Dexter's Laboratory

Season 1 Episode 8

Dexter Dodgeball

Aired Unknown May 05, 1996 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Monday morning: As the time becomes 7:00 AM, the computer in Dexter's Lab shows a message saying "Wake up sequence activated". In Dexter's room, a tube comes above Dexter. Dexter suddenly gets sucked into the tube and is transported to his laboratory. He takes a bath, gets dressed up and looks happily at his gym excuse, which he has carefully preserved.
He enters the school, proudly holding the gym excuse in his hand. As he passes the gym lockers, three bullies call Dexter 'Dorkster' and laugh at him for bringing his excuse again. Dexter puts the note on the gym teacher's table and starts to leave, cooling mentioning that he will be in the gym lab if anyone needs him. Suddenly, a big man picks up Dexter's note and angrily asks what it is. Dexter gets surprised and turns around and asks the man who he is. He turns out to be the substitute coach, and tells Dexter to be quiet. Dexter asks about his excuse, and the coach tears it up and tells him 'what excuse'. He shouts at Dexter to suit up, blows the whistle and tells everyone to play dodge ball.
Later, out in the field, Dexter stands in his gym clothes along with the other students, looking miserable. As soon as the coach shouts 'dodge ball', everyone starts running around, screaming. Dexter stands still, nervously looking at everyone getting hit around him. A kid runs up to Dexter and pleads him for help. However, the kid gets hit and slowly bids goodbye to Dexter as he falls down. Soon, Dexter finds himself to be the only person standing. The bullies who laughed at him in the locker, look at him with a smirk and ask him where his excuse his now. They then throw the balls at him. Dexter gets hit and falls. Before he can pick up his glasses, a ball falls on the glasses and breaks them.

Tuesday: Dexter is sitting in the locker wearing his gym clothes looking scared. The three bullies walk past him, each happily holding a ball in their hands. Later in the court, one of the bullies throws the ball at Dexter. As the ball is falling, everyone around Dexter move away from him. Dexter runs around in circles, screaming, until the ball whacks him.

Wednesday: After the coach screams 'dodge ball', a ball flies towards Dexter with the word 'Bolt' on it. It hits Dexter's face. Dexter gets a backwards print of the word 'bolt' on his forehead and collapses.

Thursday: Dexter is running past the field with three dodge balls flying in his direction. He runs into the school, and the balls follow. He moves through the corridors by making swift turns, and tries hiding in the library, but the dodge balls recognize him and whack him, making him fall through the library window, onto the field again.

Friday: Dexter has a confident look on his face, until a dodge ball hits him between his legs. Dexter gets tears in his eyes and falls down, shivering, while the bullies laugh at him. A gray cloud hovers over Dexter in the field. Later Dexter gloomily goes to bed, and starts to have nightmares. In his nightmares, he sees three devilish figures laughing at him with fire all around them. Suddenly a ray of light pierces through the figures, and Dexter turns around to see what it is. He sees the shadow of a machine, and wakes up from his dream. He smiles at the idea.

Monday: The bullies wonder where Dexter is and think they scared him off. Dexter shows up in front of them and the bullies get ready to target him. They throw the balls at him, but none of it hits Dexter. Dexter says it's his turn, and pushes a button from his belt. A large robot comes off Dexter's backpack and Dexter seats himself inside the machine. The bullies start screaming and run away from Dexter. Dexter throws a fireball at the first bully, and the bully gets hit. Dexter makes the second bully into a ball shape, bounces him and throws him through the basketball hoop. Dexter sees the third bully run inside a play area, and throws numerous balls his way. None of them hit the bully, and the bully laughs and shows his tongue at Dexter. Dexter puts TNT bomb inside the dodge ball and throws it. The ball hits the area where the bully is, and an explosion occurs. Dexter jumps at his success, and looks tired from handling the machine. Suddenly Dee Dee hits Dexter with a dodge ball and tells him that he's out. Dexter looks dumbfounded and falls on the ground.
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