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Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • 9/26/03
      "Tee Party" (11 minutes) When Dad makes Dexter be his caddy, Dexter destroys the normally peaceful game of golf. "Dexter's Wacky Races" (11 minutes) The Dexter cast is outfitted in their various mobiles cr"ating havoc as they race towards the finish line.
    • "They Got Chops" (7 minutes) When Dee Dee starts layin' the judo on Dexter, he learns to fight back. "Poetic Injustice" (7 minutes) Dexter falls for a girl at school and tries to win her heart with the most unscientific thing of all-poetry. "Comedy of Feathers" (7 minutes) Dee Dee decides she wants the ostrich at the zoo for her very own.moreless
    • "The Lab of Tomorrow" (7 minutes) Dexter narrates as he shows new scientists the great inventions he has planned for a super, future, modern lab. "Chicken Scratch" (5:40) When Dexter comes down with a case of Chicken Pox, DeeDee warns him that if he scratches at all, he'll turn into a chicken. Dexter does not believe such nonsense... but can his mighty genius keep him from scratching? [Originally a theatrical cartoon] "Garage Sale" (7 minutes) When the family has a garage sale, one of Dexter's inventions ends up in Mandark's hands.moreless
    • "Voice Over" (7 minutes) When Computer gets laryngitis, Dexter must find a replacement voice for her. "Blonde Leading the Blonde" (7 minutes) When Dexter refuses to see that blondes have more fun, Dee Dee secretly dyes his hair to prove her point. "Comic Stripper (7 minutes) When Dexter realizes that all of Mandark's diabolical plans come from a comic book, he swipes the latest issue and prepares to finally beat his arch nemesis.moreless
    • "Height Unseen" (7 minutes) When everyone but him has had a growth spurt, Dexter decides to try and make himself tall. When that fails, he switches things around, making everyone else short. "Bygone Errors" (7 minutes) As Old Man Dexter reminisces about his glory days, Old Lady Dee Dee keeps adding her own, fantastical bits. "Folly Calls" (7 minutes) Dee Dee chops off a pigtail, and to fix it, Dexter gives her a hair growing potion. But when she uses more than one drop, her hair grows wild.moreless
    • "Dexter the Barbarian" (7 minutes) Dexter is a barbarian just trying to make his way to the bathroom. "Tuber Time" (7 minutes) When Dexter discovers the power of the potato, he rewires the lab to run off the spud. "Sore Eyes" (7 minutes) Dexter is sick of his glasses and performs laser surgery on his eyes, giving himself 1/20 vision. But it turns out that no human should see the world this well.moreless
    • "School Girl Crushed" (7 minutes) Dexter and Mandark attempt to defend their scientific turfs when a new scientific genius come to town. The only thing different is that this genius is a girl! "Chess Mom" (7 minutes) Dexter is in a Junior Chess Championship, but he has one problem with his game-Mom. She has gone gung-ho, treating chess like any other sport, yelling from the bleachers, calling time-outs, and harassing parents and junior players alike. "Father Knows Least" (7 minutes) When Dad gets fired, he has to do Mom's job and realizes how hard it is.moreless
    • "Head Band" (7 minutes) Dee Dee has a song stuck in her head-literally. Dexter discovers that Dee Dee has a viral boy band infecting her brain and must come up with a cure before it spreads throughout the world. "Stuffed Animal House" (7 minutes) When Dee Dee brings her stuffed animals to life, Dexter and Dee Dee must catch them before before Mom and Dad notice. "Used Ink" (7 minutes) Dexter invents a hypnosis ink so that everyone else will do his chores. But when Mandark gets a hold of it, it's Dexter who's doing the work.moreless
    • "Dexter's Little Dilemma" (7 minutes) Dexter has shrunk his parents and put them in a model of the house. But the house isn't complete, so Dexter must scramble about before they discover the truth. "Faux Chapeau" (7 minutes) Dexter's invention gets mistaken for a hat and becomes all the rage, bringing Dexter the fame he always wanted. "D2" (7 minutes) Dexter and Dee Dee discover they make a great superhero team when they work together.moreless
    • "The Scrying Game" (7 minutes) Dee Dee reads Dexter's fortune and, much to his shock, the things she predicted actually start happening. "Monstrosi-Dee Dee" (7 minutes) When a monster keeps appearing and chasing Dexter through his lab, little does he know that the monster is really Dee Dee who's eaten an apple from his failed experiment. "Dad Man Walking" (7 minutes) When a sleepwalking Dad comes wandering into Dexter's lab, Dexter must find a way to get him out before he wakes up-and before he destroys the lab.moreless
    • Garage Sale
      Garage Sale
      Episode 37
      Dexter creates a device that turns people into hideous blobs. It accidently gets bought by Mandark after his parents mistakenly sell it at a Garage Sale.
    • Dexter's Wacky Races
      Dexter, Monkey, The Justice Friends, Dee Dee, her imaginary friend Koosy, Mandark, his parents, and Dexter's Parents participate in a cross-country race.
    • Tee Party
      Tee Party
      Episode 35
      Dexter and his dad enter a Golf tournament, with Dad eager to get his hands on the Trophy, but there is one problem: he is hopeless at Golf, so Dexter decides to help with a remote controlled Golf ball
    • They Got Chops
      They Got Chops
      Episode 34
      Dee Dee starts layin' down the Judo on Dexter, then Dexter learns how to fight back.
    • Comedy of Feathers
      Comedy of Feathers
      Episode 33
      Dexter is forced to take Dee Dee to the zoo, but Dee Dee goes crazy with the animals, especially with an ostrich.
