Season 8 Episode 3

What's Eating Dexter Morgan?

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 14, 2013 on Showtime

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  • What's Eating

    It is interesting, I am intrigued by where they are going with this recent murderer, but I just think the show has lost a little bit of its luster. The side storylines aren't working, and there just is not a strong enough amount of drama when you keep the villain hidden. Let's meet him/her, or reveal that it's the "Good Doctor" already.
  • The final season continues to disappoint

    I wondered how they'd salvage Dr. Vogel's character after her ridiculous back story in last week's exercise in absurdity, and this week showed there may be hope for her yet, although it's going to have to involve slow-moving manipulation tactics that will frustrate the pace of this season. And it's the knowledge that we're in the final season which makes these episodes so dull; this is the point Dexter should be revealed and on the run, playing cat and mouse with Miami Metro, in a thrilling and non-stop all action final story arc.

    Instead, we're getting Quinn trying to be a sergeant, Deb acting like a sulky teen, Michael C. Hall phoning in a zero-effort performance, and other characters serving no earthly use whatsoever. Is this honestly what any fan hoped for in their heart of hearts? To think of the show at it's peak in season 4 with the Trinity killer - what a boring show this has become.

    The writers continue to spoon-feed us narrative as if aimed at a childlike level of understanding, with Dexter pointing out such obvious insights the show is almost entirely void of any nuance and subtlety at this point. I've no doubt this review will be voted down and I can understand why - I want to like it too, but it's not fair to vote episodes like this higher than average just because it was once greater.

    Look at what Breaking Bad has achieved in its last season, then think back to this. You see? That's what I'm talking about.
  • What's Eating Dexter Morgan?

    This week's Dexter delved back into something Lila put so aptly back in Season 2 explaining how Dexter simply saying flat out that he's a monster is reductionist because it absolves him of trying to ever change. As Vogel sees how much Dex truly cares for Deb is the evidence that he truly has grown from the overly calculating Season 1 Dexter to Season 8 Dexter. Deb hit rock bottom for real this time showing up for work hungover, causing Quinn relationship trouble (but no one really cares) by having him come and getting for a DUI, and finally wanting to confess that she killed LaGuerta to Quinn in the station. Dexter meanwhile tried his last ditch effort to try and save her from herself by showing her a happy father that she had saved from the Fuentes Brothers back in Season 5 I think (which was never a fully resolved storyline either). The key was being that Dexter finally picked up that helping Deb was out of his hands and simply be accepting what he is and how good he is at being it he can't expect himself to save Deb on his own without her wanting his help (even if it is kinda all his fault). I really enjoyed the Brain Surgeon bits this week as Dex went down the patient list of Vogel's but rather than finding their guy he finds a low-rent mall fitness salesman as a cannibal who keeps whole brains intact. The Brain Surgeon had taken last week's victim's body and staged the scene so that it looked like a suicide, effectively wiping the case off of Miami Metro's plate and making it Dexter's extracurricular activity. The Brain Surgeon also knows about Dexter, having sent two pieces of brain to her door marked hers and his. But the best part of the episode came from Vogel saying that she made the first part of the Code "Don't Get Caught" to give Dex a bit of leeway to kill some who didn't fill to code to necessitate not getting caught such as LaGuerta (though that wasn't him). Vogel trying to help Deb can prove to be interesting as well, as we all knew that her confession wouldn't be that threatening since it's only 3 episodes into the final season although it may tip Quinn's suspicions. But Deb having someone who also knows about Dexter can be the key to her coming back from the edge and can prove to be some very good scene work down the road. Also, good for Matthews on picking up that Quinn is a waste of space, he totally is and isn't worth a damn or a Sergeant's badge so just give up Batista and Jaime find a better boyfriend even Louis was better.
  • Deb becomes a big problem for Dexter.

    While Dexter continues searching for the real Brain Surgeon he stumbles across another killer but this one doesn't cut the brains he eats them and other body parts As Deb is getting worse Dexter believes he can help her but when it gets to the point where Deb is ready to confess to killing La Guerta he has no choice but to use M99 to stop her talking There is only one more way Dexter can get Deb back on his side and that is Dr Vogel I just hope that Deb can forgive Dexter and move on The episodes are getting better by the week and by each episode Dexter is facing bigger problems.
  • I Consume Everyone I Love

    Dexter Morgan, contrary to Dr. Vogel's attempts to convince him he is perfect at being a psychopath, has a big problem: he actually does love some people. Dr. Vogel has stated a psychopath is incapable of love, so therein lies a huge juxtaposition which is causing intense turmoil for Dexter.

    True, Dexter can compartmentalize his feelings into a strange "numb" place where he can go about the grisly business of eliminating societies bent serial killers. But, he has always wrestled with "normal" feelings as a son, a married man, a father, and, of huge repercussions here, a brother to Deb. In the same episode Dexter's voice over narration gives us a glimpse of that inner battle: "I'm perfect at what I am" and, finally "I consume everyone I love". So, in effect, Dexter is neither particularly "perfect" at either because inside a deep rooted confusion exists. That confusion has spun out of control time and again, but "Harry's Code" kept it under a kind of rationale Dexter could co-exist with. That safety-net is no longer applicable in the fullest sense. Dexter knows he has left a trail of loss behind that has crept out of the sense The Code falsely gave him. It's likely this has made him a bit of some kind of guilt which he has, for the most part, worked around and continued to clean up the streets. But, now with Deb's attempt to confess to LaGuerta's murder Dexter is in the worst place he's ever occupied. He say's that he can not fix Deb.

    This episode for a good portion seemed light on both drama and action, but not unlike the first episode the clumsiness turned heavier as it progressed. It brought Dr. Vogel in yet deeper as Dexter's trust in her seemed uncharacteristic and, quite likely, misplaced. We know by this Dexter is way outside his comfort zone. Dexter is wrestling with who he has become and it isn't the same person he thought. So, this brings up big questions to be addressed. Will Deb self-destruct? Is Dr. Vogel actually evil with an agenda? Is the "Brain Surgeon Killer" stalking Dexter only using his rampage for a showdown to trap, or kill, Dexter? With all of this hovering close to a boiling point it's hard to, in the end, call this a slow episode! In fact, the tension is now so ominous that the feeling here is purely doom and gloom about to crash down making this another excellent part of the series finale.
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