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I have my own idea of the girl squad's first movie (fan question)

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    hey people, i have my own ideas for another dexter's laboratory movie. it is titled "Girl Squad Colors", being the parody of the game " Sonic Colors". this is a crossover of Dexter's Lab and Pokemon. i make the biggest appearance of this newly made movie along with dee dee (kat cressida), mee mee (kimberly brooks), and lee lee (kath soucie) in this 8-part 2D animation in HD that i imagined about. i have 5 powers from my own ability "color". my first power is the red strength, my second power is blue homing smash (similar to the homing attack in sonic), my third power is color recharge (if my color powers are weakened, i gather the colors from anything to recharge myself), my fourth power is ultima-color, which is my own super form (similar to super sonic without the emeralds, except super forms need to have 7 chaos emeralds), and my fifth power is purple fireball (which is similar to fire mario's power in super mario series). the main villain of this movie is mandark, who has a deoxys, and rayquaza to stop me, dee dee, mee mee, and lee lee from taking over his property. my 7 pokemon heroes are:

    mew, celebi, jirachi, shaymin, my female lopunny, my female mawile, and victini. they can fly only in this movie, but once the is movie is near from ending, my mew, celebi, jirachi, shaymin, and victini goes back to their dimensions in the pokemon world. i also go back to the real world, as dee dee, mee mee, and lee lee gave me a kiss before that. the setting takes place in the same place as "last but not beast", after the events of this episode. this includes that part when we are doomed, and when deoxys and rayquaza are about to finish us, a rainbow beam from our eyes stuns them, and me, dee dee, mee mee, lee lee, and my 7 pokemon heroes uses their moves to finish rayquaza and deoxys, as giant mandark gets pummeled by my, dee dee, mee mee, and lee lee's rainbow powers as the final color power when needed. after the final battle, giant mandark returns to his normal size, being confused, and got arrested, as deoxys and rayquaza faint. after nurse joy grabbed deoxys and rayquaza back to their dimensions, dee dee, mee mee, and lee lee, as well as my 7 pokemon heroes cheered for me and my rainbow powers.

    for my own DVD release, it is in HD and in blu-ray.

    remember folks, my own ability idea "colors" are an overpowered source of a superpower, because of sonic colors abilities that i extracted the moves and abilities from the game to my brain. i hope my own movie gets released in theatres, and in cartoon network. bye bye, soi.

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