Dexter's Laboratory

Season 2 Episode 108

Last But Not Beast

Aired Unknown Jun 15, 1998 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Physics Goof: After Dexter showed off his robotic skills to the two boys by crumpling a jungle gym into a ball of steel, he throws the ball away. The movement of his arm appears to be that he's throwing the mess behind him, but it ends up landing in front of him!

    • Dexter's escape pod is called the "Dexscape".

    • When Dee Dee laughs 'Mum's spanking him!(the monster) She is sitting right underneath Dexter, but she's contriolling the legs and Mum and Dad are infront of her so, that's impossible.

      Dexter's Dad is controlling the arm that is spanking the monster.

    • This may sound kind of strange, but do you think Dexter knew that the four operators of his invention were going to be himself and his family, or was it just coincidence that Mom's vehicle happened to have a heart on it?

    • At the start of this episode, Dexter's parents knew that he was in an exchange program in Japan. But it seems like when Dexter called his parents up to his room later that day, they totally forgot that he was supposed to be in Japan.

    • When Dexter was telling his parents to come up, he had no glasses on.

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  • Allusions

    • The name of this episode might have some reference to the phrase "last but not least."

    • The "Dexter Family Go" Cinema
      When the whole family was in four separate vehicles, and when they formed into a big robot, it was similar to the classic 1980's anime show, Voltron.

    • N/A: N/A
      This episode is packed with a ton of references to Japanese Culture. This includes upholding family traditions ("We have family togetherness time"), clothing (Dexter wears a Japanese boy's school uniform) and transportation (the bullet train Dexter takes to school).

      For entertainment refernces, this episode mocks the Godzilla franchise nicely. It also has refences to the popular anime series Gundam Wing. The two boys who engage Dexter is a mini-mecha battle are modeled after two of the lead characters from the series (Heero Yuy and Trowa Barton).

    • none: 4-piece giant robot
      This is like the Megazord from Power Rangers.