Dexter's Laboratory

Season 1 Episode 12

Dial M for Monkey: Simion

Aired Unknown May 12, 1996 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Agent Honeydew is floating in space with broken space equipment and some astronauts around her, looking very tired. She calls out to Monkey for help and tells him that Earth is in trouble, and they need him. Back in Dexter's Laboratory, Monkey is suspended in a tube filled with green liquid. He senses Agent Honeydew's plea for help, breaks out from the tube and flies out to space. He sees them floating and catches Agent Honeydew and the other astronauts. Agent Honeydew thanks him and he takes them back to the space station. Inside the station, the Commander thanks Monkey for rescuing Agent Honeydew and crew, and mentions that they have a larger problem at hand. Agent Honeydew goes over to the monitors and tells Monkey that as they entered sector 12, they were struck by an armada of unknown warships. The Commander tells Monkey to help them as they know nothing of the ship except that its trajectory is on Earth. Monkey jumps up with confidence and flies over to the warships. However, the ships see him and start firing. Monkey uses his powers and destroys the ships, and enters into the main one.

Inside the main ship, someone is looking at Monkey and saying that he has Monkey right where he wants him. After Monkey breaks into the ship, he wanders the corridors of the ship. As he is passing the corridors, a door opens and Monkey goes in. The figure that was looking at Monkey invites him in and tells him to relax. When Monkey sits down suspiciously, the figure tells him that as they speak, his space station is set to destroy Earth in 5 minutes. Monkey gets angry and gets up to fight. The figure tells him that brute force will not work because he is a man of Monkey sits down and listens to him. The figure shows him the delicacy of food he has arranged for him, and says that if Monkey finds it too rich, then he can ask Cook to make a banana split. The figure suddenly comes out of the shadows and Monkey gets shocked. The figure turns out to be a big chimpanzee dressed uxoriously, and starts laughing menacingly. Monkey asks him something and the chimpanzee replies by saying that he is not like Monkey, he is 'Simion'! Monkey asks Simion what his problem with man is. Simion looks out his ship sadly and tells Monkey that man deserves revenge after that they put him through.

He tells Monkey that many years back, Simion was the first Monkey to be set out in space. However, his vessel crashed and Simion was exposed to radiation, and the gamma rays changed him. From then, he became very intelligent and decided to create his own world. Along with knowledge and skill by meditation, he soon started to create matter by simple thought, and within half a century, he built the entire space station in scratch.
He tells Monkey that he is seeking revenge on Man after they used him like a guinea pig, and tells Monkey that they are doing the same thing to him. He invites Monkey to join him, so that they can both destruct mankind, and mentions that while Monkey is saving the world, everyone is just relaxing, unconcerned. As Simion is speaking, Monkey remembers the time he and Agent Honeydew went on a picnic, flew kites, ate ice cream together, and went on a romantic boat ride. Monkey smiles at Simion and hands him a banana. Simion takes the banana and starts to cry. He gets up and screams, and then cools down and tells Monkey that he never realized all the answers would be given to him in such a simple package. He smiles and tells Monkey that he has become what he hates, and thanks Monkey for showing that to him. He asks Monkey to help him talk like Monkey and act like Monkey. Monkey says something, and Simion agrees with him and tells him that he has to destroy what he created out of hate. Monkey carries him and they fly out of the space station as it explodes.

They fly into a rainforest on Earth. Simion looks at the scenic surroundings, and strips his clothes off to become one with nature. He laughs and tells Monkey that it feels good. They hug, and then Simion bids Monkey goodbye and grabs a rope and swings away.
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