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fan post: my passion about dee dee, mee mee, and lee lee. (no offense)

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    hello dexter's laboratory fans, i'm here to tell you one story my passion about dee dee and her friends. dee dee, mee mee, and lee lee are one of my lover girls because they take care of me to support my feelings of any episode that involves dee dee's punishments, turning into a horse or an animal, being captured, being harmed, or being sick.

    i feel somewhat downhearted for dee dee after watching dee dee and the man. i didn't want dee dee to get fired because i love her on the show the most. dexter is responsible for firing dee dee because she wrecked his laboratory too much. i should get help from mee mee and lee lee, and they'll take care of dexter's rude behavior. mee mee told me that dexter is really a trouble maker to dee dee. then mee mee romantically hugged me that i was sad because of dexter always harm dee dee in most episodes i saw on tv. then, dee dee came next to me, and said "what's the matter, mike young? you feel bad for me?", and i said, " i feel bad, dee dee. won't you love me?" then dee dee said yes. lee lee hugged me, and talks about my feelings. i paid 5000 rings for adopting dee dee, mee mee, and lee lee, and just made an agreement to dexter's mom and dad, and mee mee and lee lee's parents for anything that i might do to keep them safe and healthy. finally, me, dee dee, mee mee, and lee lee went to my bed, and sleeps in my bed.

    ok, this story was just for fun, and dee dee, mee mee, and lee lee have a romantic affection on me, because i became a fan of dexter's laboratory after 1998. please leave a polite comment, and tell me why i love dee dee and her friends, ok? bye bye, this is microsoft sam, and i am exiting out my topic at alt-f4. ( notice: the words alt-f4 is only me joking around). Laughing

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