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  • Uniquely developed

    Love it so much.
  • For the most part, this was a good show.

    I mean, the show had likeable characters, funny humor and creative a unique concept. Dexter has a secret laboratory in his room that his older sister, Dee Dee, always barges in to screw things up while their parents are none the wiser. My problem? The writing, again. Some of the episodes had some really bad writing even before it went through seasonal rot. For example, there was this episode were Dexter makes a dog talk and nobody is phased by that fact. Another episode had Dexter trying to get some ice cream and the ice cream man won't give him any because-SPOILER ALERT- the last time Dexter paid for ice cream, he paid in pennies and ruined the guy's life. I'm not kidding, that's why he was the antagonist of the episode; and let's not forget the Christmas special, the episode where Mandark impersonates Dexter's Mom, and the infamous banned episodes, Barbequor and Rude Removal. And let's not forget the seasonal rot era, where the show overstayed its welcome and should've ended when CN had the chance. Guess that's what happens when people keep asking for more episodes instead of being satisfied with the ones they got. Yes, I would love shows like Invader Zim to be brought back, but I'm content with the 26 episodes that we got; I mean, it's better than nothing right? All and all, Dexter's Lab was a good show; not the best, but still fun to watch none the less.
  • Great Show

    Dexter rocks so bad xD! Too bad they canceled it. Hope it is on for re runs.
  • Love the show

    One of the best tv shows that ever hit my childhood. I have to be honest, the old Dexter was WAY more better than the new one.
  • I am Flatscreengamer, Tv reviewer (dexter's voice)

    Great show but season 3 and 4 were not great. But as for the first 2 seasons Great characters. Dexter was likable. Dede was a stupid character done right. But the real star was Mandark HAHA HAHA. Oh boy, who, can forget that laugh. The idea was great on paper and the classic cartoonnetwork style this show used was great. It had good syfi and was funny. Also it was pretty influential and jumpstarted many careers. Including Gennady Tarter sauce (yes I am using that joke, bite me), Craig McCracken (Power-puff girls, Fosters home for imaginary friends, Wonder over Yonder), and Seth McFarlane (Family Guy, American Dad, Cleveland show). This show was very influential for me and Gennady Tartatouski is man I not only respect and admire but I also idolize. And this was the show to jumpstart his career.
  • Ah, the glory days, why have they gone so fast?

    My dad and I still love this show and thought it was unfortunate that this show got the axe. This show was pretty creative and funny, and still is today! Man, as a kid, TV was still TV, and cartoons were still cartoons, even if we stepped into the new millennium! It's where The Naked Brothers Band came along when TV was becoming crap! Even the newer episodes of this show (2000 - 2003) were pretty good. I even watched the banned episode on Dailymotion, and thought it was good! Man, this show was the BOMB!
  • Top Shows - Probably my favorite Cartoon Network show

    Various ep & most new ones (98-13)
  • Ah Memories

    Just thinking about this show gives me fond memories of when Cartoon Network was truly great. It's not like today where the only shows worth watching on Cartoon Network are only Regular Show, Adventure Time, and Steven Universe (anime and Total Drama don't count as they weren't made by Cartoon Network). Back in the old days, there were tons of great shows to watch, and this show was one of them as it was the first Cartoon Cartoon. Many of Dexter's inventions were impressive to see when this show was on such as his many giant robots and just seeing his lab alone was impressive to see. And I agree with Oldnickelodeon34, the show did go downhill and I only really remember seasons 1 and 2.
  • A good show that unfortunately went downhill.

    Dexter's Laboratory, a show about a smart 8 year old boy who owns a lab and his sister named Dee Dee who loves breaking into the lab no matter how many times Dexter disallows her to.

    I think this is a great cartoon for the first Cartoon Cartoon ever made. I didn't really grow up with this show, but I saw it on Boomerang when I was 8 and I liked it. The animation and graphics are very retro and smooth, the jokes are extremley funny and clever and the plots are very well thought out and planned.

    However, this show started going downhill in season 3. The plots were very simple, the inventions were cheesy, the jokes lost cleverness and were corny, the animation style changed and the whole series started to go downhill.

    If I were looking at this show from Season 1 and 2, I'd give it a 10. If I were looking at seasons 3 and 4, I'd give it a 1.5

    This show was down right awful. The main character was so tiny he looked like a kinder-gardener. His voice was annoying, and sounded like Dracula with this thick accent. and all the characters were un- attractive and bland. Not to mention Dee Dee! HOLY MOLY is she annoying! What a horrible character! I can't stand watching her! Every character was so annoying and I don't see why this show is so good to people? I think people liked it cause they grew up with it as a kid and HATE newer tv. shows that are on now, But honestly this is an awful show and it should have been taken do not see anything special about it, other then it is original and well thought out, but when put together with the horrid characters, its disgraceful. BTW the animation is cheap and the hands look cheap too like it has no effort put into it at all.
  • The First Cartoon Cartoon made a good first impression

    Ah, yes this show. What kid from the late 90's/early 2000's doesn't remember this show?

