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Dexter's Laboratory

Season 1 Episode 4

Old Man Dexter

Aired Unknown Mar 17, 1996 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Old Man Dexter
Dexter attempts to age himself in order to be old enough to stay up to watch late night movies. However, during the aging process, DeeDee messes with the machine and cause Dexter to age far too much, so he ends up an old man. When he goes down for dinner, he can't even eat solid foods. Just when the movie comes on, he falls asleep, being too old to stay up late.moreless

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  • Dexter didn't deserve any of this.

    This is the most unfair episode of Dexter ever, Nothing works out for him in this episode. First of all, his stupid mom never lets him stay up and watch movies with the family. Second, just when Dexter is about to turn himself 21, his stupid sister barges in and meddles with the controls on the age machine, making Dexter an old man. Third, he doesn't get the great dinner that everyone else got, but got some applesauce and medicine instead. And fourth, Dexter was just about to watch a movie with everyone else for the first time when he falls asleep and misses out on the whole thing, thanks to Dee Dee's idiocy. Mom and Dee Dee messed everything up for Dexter in this episode. Dexter didn't deserve any of the things that happened to him. This episode is a disgrace.moreless
  • Why can't they let Dexter stay up to see the late night tv show? Than he wouldn't have to use his experiments to make himself looked old.

    Dexter gets frustrated that he can't see the late show with his mom,dad and his sister.Even though he has to go to bed early because he is still young.So he decides to go to his lab.He uses this machine,that can age him to any age he wants.He planned to be at least an adult.However DeeDee changed it which caused Dexter to be an old man.Dexter doesn't even know it.The rest of the family thinks that he is Grandpa and he came for an visit.However he can't eat anything solid.He has to eat applesauce stuff liked that.At night he thinks that he got his chance,to see the late night show.Unfortunelly because he looks old he falls asleep.

    For this episode only.Dexter doesn't go back to normal.moreless
  • this is the third episode in the Dexter's Lab series.

    This is one of the episodes I remember seeing like it was yesterday. Dexter is with his family watching television at night and then Dexter gets all ready to watch the late night show but his parents tell him to go to bed because he's to young to stay up to watch it. Dexter takes those words very far so decides to make an ageing machine to increase his age to be older to get to atch the late night show. Aftet all his hard work Dee Dee changes the controls on it resulting Dexter in the a form of oldness older than he expected. Dexter even ticks his familt into thinking it's their grandpa, so they treat him like he is. After all this is through Dexter is finally ready to watch the late night movie but can't stay awake to even see the start.moreless

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