Season 2 Episode 2

Waiting to Exhale

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 07, 2007 on Showtime

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  • A World Without Them Written by Clyde Philips Directed by Marcos Siega

    Rita: "Dexter I didn't ask for your advice".
    Dexter (to himself): "I don't know why people can't just deal with death".

    It's a good question and there are a multitude of answers. Why is Rita so affected by the death of her ex-husband? The same guy who went out of his way to make her life a living hell. Out of all the emotions she should be feeling, shouldn't relief be the biggest one?

    Guys like Paul are leopards and there's nothing or no-one that can change them. Sure he might genuinely care about Cody and Astor but not enough to stop terrorising Rita and file a false report against. I know there's probably a part of this storyline that should make feel some compassion for Paul but I refuse to.

    His death has also caused something of a rift between Rita and Dexter but that's not the reason why I won't sympathise for him even in death. Rita's not stupid and eventually she would've caught on to Dexter's suspicious behaviour but I do hate the fact that it was a scumbag like Paul who had to enlighten her. I'd almost rather it had been Doakes.

    In times of grief, you tend to take things out on those you love. Rita spent some of her time venting her anger at a funeral home but Cody and Astor also picked up on her stress and alerted Dexter. When he stopped by to see her, I did think she was going to go off on one. Rita strikes me as someone who's also capable of an explosive temper.

    There are times when you wish Dexter would get a clue about the emotions of some of the people around him. Rita was pretty hostile with him throughout the entire episode and not for one second did Dexter think it was anything more than grief. In fact she was rather livid when Dexter suggested that the state bury Paul rather than she did.

    With this I can see both sides. Paul isn't a person Dexter cared about. To Dexter and pretty all of the audience members, Paul had no redeeming qualities so at the end of the day, Rita and the kids were better off without him. I think despite admitting to Deb last week that there were elements of Paul she missed, Rita knows that she is better off without him.

    Unfortunately with the can of worms that Paul has left in his wake and Cody and Astor's feelings, Rita's not thinking straight. She practically has to guilt Dexter into coming to Paul's funeral and when Dexter does show up, Rita ignores him for the most part.

    Of course towards the end of the episode she does finally have it out with Dexter. It's one of those intense but non shouty confrontations that worked pretty well on shows like Six Feet Under. Dexter just sits there as Rita tells him that Paul told her about Dexter hitting him and leaving a shoe behind.
    The only problem with this scenario is that Rita mistakenly thinks Dexter is a drug addict. After all how else would he have been able to cook heroin to get Paul out of it? I'm no drug user myself but I don't think it's rocket science either and wasn't it somewhat reckless of Dexter to let Rita believe he was an addict.

    He couldn't get out of that he hit Paul and dragged him back to his hotel but he could've gotten out of the drug part if he had kept his mouth shut and insisted he had nothing to do with it. I don't think Rita wanted to believe that Dexter was a drug addict and given that Paul was one, it wouldn't have implausible for Rita to have bought that. Paul did try to rape Rita before Dexter assaulted him.

    Of course Dexter probably thought that by allowing Rita to believe that he could get her off his back. We all know that Dexter is beginning to feel the heat from different angles already. Rita finding out that he isn't as pure as the driven snow couldn't have come at a worse time.

    Seeing as Dexter is so good at faking stuff, he'll have to work overtime to really convince a rehab programme that he's an addict and if the likes of Doakes gets wind of this I can imagine more craziness ensuing as well. Dexter did make a point of noting that all his secrets were beginning to surface.

    That leads to problem number two – those delightful corpses found in the last episode are Dexter's handiwork and with the Miami met and the feds working together, our newest serial gets the title the Bay Harbour Butcher. It's not got quite the same ring to it as the Ice Truck Killer but it's a neat twist.

    Last season Dexter was hunting for his own brother without knowing and now he's got his own colleagues hunting for him, including Deb. Seeing a photo of Rudy stirs memories for Dexter and Deb who are having a hard time dealing with things. Having a big cheese like Frank Lundy also over this case could create problems for Dexter too.

    Played by Keith Carradine, Lundy seems like an okay enough guy. Nowhere near as annoying as either LaGuerta in her first few episodes or Captain Matthews in the latter half of Season One. However he still manages to create some ripples by effectively Doakes to leave him alone when the angry Sergeant tries to get on his team for the Bay Harbour Butcher.

    As for the Rudy stuff of the episode, it's ghostly appearance for the most part. In the conference room Dexter sees Rudy photo talking to him and at Paul's funeral, Rudy is also talking to him. Dexter denies feeling guilty for killing Rudy but you can't help but think that Dexter is protesting too much.

    In flashbacks we see things from Rudy's perspective. Harry picks up Dexter but effectively abandons Rudy. I didn't think about it before but why did Harry just up and abandon Rudy? If he hadn't, could Harry have prevented Rudy from becoming a vicious sociopath? You do wonder that things could've turned differently for Rudy if he had a similar support system that Dexter did.

