need to dig out some old Riptide DVD to get my world straight again.
  • That's more like it! Dexter makes time for his Dark Passenger, and gets more than he bargained for with Prado. Even if you saw it coming, the reveal was something to behold! Does Dexter finally have acceptance? Or is he being set up for a greater fall?

    The final sequence with Miguel and Dexter has to be the highlight of the season so far. Not only did it confirm Miguel's ulterior motives, but it also shifted their relationship, twisting it and turning it on an entirely new one. Dexter said it best with his voiceover, his father looked at Dexter as if he were a monster, it destroyed his brother and Lila, but Miguel respects him for it?

    I do think that Miguel was testing Dexter by telling him about the wife killer, the whole scene at the boat made it clear that Miguel was anxious to see what Dexter would do. Which means he may have already had a clue about Dexter before the Freebo murder. Another theory of course is that perhaps Oscar was the man killing criminals that were beyond Miguel's reach for him, and now he wants Dexter to fill that role.

    The Good: Dexter's hallucinations are both hilarious and creepy. Loved the 'Hi Mom' during the one he had of Harry and his mom.

    - The murder scene on the cruise ship was like Dexter on fast forward, the all too quick set up, the quick death, and the frenzied dump of the body parts.

    - The intensity with which the final scene was played. Kudos to MCH and Jimmy Smits.

    - The department stands up for Masuka

    - Deb and Anton do have chemistry

    - Who was looking through the binoculars at Wendell and Deb?

    The Bad: Deb and Quinn; really I just don't see how he's so bad, Deb is going to make the wrong choices yet again this season.

    - Sylvia and Rita becoming BFF's.

    Bottom line: Much more fast paced and intense this week, with a great setup for things to come!
  • Miguel discovers Dexter's secret.

    This episode took some time to get into but things got really good near the end. I am not sure what to make of Miguel knowing Dexter's secret. I mean it's not really realistic that an ADA would go along with this, but then again the whole premise of this series requires you to suspend your belief a little bit.

    Jimmy Smits has been phenomenal thus far and the Miguel Prado character is just so compelling right now. He always gets you to laugh yet you have to wonder if they are other motives behind his actions. I'll be disappointed when he departs from the show at the end of the season as it's hard to even think of the program without him.

    While Season 3 has been great the show needed a kick in the nutsack to make things even more exciting. We got that here with the final scene and I cannot wait to see what happens next week.
  • Simply amazing! The writers are such an inspiration!

    I'm an aspiring writer, and TV shows like Dexter are such an inspiration to me. I really don't understand how anybody could give bad review to this season. This episode, Turning Biminise was very cleverly plotted. There is lots of character develpment, we see a different side of Masuka. This got me thinking that problably masuka killed that third victim in order to prove himself. I have two suspects for the skinner, Anton and Quinn. Dexter dealing with his marriage and upcoming baby is just priceless. We start to realize that maybe living with Rita will not work out for him. He is so exposed and in grave danger of being discovered. Now, Jimmy smits is just amazing. I've never heard of the guy before this, but from these 5 episodes of Dexter, I have developed a lot of respect for the guy. He plays the part so perfectly. His storyline with dexter is just so unpredictable. Who knows where this is going to lead.
  • Dexter is going through some Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes. But he isn't the only one...


    One of the most important episodes of Dexter is revealed. This series has taken a "Pivotal" and very unexpected turn. Miguel appears to be Dexter's first partner in crime. While Rudy couldn't stay in Dexter's code and Lila was too inconvenient and controlling. But now there is Miguel who is just a helping hand for all of Dexter's needs. Now THIS is going to be a good storyline.

    Masuka finally takes a long overdue stand. Although for some strange reason it makes me wonder who killed that women. If it wasn't the skinner who was it? Was it a random killer? Or could it of been Ramon...Or maybe even Masuka? Dexter performs one of his best kills ever. God didn't just make golf so men could have some private time. He also made it so Dexter would have a bag to hide his tools in. And the David Bowie song was PERFECT and sums up the entire episode in a way that only our genius writers could of thought up.

    And Debra seems to be being followed by The Skinner. Who could it be? Anton (Who she apparently seems to have feelings for.)? Or Quinn, the guy she has mixed feelings for? Or could it be Miguel himself? Or maybe Rita DOESN'T really want central air and SHE is the skinner with her own pieces of skin in the air vent :O!

    Sorry for the random joke. This episode was REALLY good and has made me a very satisfied lion. Unfortunately we don't get to see more of the Chicky Hines case, which I was looking forward too.

    Also the Dexter and Rita relationship is great. It's real, unlike other TV relationships (Jim and Pam anyone?). The action has risen to a marvelous point. Dexter and Miguel, the dark defenders of our children, and there own.