    While it wasn't my favorite show, it was still entertaining and hilarious to watch. It had the style of Power Puff Girls, and some of the humor reminds me of stuff Stephen Hillenburg would create. It did have some not-so-good episodes, but this still remains a classic.

  • Bit outdated, but I`d watch this over some shows

    At least this is an original show full of some quality. And these days, it can be hard to say that about some of the newer modern shows.
  • The first cartoon cartoon, and it was AWESOME!

    YES, This is the first cartoon cartoon, and I'm pretty sure it's also the best. The show is original and the characters are actually really lovable and relatable. The humour is smart and funny and the plots may seem lame, but they are actually executed very nicely.

    Even the newer seasons were good, in my opinion.

    Don't listen to finnysohr, this show is is awesome funny and not lame at all.

    I really wish there were more cartoons like this nowadays. The cartoons they show now like johnny test( which by the way is a HUGE ripoff of this show ), the problem solverz and almost naked animals are either disgusting and try hard to be funny, seizure inducing and try hard to be funny or horribly animated and try hard to be funny.

    You get my point, the cartoons nowadays try way too hard to be funny, but instead come off as bland and annoying and forgettable.

    I really do miss cartoons like dexter's lab :( .
  • A Cartoon In History

    The show is OLD. But was enjoyable. It was enjoyable but got lazy in 2002 and 2003
  • My All-Time Favorite Cartoon Cartoon Classic

    Dexter is a boy genius who has a secret laboratory by activating the button on a bookshelf with his sister Dee Dee and the evil Mandark.
  • Only have 7 words to say!

    I only have 7 words to say: DEEDEE, GET OUT OF MY LABORATORY!
  • A CN Classic! :)

    In 1995, Cartoon Network made a animation showcase called "What-a-Cartoon!" Dexter's Laboratory was one of the shorts from there The first episode was called "Dexter's Laboratory" but then when the show premired they changed it to "Changes". That short was awesome and funny. In 1996, the short became a TV Series and was one of Cartoon Networks first original show. This show is about a boy genius named Dexter who has a secret laboratory in his room filled with inventions and equipment. He has a sister who is a pest to Dexter named Dee-Dee. Dee-Dee is Dexter's curious sister who destroys his lab. So Dexter always tells her to get out sometimes she does, sometimes she doesn't. Dexter has a mom and dad. Dexter's parents haven't revealed there real names leaving us curious about it. Dexter's Mom is a mom that always cleans up, and she has Rupophobia (fear of dirt), sometimes she can be nice, but at times she can be hardcore. Dexter's Dad is a dad that is like any other ordinary dad is he's voice by the voice actor who does Johny Bravo (Jeff Bennett). Dexter has an arch-nemesis named Mandark who also has a secret laboratory Mandark has evil equipment and stuff in his lab. Mandark's catchphrase is his laugh (HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA). He also has a crush on Dee-Dee.

    Dexter had 2 segments one is "The Justice Friends" is about 3 superheros that are knockoffs of Marvel Heroes. And The Segment was SUPER FUNNY!!!And "Dial M for Monkey" which is about Dexter's lab monkey who turns into a supermonkey who saves the day from evil villain. Dexter was one of Cartoon Networks classics from the '90s. The show was suspose to end in 1998 with the final called "Last But Not Beast" when Dexter and an Japanese kid switch places, Dexter wakes the monster that lives in a volcano and is destroying the city.

    There was a TV movie of Dexter's Laboratory called "Ego Trip" was the final project of Dexter's Laboratory. I liked the movie it was very interesting.

    Until in 2001 Chris Savino (director, producer on Kick Buttowski) brought the series back and made Season 4 which was the last season of Dexter's Laboratory. Season 4 was good.

    So here are my thoughts on "Dexter's Laboratory". "Dexter's Laboratory" is one my #1 favorite show on Cartoon Network.

    Characters 5/5

    Plots 4.5/5

    Voice Acting 5/5

    You can stay tuned to reruns on "Boomerang" or "Cartoon Planet"
  • The ultimately greatest show ever. Genndy Tartakovsky, you are the bestest one who created that tv show.