    • Poetic Injustice
      Poetic Injustice
      Episode 32
      Dexter falls in love with a new girl at his school, so he makes a deal with Dee Dee that she writes poems for him to say to her, but it starts to get on Dee Dee's nerves.
    • The Lab of Tomorrow
      Monkey narrates a documentary of the future of laboratories and sciences.
    • Comic Stripper
      Comic Stripper
      Episode 30
      After getting defeated by Mandark, Dexter finds out that all of Mandark's plans are taken from a comic book.
    • Blonde Leading the Blonde
      Dexter refuses to see that blonde's have more fun, so he dyes Dee Dee's hair to prove it.
    • Voice Over
      Voice Over
      Episode 28
      When Dexter's Computer gets Laryngitis, Dexter must find a replacement voice for her.
    • Folly Calls
      Folly Calls
      Episode 27
      When Dee Dee accidentally chops off her pigtail, Dexter gives her some hair growth potion. Although when she uses it, her hair floods the entire house.
    • Bygone Errors
      Bygone Errors
      Episode 26
      This takes place in the future, where Old Man Dexter tells about his "glory days". And Old lady Dee Dee keeps on adding her opinions as well...
    • Height Unseen
      Height Unseen
      Episode 25
      Dexter is tired of being short, since his old plan of growing himself didnt work, he decides to make everyone shorter than him.
    • 9/5/03
      Dexter decides its better if him and Mandark work together, although in the end Dexter does all the work while Mandark does nothing
    • Mountain Mandark
      Mountain Mandark
      Episode 23
      Mandark drops technology and starts being more in touch with nature.
    • Babe Sitter
      Babe Sitter
      Episode 22
      Dee Dee is hired by Mandarks' parents as his babysitter for the evening, which makes Mandark quite ecstatic...and soon, terrified.
    • Sore Eyes
      Sore Eyes
      Episode 21
      Dexter is tired of wearing glasses, so he uses laser surgery on his eyes to make him have 1/20 vision. Although, he learns than no human should be able to see THIS well...
    • Tuber Time
      Tuber Time
      Episode 20
      Dexter redesigns his lab to use the electricity of a potato.
    • Dexter the Barbarian
      While reading a comic book, Dexter goes around the house mimicking a barbarian.
    • Father Knows Least
      Father Knows Least
      Episode 18
      When Mom goes to visit her sister, Dad is forced to manage everything at home.
    • Chess Mom
      Chess Mom
      Episode 17
      Mom thinks she should spend quality time and watch Dexter in his chess competition. Although, she really embarrasses Dexter while hes there...
    • School Girl Crushed
      Dexter and Mandark are both outperformed by a new girl attending the school, jealous, they become allies to deal with her.
    • Used Ink
      Used Ink
      Episode 15
      Dexter creates an ink in which lets him command them to do whatever he wants them to do. Although when Mandark gets a hold of it, Dexter is the one being the slave.
    • Stuffed Animal House
      Dee Dee's stuffed animals come to life and roam the house. Dee Dee and Dexter must get them before Mom and Dad find out.
    • Head Band
      Head Band
      Episode 13
      Dee Dee has a song stuck in her head. Literally.
    • D2
      Episode 12
      Dexter and Dee Dee realise when they work together, they make a pretty good team.
    • Faux Chapeau
      Faux Chapeau
      Episode 11
      Dexter creates a new invention, shaped like a hat, and Dee Dee wears it outside. People like it and say they want to buy more "hats."
    • The Scrying Game; Monstrosi-Dee Dee; Dad Man Walking
      In The Scrying Game, Dee Dee again sneaks into Dexter's lab and creates an experiment of her own. She develops the ability to predict the future. Then she fall victim's to one of Dexter's experiments in Monstrosi-Dee Dee. Dexter doesn't realize that the monster loose in his lab is actually his sister. Finally, in Dad Man Walking, Dexter has to cope with a sleep-walking father.moreless
    • Dexter's Little Dilemma
      Dexter accidentally shrinks his parents, and puts them into a model of there house. Although the house isnt completed, so Dexter must find a way to reverse it before they know the truth.
    • Dad Man Walking
      Dad Man Walking
      Episode 9
      Dexter's father begins to sleepwalk, and accidentally stumbles into Dexter's Lab
    • Monstrosi-DeeDee
      Episode 8
      A monster starts roaming Dexter's laboratory, although Dexter doesn't know that it is just DeeDee, who ate a contaminated apple.
    • The Scrying Game
      The Scrying Game
      Episode 7
      Dexter plays a game with DeeDee, that she states can "predict people's futures". At first, Dexter thinks it is nonsense, but when strange things start to happen, he begins change his opinion.
    • Dexter's Library
      Dexter's Library
      Episode 6
      When the librarian puts Dexter in charge of the library for a while, he enforces the rules really hard, driving everyone crazy.
    • Bad Cable Manners
      Dad really wants to watch television, so Dexter, unknown to his Dad, illegally pirates satellite for him.
    • Sis-Tem Error
      Episode 4
      DeeDee accidentally shuts down Dexter's laboratory, and she tries her best to not let him know about it.
    • Overlabbing
      Episode 3
      Dexter and Mandark drill underground to expand their labs, but end up overlapping each other's lab.
    • Remember Me?
      Remember Me?
      Episode 2
      After getting hit in the head by a wrench, and suffers amnesia. DeeDee sees this and decides to mess with his head.
    • Beau Tie
      Episode 1
      Dee Dee has a new boyfriend who likes science and Einstein, and the boy finds himself caught in a vicious tug of war...
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