Dexter's Laboratory

Season 3 Episode 25

A Third Dad Cartoon

Aired Unknown Jun 21, 2002 on Cartoon Network
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A Third Dad Cartoon
Dad goes with the kids to play some golf.
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  • nothing happened whatsoever.

    What the heck happened to dexter? during S1 and S2 the series was going strong. But I don't know what happened to S3 and S4. a third dad cartoon is definitely the worst dexter episode ever. Dad, dee dee and dexter go to the golf course, and dad does really good in golf right? wrong! for 7 long minutes, dad sits there like a moron, shaking his butt and doing a bunch of dumb pointless stuff, which made me scream: stop standing around and do something! and just as is about to hit the golf ball, It starts to rain, and dad decides to try again tomorrow. I want those 7 minutes of my life back.moreless
  • A waste of space in the series.

    This is by far, the most boring episode of Dexter's Lab. Absolutely nothing happens, and there's not even a stupid plot to it. First, I'll explain what happens, and then point out the problems in this dumb episode. Here's the the story:

    Dad brings Dexter and Dee Dee golfing with him, and Dad sets everything up to play golf, but does much more than expected, and is at last ready to play. But all he does is horse and stall around all day while Dexter and Dee Dee stand off to the side smiling at him as he does it. Would they really have let Dad fool around like that and waste time by stretching and doing all kinds of unnesessary things just to hit a golf ball? I don't think so. Even they have better things to do, especially Dexter. Well anyways, Dexter and Dee Dee just stand off to the side smiling while Dad just stalls and wastes the episode's time. And finally, he's just about to hit it when its starts to rain. And all he does is say "Oh well, guess we'll have to try next week". And they leave. Now here's the problems with this episode, Is Dad stupid?! He had plenty of time to hit the ball instead of wasting time by stretching, cracking his knuckles, and squirming around like he did. And why didn't Dexter and Dee Dee tell him to hurry up and stop wasting the episode's time instead of standing off to the side smiling? And what was the point of this episode? Because I sure didn't recognize one! Who came up with this?! Terrible!moreless

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