    This show is really the best on seasons 1-2, just because the graphics look extremely great in Babysitter Blues, Way of the Dee Dee, Tribe Called Girl, and Inflata Dee Dee. Season 2 is my personal favorite from Dexter's Lab because i am the fan of Kat Cressida, Kimberly Brooks, and Kath Soucie. Dee Dee, Mee Mee, Lee Lee, and Dee Dee's mom are my all time favorite characters just because they're awesome. For my special review on this: i shall nominate Kat Cressida, Kimberly Brooks, and Kath Soucie for the academy awards for the best actresses they've been, along with Eddie Deezen, Allison Moore, and a whole bunch other actors for their hard work of voice acting "today". I occasionaly watch seasons 3-4 because i am not used to Chris Savino episodes unlike seasons 1-2 episodes. I'll even nominate the people a great and good award who done the graphics for the bestest graphic design ever. The plot of this show is the best in the world. Watch this tv show for all of your heart's content. And one more nomination for the people who did the music score for the best music score ever. Cartoon Network, this is my extremely special review for Christine Cavanaugh, Allison Moore, Jeff Bennett, Frank Welker, Tom Kenny, Rob Paulsen, Eddie Deezen, Kat Cressida, Kimberly Brooks, and Kath Soucie who have done their great work on this super great tv show. And people, i hope you'll love my special review.

  • I hate doing reviews for series that went sharply downhill.

    This is going to be a very simple review.

    The first and second season (which makes up two-thirds of the series) are simply fantastic. The show during this period ranks as one of Cartoon Network's finest series and deserves a 10 here. Never does the show seem forced or unfunny.

    The last two seasons, however, contrast starkly with the first run of the show. The change in voices is awful, the humor feels forced most of the time (though early S3 episodes are pretty good, along with Dexter's Wacky Races) and the show just feels like a total letdown.

    S1-2: 10

    S3-4: 4

    Averages out to 8, since the first 2 seasons are twice as long as the last 2.
  • One of Cartoon Network's Finest Series!

    Dexter's Laboratory is brilliance and is an incredible success for Cartoon Network. In fact, Dexter's Laboratory is basically what got CN noticed due to its incredible plots, great humor, and cleverness. Although the revived series was a great dissapointment, we still can't complain about the episodes before then. Who can forget those great shorts too? Dial M For Monkey and Justice Friends, that was a nice touch to the episodes. It was one of the first sci-fi animated series that reached great popularity. Dexter's Laboratory is one of my favorite cartoons and I still like it today although Cartoon Network doesn't have enough heart to play reruns. But hey, we do have Cartoon Planet...
  • This is my favorite cartoon of all time!

    My favorite character on this show was Dexter. He's smart, funny, stubborn, kinda an asshole ( lol ), a little mad and so on. He doesn't like his sister Dee Dee. Dee Dee always ruin Dexter's Lab. Dexter's parents doesn't know his son have his laboratory. I like Dexter's creations.

    About Mandark, lol, I feel sorry for his real name. I really can't say it because I can't spoil a lot people who never watched this show.
  • Awesome Cartoon Network original series.

    Yep. This brings back memories. I enjoyed watching this back in the late 1990s and, yes, Cartoon Network was so awesome. Dexter was so popular until the mid 2000s. Sadly, Dexter has been replaced by this garbage in the late 2000s called Johnny Test. Man, it was awful and it's a Canadian bootleg of Dexter's Lab. To me, I think after it cancellation, Dexter Lab outwins that peabrained Johnny Test. Canadians can be so evil.
  • Success!

    This is one of the cartoons that laid some impact and foundation in the cartoon industry. You see Jimmy Neutron? That cartoon is a little based on this one, but doesn't ripping it off. The plots, jokes, concept, characters are exciting! Including the outcomes of Dexter's inventions! The side cartoons in this show are also great. The Justice Friends, Dial M for Monkey. Watch this if you can. cause of remembrance of the past memories for me.
  • Great Cartoon!

    For my first review I will review the first Cartoon Cartoon, Dexter's Laboratory! This cartoon involves Dexter, a boy genius with a secret laboratory that he is trying to protect from his sister Dee Dee (who ends up destroying it all the time) and Mandark, Dexter's arch enemy. This series is funny overall creative, and cool.
  • One of the best classic Cartoon Network show ever

    Before 2005, this was my favorite show on Cartoon Network. I really enjoyed watching it when I was younger. I still watch it on Boomerang. Before 2010, I can't remember when the last time I saw this show until last year...but it was around 2004/2005 when Cartoon Network airs this show for the last time (and returns in late 2010) I don't get why season 3 and 4 aren't that good. In my opinion, they are great, not as enjoyable as season 1 and 2. I don't know which is my favorite character, but I'm going with Dexter and his dad. Dexter's dad is very funny and often gives me laughs. I don't hate any characters. However, I kinda find Dee Dee a little annoying which she is around Dexter. It is just a pre-SpongeBob show (character annoying someone). In my opinion, all the characters are likeable. I don't think I never seen an awful episode of this show before. Overall, this is my one favorite childhood shows and luckily I still watch it when I go to Boomerang (occasionally). 10/10
  • Dexter's Laboratory is one of those shows that nobody will forget, no matter how long it's been.


