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Who else hate cartoon network these days?

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    Xifihas wrote:
    chapnzaba wrote:

    CN has lots of crap lately. All of thier shows at the moment are gay i have time, so ill go over the problems with each show:

    Squirll Boy: Boring, jokes are really corny, the squirrl's voice is annoying

    The life and times of Juniper Lee: Nobody ever watched it and was cancelled after the first season.

    Foster's home for imaginary friends: Had some decsent jokes here and then, but got really really lame with those 5 minutes of complete silence where characters stare at each other for no apparent reason.

    Naruto: COMPLTELY GAY.

    Class of 3000: The songs are dull and retartded, the show is NOT funny in any way, and the songs are very cheesy.

    Cartoon network sucks now adays. I liked the old days where Courage the cowardly dog and Johnny Bravo showed reguarly, i loved those shows!

    You wouldn't think of Naruto as being gay if you saw the original uncensored good voiced japanese version. Naruto doesn't say "Believe it" in every scene

    Foster's doesn't have any good jokes in it at all. Stop kidding yourself.

    Class of 3000 and Squirrel Boy haven't come over here yet but its only a matter of time. I hate them allready.

    Cartoon Network these days is a travasty. Then again, CN has always made bad decisions. They cancelled good shows like SWAT kats when they were clearly the most popular shows.

    All in favour of taking over Cartoon Network by force raise your hand. *raises hand*

    im so glad someone mentioned swat cats! .. it was one of my favorite shows.. truly amazing..whats not to like? i was 8yrs old and it was about kickass fighter pilots.. i really miss it and cant find it on dvd either

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    Cartoon Network these days is a pathetic excuse of a television channel in my opinion. Gone are the days of great action, anime, and comedy cartoons. If I remember carefully, the channel now thinks it is best to show non cartoon shows and movies, when the trademark of the channel is cartoons all day long. Good ones to. Some of the worst cartoons 10-15 years ago are better than the best cartoons today.
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    I hate CN. A lot of good shows (such as Dexter's Laboratory, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Class of 3000, and 6teen) have been taken off the air. Some of the greatest games have been taken off.

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    I agree. I liked the old stuff.

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    wdprince wrote:
    _Falstaff wrote:
    cartooner1994 wrote:
    Cartoon Network sucks now..................................................................BECAUSE YOU OUTGREW IT. You know, I'm personally getting sick of these kind of threads. Out of Jimmy's Head sucks though, but still, this is getting old.
    That's a good point. It's not that the shows that are on CN now are any better or worse that what was on earlier. The reason everything seems so horrible now is because most of the shows that people are listing are almost 10 years old! Your mind has matured a little bit since then, and you've (hopefully) come to appreciate some more complex humor. It's easy to look back and say to yourself "Man, these are horrible shows they have on now. I remember all the laughs I had with all the old shows." It's like saying "Man, these new toy cars are nowhere near as good as my old toy cars." Reality is, they're almost the same thing, but nostalgia tells you otherwise. Dexter's Lab was a great cartoon, and I admire Genndy Tartakovsky and his work, but you have to admit, it was just a cartoon for children.
    while you are onto something here, i gotta disagree for the most part. you see, back in the day (early 20th century), cartoons really weren't meant for children to watch because of the subtle or open adult/ reality like content it contained. it was the characters (who would later become world icons) that brought in the children. overtime, up to the mid 20th century (circa 50s-60s), this content was slightly, slightly watered down in order to gain more viewing from children, though mild reality content was still apparent. now, in the 80s (mid/late) to the 90s, cartoons were at their peak in terms of popularity where a majority (about 98%) of shows, including the lesser known ones were greatly and admired by adults, teens, AND children all the same. now, shows such as dexter's lab were blockbuster hits because it had childlike content as well as more of a semi-authentic down to earth quality for the more mature crowd. sadly nowadays, cartoons are solely made for children, much to the dismay of the older audiences. why, you may ask? its becuz kids made/ make up 50% of the audience. yeah, its stupid, but thats the reason. animation producers are so worried about making money off children, that they neglect the other 50% of their viewing audiences. dexter's lab is an example of a true family show (where there is something in it for people of ALL ages). now, the media exploits the "family" term as a way to attract every age group, when its still solely intended for children (if you're a wwe fan, then you should be able to relate to this). so, basically its not necessarily that our minds have matured and that nostalgia has our minds set on the classics we've grown up on, its just because there's nothing in it for us anymore. in other words: today, in the media's mind, children > teens/ adults in terms of profit. yeah it sucks (especially since it seemed the other way around when we were growing up), but what can i say. p.s. in today's media's mindset, quantity > quality.
    how is dexter's lab more mature than adventure time.There is nothing really wrong with cartoons these days.It is just hunters(producers)using the same guns and amo(cartoons styles) but on diifrent animals(target audience).

    It really does all boil down to bias.Because most of the people here that are complaing,not only is all that they not saying much but they were young back than

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    rexeljet wrote:

    Ben 10: crude animation, too much kiddy humour and no funny humour whatsoever

    Notice that ben 10 is more action and not comedy so it does need an exxagerated animation style to compliment the purpose.

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    I actually liked the live-action Fridays, and TLATJL. *holds up shield, preparing to be shot* It was Fried Dorkamite that turned me off CN.

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    Cartoon Network is probably gonna end up going out of business or being bought out by some bigger corporation. I can't imagine that they are doing well right now. They have brought back some good shows like Ed, Edd n Eddy and Courage the Cowardly Dog, but the rest of the shows cannot be getting any views. CN seems like it is just getting really desperate for new, quality shows.I can't believe that they have resortedcartoons like the Regular Show.When I entered middle school back in like 2004, that was when I stopped watching Cartoon Network and I'm glad because Ithink that wasjust before the channel got really bad. It's pretty sad to look at something you used to be close to years ago now and realize it isn't what it used to be. Some peoplesay that we don't like Cartoon Network anymore because we grew out of it, but I still liketo sit downand get a good laugh out of watching someof the oldcartoons from the late 90's and early 2000's.I'm about to graduate from high school and I can almost guarentee that CN will be gone by the time I graduate from college. Hopefully, a new, original channel will turn up by then that will give little kids the quality television that they deserve instead of the crap being fed to them by Cartoon Network. RIP Old Cartoon Network 1992 - 2004

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    I hate the way CN is nowadays. They made the logo look stupid and bland and the only things worth watching are Regular Show, Tenkai Knights, Total Drama, Adult Swim and Cartoon Planet.

    Out of all the shows airing right now:

    Adventure Time: It can be funny from time to time, but other episodes are really weird and creepy.
    Regular Show: The best thing CN has to offer.
    Gumball: Immature and stupid!
    Ninjajago: boring
    Legends of China: bland and abysmal.
    Uncle grandpa: Terrible!
    Tenkai Knights: Good.
    Steven Universe: Haven't seen it, but I'll get to it
    Teen titans go: disgrace to original

    They need to stop showing bland cartoons and live action and show reruns of watchable shows at a watchable time.
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