Dexter's Laboratory

Season 4 Episode 37

Dexter's Wacky Races

Aired Unknown Sep 26, 2003 on Cartoon Network

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  • Good episode.

    This is a very good episode of Dexter's Laboratory and also the final episode of the entire series of Cartoon Network. Anyway this was a good episode because it was about races of many characters of the show like Dexter, Mandark, Dee Dee with Koosy, Dexter's parents, Mandark's parents, the Justice Friends. The race in this race for long and they are running to the finish line and to win Mandark puts traps to the other characters to not let them win and also the Dexter plays tricks of his own against him and Mandark's parents win by taking a police motorcycle. Also Dee Dee was the only one who wasn't riding a car different to the other competitors of the race.
  • Although not one of the best episodes, it still doesn't disappoint!

    Dexters Laboratory came to a final end... sad times are these. This episode was hilarious, It reminded me of the good ole times when I used to watch a show namely Wacky Races. There are alot of references to other cartoons and other cartoon characters. Namely the Jetsons and of course: Wacky Races.

    If you haven't seen any other Dexter's Laboratory episodes before then I do not suggest you watch this one as it is the final episode, I suggest you watch the first one or any other one for that matter!

    Dexter's Laboratory may have ended, but it lives on in our hearts!