    Dexter's Laboratory is the story of a young boy prodigy. Born with an extraordinary mind, Dexter has built his very own extremely high-tech and expansive laboratory in his room that NASA could only dream of. But Dexter has to keep his lab a secret for fear others will exploit it. Through out the… More years, Dexter has had to hide his lab from his parents and others but it is no easy task.

    I have always liked this show as a kid, I would be excited when new episodes came on, and I always played the Cartoon Network games of it. Dexter's Labortatory is a perfect, and original Cartoon Network gem that should have never been canceled.

    10 out of 10

  • This was another masterpiece made by CN


    As much as I love Ed,Edd and Eddy,there was another masterpiece made by CN made by them too. Dexter's Lab is about a little kid named Dexter who is a young scientist and builds inventions. But it usually fails from either his sister,Dee Dee,or his rival,Mandark. What I love about this show are the character's themselves. Dexter is like the Jimmy Neutron from the past. He is smart,but is a loser at school,and I love how he says "stupid". Mandark is a hilrailous villain,who has a funny laugh And I love his reactions when he sees Dee Dee. Dee Dee was the best character of the show. She may have been annoying,but she is hilrailous,and I love how she easily bothers Dexter by wrecking his inventions or going into his lab when told not to.But the episodes are not just from the show,there are also sketches that are hilrailous and creative. There's Dial M for Monkey,where when Dexter's is not testing his monkey,he is a superhero defending the world. The other one was The Justice Friends,a funny spoof of The Avengers and the Super Friends,where three heroes that spoof Captain America,Thor and Hulk save the world and go on adventures,and has hilrailous plots like getting a chip out of Crunk's tooth. My only complaint was the fact that the newer seasons has lighter animation than usual. Seriously,what was wrong with it's normal animation? It's just like what happened to Ed,Edd and Eddy and PowerPuff Girls. But this is basically one of CN's best shows. Forget Chowder and The Amazing World of Gumball,Dexter's Lab is wayy better.

  • One of Cartoon Network's finest

    This show was about Dexter, a mad boy genius who invented many marvelous things, only for them to be destroyed by his sister, Dee Dee. This show was hilarious when I was younger, and it's still hilarious to watch today. Many of the plot lines were silly, but that was the point, and all the characters had great personalities. The only things I didn't really lie were some of the justice friends segements and the occasional laugh track moments, something that should never exist in cartoons. Overall, this is one of the best CN shows ever, well worth watching on Boomerang (where it still airs daily.) 10/10 A+
  • Chris Savino, get out of my laBORatory!

    I adored this show-positively adored it...until Chris Savino came along and butchered it along with another well-known classic, the Powerpuff Girls. It seems he just had to get his grimy paws on that one too. The plot originally was amazingly detailed, but after the last leg seasons, it fell to crappy animation and most plots didn't even take place in the laboratory anymore. The coloring is incredibly irritating to look at, and--

    ...oh, I can't bear to type anymore of this, the sheer memory of the Chris Savino-directed episodes have left me speechless. Just watch the old episodes already and leave the new ones in the dust.
  • This show needs to be back on Cartoon Network.

    With Cartoon Network in the Dark Ages, I just think that if this show was back on TV, along with The Powerpuff Girls, Johnny Bravo, and Hamtaro Cartoon Network would in my mind would be free from the Dark Ages. This was definetely one of the funniest, and action packed shows on Cartoon Network back in the day. The humor in this show is hilarious! Most of the jokes are really funny, and will keep you laughing all day. My favorite episode was the one when Dexter claimed that Santa was fake, and he thought Santa was his Dad in a suit. He shaves him, and it was not his Dad. That episode I thought was really funny!!! The music in this show is ok. It does get boring overtime, because it is the same music over, and over again. Overall, great show, hilarious humor, ok, but does get boring overtime music, memorable characters. Cartoon Network has got to put this show back on the air, because this was a masterpiece, and a very popular show. PLEASE, ressurrect this show!!!
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