Dexter's Laboratory

Season 2 Episode 107


Aired Unknown May 06, 1998 on Cartoon Network

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  • A Well Written episode.

    This episode was good and I really liked it because we get to see when Dexter was born and many things we never have seen before, and that's what made the episode a great one as I think of it. Also the episode had many good parts like when Dexter made his first invention that I really liked to see the invention because it looked good. Also when he made the lab it looked cool,but then Dee Dee discovered it in which I think that was bad because by then she could destroy it in which I think is bad. I really enjoyed the episode because it was singing and I think their voices singing were funny but I think it was sad at the end when his lab is destroyed and I thought of that as a sad part in the episode, but even though the episode was quite enjoyable to watch it and I really liked it and deserves good rating.