    Dexter isn't the only one with Rudy on their minds – Deb naturally has her own issues to deal. She's still living with Dexter and she also has to face the consequences of her bar assault but more importantly she still has people reminding her that she was screwing the Ice Truck Killer and has problems trusting men.

    On the men front, there's a cute gym instructor who tries to help Deb with her punching. While she doesn't end up punching him, she does freak out a little when he gets a little too close to her. I have to praise Jennifer Carpenter's performance as Deb slowly struggles to rebuild her life.

    Even in the working environment while Deb is able to get some answers on a drug bust, the only reason it comes to be is when she loses it with Joey Nunez and points a gun at him. Angel warns Dexter about Deb's erratic behaviour and Dexter resolves the issue by letting her stay with him for a little longer.

    Another major factor in this episode is Little Chino. The vile scumbag managed to escape ending up in Dexter's slide collection in the season premiere and managed to get Eva killed without the cops being able to point the finger. This worked in Dexter's favour as it made him more determined to take the guy down.

    However second time round, Dexter still had difficult. Little Chino arranged for a few mates to be there when Dexter tried his luck and it was only when Joey was next on Chino's hit list did Dexter actually get lucky. Well there is that thing about third time lucky and it applied here with Dexter.

    Little Chino made a lot of noise about Dexter being as bad as him for killing him. In any other series, the hero or good guy of the piece would take this into consideration and either changes their mind and let jail be the option or go ahead with it and feel bad for doing. You could pick any hero you like; right now I'd go with The Doctor seeing as that recent Dalek/Davros altercation is playing heavy in my mind.

    The great thing about Dexter is that he doesn't feel that way and has no problem with ridding the world of Little Chino. Dexter even comes close to gloating before dismembering Little Chino. I know I probably shouldn't support but it's nice to see that Dexter's performance anxiety was a temporary thing. Something tells me, he'll have worse to slay this season than Little Chino.

    As for Maria, it seems I might have jumped the gun with her and Esme. I was hoping they would become allies to spite Tom but it seems that Maria is looking out for herself and seeing as Esme is allowing her personal life to conflict with her professional life, Maria has good opportunity for sabotage.

    In fact she tries her hand at blackmail with phone records and Esme has to appeal to her better nature to stop their superiors from getting them. If Esme is smart, she'll have realised that Maria is a slippery creature. If Maria's smart, she'd work with rather than against Esme but Maria doesn't strike me as the type of woman who plays well with others.

    As for everyone else, there's isn't much to go on. Masuka gets a few snappy one liners, Angel is still babbling out new age stuff and Doakes is still following Dexter. If Doakes isn't careful, Dexter will be able to use this brand of stalking to his own advantage. Right now Doakes has nothing other than suspicious and hatred of Dexter for his behaviour.

    Also in "Waiting To Exhale"

    I take it there are no fans of Whitney Houston then? I was half-expecting one of her songs to pop up given the title.

    Dexter (to himself): "Where is the orderly, controlled Dexter? How did I lose him? How do I find him again? I'm drifting but not to sleep".

    In a surprising moment in this episode, Deb actually asked Dexter if crime scenes get to him. Later on he sounded genuine to Angel when he admitted that he couldn't go there with certain thoughts.

    Deb: "This stuff doesn't get to you".
    Dexter: "I'm more of a crying on the inside kind of guy".

    Angel (re Eva): "Seeing her that way. Can you imagine that?"
    Dexter: "I can't even go there Angel".

    Dexter got visibly confused when Cody went up to him during the funeral and asked him if he was going to be his new father. It would've been interesting to see how Cody would've reacted had Dexter said yes.

    Lawyer (re Little Chino): "People tell me you're looking for my client".
    Masuka: "People told you right".

    Gabriel: "Was that a yes or a no?"
    Deb: "It was yes but it sounded like a no but yeah".

    Anyone else laugh when Dexter muttered to himself about not killing his sister? Now, that is very sibling like.

    Deb (re brief case): "What **** **** left that there?"
    Lundy: "It's Special Agent **** ****".

    Woman: "How many is a few?"
    Deb: "Three but one is a two parter".

    Not only did Deb pull a gun on Joey but she also made him pee in his pants. Deb's also scary when she's angry.

    Rudy: "I'm not sorry. I never left".
    Dexter: "I killed you".
    Rudy: "No you just took my life".

    Rudy: "It's human nature".
    Dexter: "I'm not human".
    Rudy: "No you just felt it".

    FXUK seem to be doing a lot of ads for the series Breaking Bad during the breaks for this show. I'm tempted to check it out.

    Little Chino: "You kill me what do you leave behind?"
    Dexter: "A world without you".

    Rita: "Part of me believes that with all of Paul's flaws, he paid the price for my dreams. Did you attack him Dexter? I understand. He attacked me".
    Dexter: "I hit him over the head".

    Chronology: A few days after "It's Alive".

    A very strong second episode, "Waiting To Exhale" timely sees Dexter getting past his performance anxiety and Rudy in enough time for him to be knee deep in other problems. Like last season, it's great that we didn't have to wait ages for things to kick as well as they do.
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