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My own idea for episodes

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    Revenge of the Shoe Gnomes:

    The Shoe Gnomes return to kidnapped Deedee and take her to their realm as they planning to turn Deedee's big feet into a pair of giant goddesses and plan to marry them as Dexter decides not to help her.

    Light and Mandark-ness:

    Mandark plans to create a permanent solar eclipse to darken the world after getting teased about his so-called hippie past as he plans to make the world pay for him being tease.

    Searching for Sassy:

    Dexter's hometown is invaded by the Sasquatch (Sassy) and into a rampage as he searches the whole city for his big-footed friend Deedee as she plans to use one of Dexter's gadgets to make herself taller.

    Gloves of Doom:

    As Dexter leaves someexperimental gloves in his room until Dexter's mom needed a new pair of glovesuntil Deedee finds the gloves and gives them to her until they started turning her into a muscle-bound mama.

    Aye, Aye, Uh-oh:

    The big-eyed girl that Dexter once love is in danger of getting picked on my big-boy bullies as it is up to him to saved is once-loved girlfriend from getting beat up.

    B.B.F.F.s.(Best Big-Footed Friends):
    Deedee, Meemee and Leelee learned that they each have big feet as long as Dexter's body height and decided to become a club of big-footed friends and also crimefighters who use their big feet to step on crime.

    My Big Feet and Me:

    Deedee tells a story to the fans at home of how not only is her big feet her best feature but also like a pair of best friends as she explains that not only is having big feet an issue but a great thing.

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    Good episode ideas.
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